Cash Influence Review – 5 Red Flags Indicating A Scam!

Cash Influence review

Are you looking for an honest Cash Influence review? Well, this is the review for you. Congrats on doing your research and thanks for deciding to read my review.

The truth is that there are so many scams on the internet and if you don’t do proper research, you could fall for them. You could lose your money and your precious time. Sometimes even more.

And unfortunately, I see that Cash Influence is going to be bad news for you and for anybody who uses it. I’ve uncovered some pretty nasty facts about the website, as well as some things that just do not make sense.

If you’re seriously considering this website to make money online, then you should read this review until the end because I’m going to reveal the ugly facts of the website.

Cash Influence At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to make money

Price: Free to join but RISKY!

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely NOT! That’s because I’ve seen other websites that are similar. They work similar and even looks similar. They have the same red flags. I think it’s the same person behind all of them, including Cash Influence. That’s why I think it’s a scam! They have a history of not paying their members.

What Is Cash Influence?

Isn’t it amazing to be able to use Cash Influence to be able to make upto $300 per day with it? I mean, the work is really easy. All you gotta do is to share your referral links and complete tasks.

You get paid a sweet $25 by simply signing up – YAY! FREE MONEY! – and when you share your link, you get paid $2 when people click on them and $15 for everyone who signs up using your link. Moreover, you get paid $30 per complete task.

What’s there not to like, right? Even Cash Influencer says they are the #1 Influencer Network, so that’s the easiest money that you can ever make.

At last, I wish it was as easy as that to make money online. These are some pretty high payouts for some petty and menial jobs. If people could really make $300 per day doing that, more people would have been quitting their jobs.

I mean, look at the crisis we’re going through because of this pandemic. A lot of people are out of a job and freaking out over it. I’m sorry this happened for sure, but the truth is that I can’t find anybody that said they made $9,000 per month, completing tasks online.

The truth is that the more complicated the work is, the more you get paid and if it is easy work, the less you get paid. The work of a doctor and a cashier are different; you need qualifications to be a doctor and none to be cashier.

So the doctor gets paid way more than the cashier.

Using that same analogy, you can’t be making more than accountant simply sharing links and completing tasks and surveys.

That’s one thing that raised alarm bells in my mind.

The next thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve seen this before. I’ve reviewed other websites like this and they all turned out to be scams. They worked the same and even the layout of the website was the same. Take a look at my SurveyJunkies and ShareCash reviews and you’ll understand.

Am I right in thinking that this could be a scam as well? Well, let’s take a further look, shall we?

How Cash Influence Works

How you make money with Cash Influence sounds pretty simple, right? All you have to do is sign up, share your link, complete a few offers, tasks or surveys, and you can cash out afterwards.

But that’s not what I want to explain here. What I want to share with you is how the BUSINESS MODEL behind Cash Influence works. If you can determine that, then you can devise whether this is a scam or not.

And unfortunately, what I’ve found about Cash Influence’s business model is that it simply does not make any sense.

You see, we need to analyze where the money is coming from to be able to pay you as a member, pay the employees and the CEO, as well as maintenance of the website. And the only logical place that the money comes from is through the tasks.

So when you complete a task, the affiliated company who requested the task get notified. They send the money over to Cash Influence who will then pay you your share. And that turns out to be $30.

But don’t forget that’s not what Cash Influence is CHARGING the affiliate company. There are other expenses to think about, like paying you $15 per referrals, commissions on your referrals earnings, paying employees and so on.

To that end, what do you think Cash Influence is charging their affiliated partners? $50 per task? $100 per task?

No matter what number comes to mind, it would have to be way higher than $30. Compare that to the payouts of other legitimate websites like Swagbucks who pays only a few cents per task. It’s a minimum of 100 times more here!

What company would leave a reputable and well-known company like Swagbucks where they could pay way less, to partner with a company that charges way more for the SAME tasks?

You get what I’m saying here? There’s no way anybody would want to be partners with Cash Influence and if not, then they don’t make any money. How would they pay you then?

I think the high payouts are just a lure to get you to sign up because they are actually after something else!

The Red Flags – BEWARE! They Won’t Pay!

1) Unknown creator

Before you buy anything in a store, sure, you could be looking at what’s cheapest, but have you ever seen a product without a manufacturer? Based on the manufacturer, you are able to know whether what you’re buying is quality stuff or not, right?

Well, it’s the same thing here. I tried looking for the “manufacturer” of this product, or in other words, the creator of the program and I couldn’t find any information.

Who’s the creator? What other company might be behind this program? Who is it that I have to contact for help?

The truth is simply having an email address for contact is not enough because many website have an email, but never respond. Or it could just be a fake email address, who knows?

But not knowing who is behind the program is a big red flag. You don’t know if they are reputable and know what they’re doing. You don’t know whether they’ll really pay or not.

However, let me just tell you that scammers tend to remain anonymous because they know their schemes will be uncovered at some point and people are gonna wanna sue them or get them caught or fined. That’s why they remain hidden.

Moreover, remaining hidden like this also allows them to create new scams and nobody will be able to stop them.

That’s it’s important to know who is behind a website and Cash Influence does not satisfy that.

2) Website creation date

Cash Influence claims to have been created in 2015 but there is a sure way to know whether this is true or not. What I did is I went to a trusted website called WHOIS and typed in the URL of the website.

And like I suspected, they were lying! The website was created on February 3rd, 2020!

So why lie?

I know why! It’s because websites that have been around for a longer period of time have less chances of being a scam and they know that. So they want to make you think they’ve been around for years so that you trust them.

However, the trust has gone deeper beyond ground level now that we know that’s all a lie. If you want people to trust you, then you simply don’t lie and give the business time to grow and get well-known. No need to lie about it!

3) Income proofs and testimonials are fake

Now that we found out when the website was actually registered and created, we can verify whether the proofs provided on the Cash Influence website are real or not. To tell you the truth, I got this idea when I noticed some of the proofs were dated.

And again, my conclusion is that the proofs are completely fake. They were dated from even before the website was created. Take a look below!

How can anybody earn from a website that didn’t even exist, right? That’s impossible. That’s why I think they were made up.

Moreover, one testimonial said that they have been making money with Cash Influence for over a year now. But again, Cash Influence has only been around for 2 months. How could anybody have made money with this a year ago?

Nope, I do firmly believe that the proofs and testimonials are fake and that nobody has actually gotten paid. I do also think that nobody will ever get paid from Cash Influence.

4) Fake location

When a business claims to have been around for as long as Cash Influence has, you would expect them to know from which country they’re based out of, right?

Well, apparently, the creator of Cash Influence has no idea! I even had to laugh at this one, LOL!

On the home page, they say they’re located in Houston, TX and on their ABOUT page, they claim to be based out of Amsterdam. So where are they really located? That’s halfway around the world and complete two different continents.


Sorry, it’s not funny to be scammed but this mistake is too funny. The scammer probably created so many scam websites and copy-pasted the same information for each website.

And to prove that it’s copied and pasted, the proof is again on the ABOUT page. In some of the snippets in the timeline, they mention “Tap 2 Earn” instead of Cash Influence.

Well, that’s not good news either because I’ve reviewed Tap 2 Earn before and exposed it as a scam too. If it was copied and pasted, then it was probably the same scammer behind both website.

5) BBB Warning

Talking about a scammer being behind multiple websites, I also think that the same person is behind Notion Cash. It’s also a website that I’ve reviewed before and exposed as a scam.

But the thing is that the BBB has issued a warning for Notion Cash. If it’s the same person behind Notion Cash and Cash Influence, then the BBB warning message will apply to Cash Influence too.

This is what they had to say;

Snippet From The Website

And you can read the full article HERE.

But in short, the BBB is saying that these websites are scams. They just want your personal information to use in order to hack your accounts or to sell it to other scammers.

Moreover, they could even steal your identity and when you’re in a tier 1 country, you don’t want that happening!

That’s why I do believe that the BBB is right as well. Why else would they advertise a high payout, actually NOT pay you, and have you sign up for free?

Just think about that one!

Is Cash Influence A Scam?

Oh I absolutely think it’s a scam. My fingers were itching to officially deem it a scam because I want to expose this website. I don’t want anybody falling for this and wasting their time and getting their information stolen!

I mean, take a look at the FACTS, not the promises or how good the opportunity looks. I know, it would have been wonderful if it worked as advertised. I can tell you that I’d be promoting it like crazy to make money myself if it really worked.

But the truth is that it doesn’t work as advertised.

There are just too many red flags and scam proofs saying that Cash Influence is a scam. You have the broken business model, the unknown creator, the lies about their launch date and their location.

You also have the fact that the income proofs and testimonials are fake and a warning message from the BBB. Even the fact that it is free can’t be a positive here because they can use your personal data.

I seriously see NOTHING good with Cash Influence and can say with certainty that it is a scam.

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Thanks for reading my Cash Influence review. If you’ve had experience with this website, I highly appreciate you leaving a comment below to share your experience. This will help others avoid this scam. Thanks a ton!

Lots of Love,


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