Cash Website Success Review – $500 Daily Income?

Welcome to this Cash Website Success Review!

You’ve probably been scammed out of your money with other make-money-online programs before or you are just naturally skeptical. Either way, it’s a good thing that you are seeking a review of Cash Website Success. Believe it or not, 80% of those make-money-online programs are scams, about 15% are okay, and only 5% are legit.

So I congratulate you on doing your research before investing in a programs that only “looks” or “sounds” good, because many times, they’re not what they seem.

Within this review, I will be going what I found out about this program and will be giving you my honest opinion on whether this program will be good to invest in, to start making money online.

Cash Website Success Review At A Glance


Owner: “Willy Hancock”

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $47

Do I Recommend It?: No

What Is Cash Website Success?

There are three steps to signing up with Cash Website Success. The first is to go through an article, then to a welcome video to sign up for free and then on to another video, where you will be explained the process.

The article boasted needing more people to work from home as Amazon affiliates. It showed proof that a certain Chris was making a ton of money every month doing this and it gives you some statistics of the program. But I soon realized that this news report was a fake because I would get to the sales video no matter what picture or link I clicked on.

The article was familiar to me as well, because I had seen it before, being used to promote Prime Time Profits and Real Profits Online, make-money-online programs that I have reviewed some time ago.

But anyways, once you get to the video, the spokesperson promises to hand you his “money-sucking websites” that’s making him $15K, all for FREE and that all you need to do is sign up for it with my name and email, which I did. I then get to the last video, where he introduces himself as Willy Hancock and that he makes money doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money online. I would know because that’s exactly how I make passive income online. It’s where you promote a product and each time a sale is made through you, you receive a commission as compensation.

Willy tells you about his family and his sob story about almost losing his job and being saved my a certain “Sergey” who introduced him to his “money-sucking websites”. Apparently, these websites can be created at a push of a button and visitors and sales will come in immediately.

I know all this sounds so good and even I would have bought the program if I didn’t have the knowledge of the online world, like I do now. But the truth is that making money on the internet is not as easy as Willy makes it sound. I have been researching and reviewing products for over a year now so if such a thing existed, I would know.

Have You Noticed The Red Flags?

Yes, there are some red flags here that you may not have noticed. But if you did, then hats off to you because not everybody will notice them.

1) Picture of Chris and his family

Chris and Karen may seem like they have the perfect family and the perfect at-home job and lifestyle, but the truth is that this picture of Chris and his family, is a stock photo. That’s not really them.

Why would a NEWS article have fake photos? Now that we know this, it really puts doubts in my mind about the rest of the information. What proof is there that they’re not lying with the rest of the information?

2) Make “easy” money with a push of a button

As much as I also wish making money online were as easy as pushing a button, such a system does not exist. Sure, websites can be created at a push of a button, but a whole business, even if it’s an online one, cannot be created at the push of button.

There is a lot of work required, as well as time needed, to grow an online business. You and your website need to become trusted and it needs to give value to others, specially if it’s got to do with affiliate marketing. People don’t like to be SOLD to, they like to be given value and advised.

If all you do, is just keep selling, that’s going to push people away and they’re never going to buy anything from you.

3) Willy Hancock – Who is he?

Sure, Willy gives you some information about himself and his family, even his income. But if you really think about it, is any of this information verifiable? No, they’re not!

And guess what the creator of this program did; the same thing as for the picture of Chris and his family. Yup, that picture of Willy and his family is another stock photo. What’s the need to HIDE if they’re really providing value and good service to those who sign up?

Not only do I have doubts about who Willy really is, I’m having doubts about what he says. If he does not have a problem lying to you about himself, then he probably won’t have a problem lying to you about EVERYTHING ELSE, just to sell you the system.

4) Similarity to Prime Time Profits And Real Profits Online

Real Profits Online Review

I mentioned earlier that there are other programs I reviewed, called Prime Time Profits and Real Profits Online. They’re the exact same replica as Cash Website Success, be it with the news article and be it with the video promotions. Don’t you find it weird that they would promote the SAME program using different names?

You would but I wouldn’t. That’s because I know how scammers work. They usually rehash older and forgotten products and use new names so as to con people all over again. That’s why most of the time, they don’t tell you what’s inside the program and what you’ll learn.

That’s because if you’re somebody who buys products to really try the methods, you would see right through them.

5) The Testimonials

Yet another red flag, is the fact that the testimonials that supposedly prove Cash Website Success works, are all paid testimonials. They’re not even real users of the program. They are paid actors who are reading and acting out a script, to make you think that the program really works.

I know this because they all have services put up for video testimonials on a freelance website called Fiverr. Here are their profiles.

If you ask me, it’s weird that these programs would use paid testimonials if they had REAL members using it. Wouldn’t it be better from a business perspective to have REAL members give FREE testimonials, rather than paying others to do it?

The reason that’s done, is probably because the creator of the program, if his name is even Willy, knows that it does not work and success stories would never come out of it.

How Cash Website Success Works

Is there a chance that this program could work? I don’t deny it. But what are the chances?

Willy says he will give you the exact same websites that has been making him money but the truth is, just having those websites is not enough. There’s more work involved in affiliate marketing than he is willing to disclose.

We all know that the more people that walk into a shop, the more money that shop can make. Think of your website like a shop. It means that you need to get people to your website, in other words, “traffic”. And I know from experience that it’s not so easy to get people to your website, least of all, BUYERS.

Without traffic, your website would just float into space and wouldn’t make you any money.

That’s why PROMOTION of your website is important. They could have some training on how to get visitors to your website too, but most of the time, they would either be social media marketing or paid ads. Social Media marketing would mean CONSISTENT work with nothing automated and paid ads would mean more investing.

Sure, these methods can be used to grow your business, but they’re not very effective for newbies.

The other alternative would be to make Youtube videos, but even that would require more training, which Cash Website Success is probably not going to provide. Again, that’s more money that you need to invest in separate training.

Cash Website Success Review Conclusion

I don’t know if you’ve already felt it, but Cash Website Success is not a program that I would recommend. There are just too many red flags for comfort and too many outrageous claims made that just scream “scam” back at me.

The news article is so weird! Why would there be an article with LINKS all over the place to only ONE video? It’s obvious they’re desperate, trying to sell you the program. Even the social media buttons don’t work.

Additionally, you have a stock photo used for Chris and his family, as well as for Willy and his family. How can this add any kind of trust? It actually makes me doubt THE WHOLE THING. This is very common for scammers to do.

Moreover, it bears too many similarities, or should I say that it is EXACTLY the same as Prime Time Profits, that I have reviewed some time back. Rehashing older scams and slapping a new name on them is very common as well. At the end of the day, they’re just looking to make money off of you.

And even if it does turn out to be a software that generates websites, you can’t stop there. There’s much more work to be done before you can actually start making $500 a day with them, something that takes MONTHS to perfect; getting traffic.

So overall, this program is not appealing and would probably not work as advertised. I would stay away from it if I were you.

Want A Complete System That Works?

Going back to square one, affiliate marketing is a real and legit way of making money online. There are a few methods that you can use, depending on your preference, to get people to your offers and the one that I have ben using is SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

That’s a way of getting traffic to your website using Google and the search engines. All I really have to do, is type up an article about anything that I have a passion for, use a keyword to make sure it appears on Google and input my affiliate link to get compensated each time somebody makes a purchase.

How cool is that? I’ve been making a passive income using this model and I never have to pay for traffic to my website. That’s because I have learned the basics of owning a website and making money online, something that you can do too! The good news is that I can get you access to the training platform that I used, FOR FREE!


All you need is an email address to sign up. Look around, go through the 10 free lessons and use your FREE websites provided to try out the program. If you’re not completely satisfied, then you’re free to walk away, without having lost ANYTHING! I’ll hold no hard feelings either…

Try it out because it’s changing the lives of so many people, including mine. It could be the start of change in your life too. 🙂 I will guide you through it all and will be there if you have any questions. I’m a Top 50 member so you can rest assured that I’m very active on the platform.

Hope to see you inside soon!

Your Friend,



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