Cash For Kids Club Review – Scam Alert Or Dollar Signs?

Cash For Kids Club review

Welcome to my Cash For Kids Club review.

You’re probably a parent or a guardian looking for more information on whether this program is one that will really pay your kids or not, for their efforts. But because kids are not supposed to work, you’re a bit skeptical.

That’s me too! I was skeptical when I first came across Cash For Kids Club so I wanted to look into the program. In this review, I will expose everything that I’ve found about the program and truly, the info will shock you!

Let’s get right to the heart of things. Is Cash For Kids Club a scam or is it legit?

Cash For Kids Club At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Complete small tasks / get referrals to make money

Price: FREE

Do I Recommend It?: It’s a complete scam and it should be avoided! Complete waste of time!

What Is Cash For Kids Club?

The Cash For Kids Club website is directed to teens 13 years of age and older, in order to help them make money online by completing small tasks and inviting their friends and family to sign up. For each click they get on their link, they make $1 and for each referral, they make $20.

The first thing that seemed totally weird was that this was directed more so towards KIDS, like the name suggests. And looking around, there’s no Privacy Policy and there are no instructions on how to get parents involved and to get consent.

That’s what really opened my eyes to this being a possible scam, because if it really is one, then the scammer or the creator of the program wouldn’t want the parents of the kids looking into the program and finding out that it’s a scam, right?

But congrats on doing your research! Because that’s not the only weird thing that I found.

The next weird thing I found on the website was that they pay $20 per referral! That’s unusually high! The $1 per click, I’ve seen before and it could work, but definitely NOT the $20 per referral. I’ll explain why it does not make sense in the Red Flags section below.

So already, I was skeptical. If it was that easy for kids to make money online, then anybody could do it, right? Except that you don’t really hear of anybody quitting their jobs, completing simple tasks online, do you?

I thought so!

Additionally, I think I’ve seen something similar before, which is NOT a good sign. It would most probably be related to a scam, right?

So, what do you think it’ll be? Am I right or wrong for suspecting this website? Let’s see!

How Cash For Kids Club Works

Obviously, you want to know whether the way that the website makes money is legit, right? You don’t want your kids or your family members to get involved in something that is illegal.

So the first question that you may want to ask yourself is, how the heck is this website making money to be able to pay its members and workers?

Well, what they say is that they make their money by allowing other websites and companies to advertise on the Cash For Kids Club website, where they get paid for bringing in views and clicks for their customers.

That’s where you come in!

You  (or your kids) will be working for them completing tasks like viewing ads and clicking and liking pages, things in that arena. This drives in revenue from ads for Cash For Kids Club and you get rewarded your fair share for doing the work.

But again, the $20 that they pay for each and every referral you get is still high! That’s because usually, pay-per-lead companies will pay less than $5 for a lead, sometimes even as low as a few cents.

So where is this HIGH PAYOUT coming from? I mean, what advertisers pay per click or per view is only a few cents to maximum $1 – $2, and if you want to compete with other networks, it will have to be even lower than that.

How are they able to pay $20 per referral?

Well, they’re NOT going to pay and these red flags and facts below will prove it!

BEWARE! Red Flags Show It Won’t Work As Advertised!

Unfortunately, there are just too many red flags and one BIG PROBLEM about Cash For Kids Club that you need to know. It will completely change the way you view this website and you’ll want to run away as far as possible.

1) Fake/mis-matched contact information

I don’t know if you noticed it while browsing on their website but if you scroll down all the way and look at the contact information, the number looks generic, with numbers 1 through to 9 consecutively. That’s a fake phone number.

Additionally, if you go to the “FAQs” tab at the top of the website, it will give you other phone numbers and a different address than what is all the way at the bottom of the page.

So they don’t know their own address and phone number? Because the information is ALL different!

I’ve seen this before unfortunately and this is a sign of a scam!

2) Fake testimonials

This is another red flag that I’ve seen over and over again; these creators and web-owners giving people fake testimonials to make them think that the site is legit and that they can really make money with it when that’s not true.

The testimonials can be found if you scroll down a little bit on the home page of Cash For Kids Club. They are photos with text testimonials.

But when I went to find out who these people really were, I actually found that these photos are stock photos from somewhere, that have been used for multiple websites. So how can you now believe any of these testimonials?

They’re not real!

3) Spelling and Grammar Mistakes 

When you have a service to offer, especially business to business services, you’d make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes because you want to seem professional and meticulous to your prospect customers or workers.

But it’s not what’s happening here.

If you take a look at every single one of the pages, you’ll find multiple mistakes. I’m not saying that people can’t make mistakes and one or two would still have been okay. But the number of mistakes here is excessive and makes me question the legitimacy of the website.

4) In business since 2011? Really?

Talking about legitimacy, the little snippet at the bottom of the home page, as well as the about page, say that Cash For Kids Club has been around since 2011. Well, let’s take a look at whether that’s really the case here, shall we?

When I went to and checked the date that the website was registered, I wasn’t surprised. Registration date: May 2019. So it’s been basically been a little less than 3 months.

So can you see how they’re lying to you here?

And the fact they don’t even mention their parent company is also a red flag. Why not mention it since they make it seem like such a big company that’s been around since 2005? Wouldn’t that being more credibility?

Well, I just think that there isn’t a parent company and that the Cash For Kids Club website was started to purely scam people.

5) Similar to other scammy websites I’ve reviewed

Remember how I said that the Cash For Kids Club website reminded me of other programs that I’ve reviewed before? The truth is that they never paid anybody!

If you take a look at my reviews of Clout Pay, Clout Bucks, Referral Pay and Eazy Dollars, you’ll see that the layout of the websites are exactly the same as Cash For Kids Club. It’s not just the similarity, but when you type in “”, it redirects to Referral Pay.

This shows a clear relationship between all of these websites and since they all have similar red flags and about page and method of making money, you can bet that the same person is behind all of these websites.

And this means, that if people weren’t getting paid being part of Viral Dollars, nobody part of any of these other websites will make any money.

Here’s some proof of those complaints.

Thought I would just point out the relationship between all these websites.

Is Cash For Kids Club A Scam?

Absolutely! I do think that Cash For Kids Club is a scam that should be avoided.

There are plenty of red flags that I uncovered within this review namely, lack of a privacy page, the website being directed to kids making money online without any mention of parent consent, mis-matched address and phone number.

The testimonials are fake. They lie to you about being in business since 2011 when their website was only registered in May 2019 and there’s no indication of WHO this parent company might be. There are tons of grammar mistakes and there’s a connection to Viral Dollars, which has proven to be a scam!

Additionally, if you give away your email address, they could send you spammy emails and manipulate you to buy other scammy products, thus making them more money. I’ve seen this countless times so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the people behind the program did it.

It’s a complete waste of time that is only making the creator of the program richer. They’re keeping all the revenue and paying nobody because if they did, then they would go bankrupt! $20 for a lead is insane!

I know you wish it was that easy to make money online but it isn’t. There is more work involved to become successful and the way that Cash For Kids Club is showing you to make money online is NOT right and it’s NOT sustainable.

I wouldn’t sign up for any of these if I were you.

Better Alternative For Kids (And Adults) To Make Money Online!

I’m an affiliate marketer and basically, what I do is promote other people’s products and each sale that I bring in to the vendor, I make a commission off of it. It’s really not that hard to do!

You can use a website as a medium or even just Youtube, writing reviews or making videos about different products that interest you. You don’t have to do boring tasks like completing small tasks and getting paid cents for it.

Affiliate marketing is something that children can do (promoting toys, for example) and adults can too (promote other stuff like camping gear, crafts equipment, cellphones and pet supplies). Of course, as a parent, you’ll have to set up payment accounts like Paypal or others because children cannot have such accounts.

You’ll have to manage everything for them.

But they can at least be doing their hard work and writing things or even just creating videos, which are easy things to do if your kids are over the age of 13.

If you’re looking for a full-course that can help you (or your kids) get started in affiliate marketing for FREE, then I can give you all the resources in my FREE GUIDE.


This is legit, compared to the Cash For Kids Club, because you’ll be affiliated with well-known companies like Youtube, Google, Amazon eBay and even Toys R’ Us.

So SIGN UP FOR MY FREE GUIDE NOW and learn how you too can make money doing what I do!

Thanks for reading my Cash For Kids Club review. Any questions or concerns that you may have, feel free to leave them below in the comments section. I would love to help you out and to get started!

Lots of Love,


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