Cash For Share Review – The Same Old Red Flags!

Cash For Share review

Are you looking for an honest Cash For Share review? Are you wondering how it works and whether you’ll really make money with this website? Are you wondering whether it’s legit or a scam?

Then you’ve come to the right review, because I will be discussing all that today, and MORE! The truth is that I will be exposing this website today as one of the biggest cons.

I’m not saying that making good money online is impossible, but the truth is that there are way more scams online than there are legitimate websites that actually work in your favor.

So if you’re here to learn the truth, then sit back, relax and take a good read because by the end, you’ll understand what exactly Cash For Share was created for.

Cash For Share At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend Cash For Share?: Absolutely NOT! It’s a scam that lures you in with high pay and that actually will end up not paying out. They are after your personal data to profit from it.

What Is Cash For Share?

Cash For Share claims to be the #1 “Earning” Network and looks like you could make hundreds to thousands of dollars with this website. You get to make $50 upon signing up as a bonus, as well as $10 per person you refer.

Moreover, you could earn $2 per click that you get on your referral link. That could add up quite a bit, right?

Supposedly, what you’ll need to do is share that link all over social media to earn. Looks like it’s pretty easy work but could add up to a lot of earnings, right?

I mean those payment proofs are quite a sight, right?

Sorry to burst your bubble but I’ve seen similar websites before and I have even exposed them as scams on this website of mine. Here’s a list of websites that work and look similarly to Cash For Share.

1) Cash Influence

2) CashGem

3) Clout OG

4) OG Task

5) Paid2Share

6) EarnBucks

That’s why when I first saw Cash For Share, I already had a feeling that it was going to be the same as these websites and let me tell you that I found the same red flags for all of them.

If it was as easy as just sharing a link on social media to make money online, then everybody that is using social media, like 4 Billion people around the world, would have been able to earn.

Those people wouldn’t have a need for a traditional job. But that’s not what we find, right? Most people are struggling because of this Covid-19 pandemic and are laid-off. There has to be a catch with Cash For Share, right?

How Cash For Share Works

No matter what the red flags are, if the method used by a company makes sense, then there is a chance that the website is a legit one. But when I dug deep into finding out how Cash for Share works, it looks really fishy.

The way that it is supposed to work is like this; you complete the task, Cash For Share collects the payment and you get your share of the earnings. Simple, easy.

But let’s compare the pay: with Cash For Share, you’re getting paid $30 – $50 for a few minutes of your time. It is either to simply download apps or complete offers. That’s way more than other websites and you know it!

Swagbucks for example, only pays a few cents. You would be lucky to get paid $1 – $2 for an offer, right? That’s why you’re looking for a website that pays more, so you can make more for your time, right?

But the truth is that it does not work out. If Cash For Share is paying you so much, then you also have to see how much they are charging their affiliate partners for these offers.

Not only does Cash For Share need to pay you for your signup bonus and your tasks when you complete them, but they also need to pay you for when you submit videos and other posts. There’s also the clicks you get on the link.

So how much are they charging their affiliate companies here? $50? $70? $100?

Either way, that’s too much money to pay for only ONE task. You wouldn’t pay that much so why do you expect other companies to pay out so much? Especially when there are more cost-effective and trustworthy websites like Swagbucks around.

No, the truth is that Cash For Share is not affiliate with anybody. They are trying to lure you in with high pay but at the end of the day, will not pay out.

Similarly to the other websites I mentioned, you’ll try to withdraw and the pay out will be scheduled for about 30 days after that. You’ll wait for that day to come but will never see it in your account.

Moreover, they’ll ban you or close your account due to fraud even if you have done everything as per the rules!

Tired Of Seeing The Same Old Red Flags

1) Unknown Creator

Okay, let’s say you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner. Would you just buy any that’s lying on the floor of the shop? No, right? You’d want to know what brand you’re buying as well as the manufacturer. You want to make sure it’s a trustworthy brand.

Well, that’s the same thing with online websites. You want to know who created it and whether they are trustworthy, knowledgeable in their field, as well as reputable. But no information on the creator was found for Cash For Share.

That’s a problem because in my experience, the websites that don’t disclose the creator’s name will mostly be a scam or so low-quality it won’t work. Moreover, they will take advantage of the anonymity to create other scammy websites.

They know that at some point in time, you’ll realize you’re being scammed and would want to pursue them and get them fined or closed up. To avoid that, they just hide their identity.

So be sure to always look for the creator of any make-money-online website.

2) Lies about launch date

The people behind Cash For Share want to make you believe that the website has been around since 2015. The consensus is that the longer a website has been around, the less of a chance it would be a scam.

However, just like the other websites, Cash For Share lies to you about when they actually got started. When you consult the WHOIS website, you see that the website was actually created and registered on Jun 27, 2019.

This is an attempt to make you think that they are trustworthy and not a scam, but as you can see, the truth is out and the trust factor has gone WAY down for me.

Lies is something that cannot be tolerated. If they lie to you about ONE thing, then they could be lying to you about everything else.

3) Testimonials and payment proofs are made up

Now that we know when the website was created, we can take a look to see if the testimonials and the payment proofs are real or not.

And unfortunately, I found that they are also made up. At least, that’s the outcome of the other websites. When it comes to Cash For Share, most of them say, “TODAY” as a date.

But how can you be sure, without dates, that the payments proofs are legit? I’ve seen so many other similar proofs from the other websites that were photoshoped to change the dates and even the company logo.

To me, payment proofs saying “TODAY” mean nothing, especially since the previous ones were made up complete and the date of payment was way before the day the website was created.

Nobody could have made money on a website that didn’t exist, right?

Moreover, one of the testimonials says that they have been working with Cash For Share for over a year, which again, is impossible, since it hasn’t been a year yet since the website was created.

What we can conclude then is that the payment proofs and testimonials are completely fake. They want to fool you into thinking that the website works and that they pay out, when in reality, nobody has ever gotten paid from Cash For Share.

4) They don’t know how much they want to pay you for referrals

On the home page, you’re told that you’ll get paid $10 per referral, right? But in the member’s area, it looks like they are paying $25 per referral.

That might look good, because you think you’ll make more money, but the problem here is that they are not consistent about the pay through out the website. If it was legitimate, then they would be careful about things like that, right?

But my opinion is that the creator has created so many different scam websites with different pay that they forgot Cash For Share was supposed to only pay out $10. That’s a mistake that the creator made simply copying and pasting from the other scammy websites he created.

5) BBB Warning

All the scammy websites I mentioned, including Cash For Share actually have anonymous creators. But since the website, the lay out, the kind of work, the pay and even the red flags are similar, we can conclude that it’s the same person behind all the websites.

Now, there is another website that was actually tested by the BBB, called Notion Cash, which forms part of this SCAM family. Whatever the BBB has to say about Notion Cash will also apply to Cash For Share.

Below is a snippet or you can read it in full HERE.

Snippet From The Website

But briefly, what the BBB is saying is that these kinds of websites want to gather and use your personal information for their own gain. Each time you sign up, or complete an offer or a survey, they gather that information.

They could use your information to send you spammy and scammy emails, that will look so real they’ll fool you. That’s how they’ll be able to get to your money.

Otherwise, they could sell your information to other scammers, hackers and spammers for profit.

And finally, they could even steal your identity, which is not a joke if you live in one of the Tier one countries, right?

So that’s why you have to be very careful around Cash For Share and any other similar website.

Is Cash For Share A Scam?

You already have a vibe of where this review is going but let me just make it clear; Cash For Share is a scam and a total waste of your time. You’re not gonna get anywhere with this website.

You’re just gonna get used!

There are too many red flags and too many lies to fall into a safe category for me, and let me tell you that I’ve been reviewing make-money-online websites now for over 2 years, so I do know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

Cash For Share definitely does NOT work as advertised, and you’re never gonna get paid.

They lie to you about when they were first launched and even about the payment proofs and testimonials. They are all fake! The creator never paid anybody in the past, so it doesn’t look like he’ll pay this time either.

There’s also the warning from the BBB. Why would you risk your information for a NO-CHANCE of making any money? There is really NO CHANCE here.

Even the business model makes no sense when you think about how much affiliated companies need to pay in order for Cash For Share to remain afloat.

Not, Cash For Share is a scam that you should absolutely avoid!

Stop Getting Scammed And Discover The REAL, LEGIT Way of Making Money Online!

If you’re looking for a website with similar work and that will pay similarly to Cash For Share, but only a legit one, then you’re never gonna find it. The truth is that the simple kind of work will just not pay out much.

It’s because anybody can do it! Just like anybody can do the job of a server, they get paid little, as compared to a doctor with specific skills, right?

So even online, you need specific skills if you want to make a significant amount of money. And let me tell you that I can show you how to acquire those skills. It works! That’s how much I made in the last few months, working part-time!

And another one!

And another one yet!

What I do is called affiliate marketing and it’s a method of making money online where you help people solve their problems. Each time they buy the solution, you make commissions! Easy concept, right?


However, don’t think that this is going to work overnight, because it’s not. This is NOT a job, but a business. And like every legitimate business, you’ll need to learn the skills needed and then to apply it and then to watch the business grow.

You’re not gonna be able to learn everything there is to know overnight so there’s no way you’ll make money overnight. That’s why websites that say you can make instant money or make money in 24 hours are lying to you.

If you don’t have the skills and are doing things wrong, then there will be no result.

But if you get my guide now, I’ll be able to show you how I got started and how you can get started for free! You’ll be able to see what skills are needed and where to learn them so that you can also make big income online.

Let me help you with something legit, this time!

Thanks for reading my Cash For Share review and if you have had experience with this website or any other similar website, please share it below. This will help a lot of the people visiting my website know that they are scams.

Lots of Love,


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