Cash4Clickz Review – Rehashed Scam That Won’t Pay?

Cash4Clickz review

Welcome to my honest Cash4Clickz review. I’m not an affiliate of this website nor do I promote it. In my honest opinion, I think that Cash4Clickz spells bad news.

That’s because there are way too many scams online and the truth is that I’ve seen too many similar websites that claim the same thing, but that have been exposed as scams already on this website.

That’s why I want to congratulate you on doing your research because very few people do it, until it’s too late. I’ve found some NASTY truth about Cash4Clickz that you should really know about before you sign up.

The cat’s gonna get out of the bag now!

Cash4Clickz At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Refer friends and complete tasks

Price: Free

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a mass data-harvesting scam!

What Is Cash4Clickz?

Cash4Clickz claims to be a website that can help you make $500, starting today. Sign up today and make $25 as a sign up bonus. Refer friends and make $10 per referral. Complete a task and you could make up to $50 per task.

The truth is that I’ve seen these claims before and those websites with similar claims, never actually worked or paid people for their hard work. How are they making so much money to pay that much to people?

Because Cash4Clickz looks like a get-paid-to website, similar to SwagBucks and Points Prizes. The sign up bonus for SwagBucks is like, $5 and if you started with the website today, you’d probably make a maximum of $10 – $20.

So it really struck me odd that Cash4Clickz is able to offer a $25 bonus and make you $500 every single day.

Don’t get me wrong because it is definitely possible to make that kind of money online, but such high income comes from entrepreneurs, not people who complete small tasks.

I’ve been in the online arena now for a long while and what I can tell you is that it is incredibly difficult to reach a $500 per day income/profit. It’s not as easy as Cash4Clickz claims.

Additionally, completing small tasks is something that does not need any skill and that anybody can do, thus, these kinds of jobs don’t pay much. So it is fishy that Cash4Clickz is paying so much for them.

I must also add that the layout and the kind of work that is offered is similar to Paid Leaf, Clout Pay and Tap 2 Earn, which have all been exposed as scams. As you can already imagine, that causes alarm bells to go off.

Especially since these programs have been exposed as mass data-harvesting scams, meaning that they are looking to get their hands on your personal information. They will use the info you give them to hack into your other online accounts.

I suspect that the same thing is happening with Cash4Clickz, so be cautious! I really don’t think you should be signing up, even if it is free.

How Cash4Clickz Works

The first thing to look at, is how Cash4Clickz works. Only by studying their business model will you understand whether it is a scam or not, and most importantly, whether they’ll pay you or not.

So what Cash4Clickz said they’ll pay you for is installing apps and testing them, as well as referring others to the platform. That is pretty legitimate, seeing as you get paid for testing apps and websites on Swagbucks as well.

Pay Per Lead, which is getting paid referring others to a website, is also legitimate.

However, when we look at how the website actually makes money, it really becomes shady; they say that they make money through ad revenue, as well as through sponsorship products.

The more people you refer to the website, the more exposure their ads will have and the more money they’ll make. That’s fair, because I have ads on my website too and I do make money from it.

But when I look around, I don’t see any ads on the website. And neither are there any ads on the INSIDE of the members’ area. So why are they lying to you? They don’t make money through ads.

Even if they did, clicks and impressions coming from different countries are different. It might be $1 for somebody clicking on the ad from the USA, but it might only pay $0.05 for somebody who is from another country. So how can they pay everyone equally?

And they don’t tell us that we need to click on their ads or view their video ads to ensure to make them money. All that was said was install apps and referring others. I’m shaking my head as I’m writing this, literally!

The other way to earn is through sponsorship products. So what that means is that they are being paid to promote products to you. So are you supposed to BUY those products? Or those apps?

I thought you were supposed to MAKE money from Cash4Clickz, not SPEND money. I don’t trust this at all!

Cash4Clickz Won’t Pay You – MIND-BOGGLING PROOF!

Even if things didn’t add up, as long as you got paid for meeting the requirements, completing the tasks and cashing out at the minimum threshold, then it wouldn’t be so bad, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

I can prove to you that nobody has gotten paid and that nobody will get paid here.

1) Fake Payment Proofs

How did I find out that the proofs were all fake? Well, I did a little test. They claim that they have been in business since 2015, but when I verified when the website was actually registered and created, it gave me a date of Oct 22, 2019.

So why would they lie to us?

That’s because they want to have some credibility as the longer a website has been around, the less of a scam people will think it is. You’ll want to sign up with them then.

But another fitting reason is the fact that their payment proofs need to fit too and they would if they had actually been in business since 2015. But that’s not the case. The payment proofs are actually dated PRIOR to the existence of the website.

How can anybody can paid before the website even existed? It’s impossible! That’s why I believe that these payment proofs are completely made up and that nobody has actually gotten paid from Cash4Clicks.

And nobody WILL.

2) Related to Paid Leaf – Record Is Full Of Non-Payments

The fact with Cash4Clickz is the fact that the website works the same way as Paid Leaf and even the layout is similar. Additionally, both of these programs don’t publish the name of the creator, which is actually another red flag.

They just say that their parent business, Zindex, has been providing online monetizing solutions for a while but when I actually Google the name of that company, nothing comes up. If they were REALLY providing online solutions, they WOULD be online, right?

But no, Zindex is non-existant.

So really, because of the fact that the creators of both these programs are anonymous, but the layouts and the work requirements are exactly the same, we can safely conclude that the same person is behind both.

And when we look at the history of Paid Leaf, you’ll find a lot of people haven’t gotten paid. Let me show you some comments on my Youtube review of Paid Leaf.

As you can see, nobody got paid. What happens is that people are requesting a cash out, where they are made to wait 30 days for release of payment. But when that date comes, nobody gets paid. They’re accounts are then closed due to fraud, even if they did everything correctly.

So if the owner didn’t pay anybody from Paid Leaf, what makes you think you’re gonna get paid from Cash4Clickz? Just don’t waste your time with it. They won’t pay.

Is Cash4Clickz a scam?

You already know what I think and my final verdict is that Cash4Clickz is definitely a scam. There is nothing positive about the website or the platform.

The first thing that I considered was the high payout that they promised. It seemed to be too high for this kind of work. Then you also have the visible relationship that the website has with Paid Leaf and the others.

You also have the fact that the way they make their money is very shady. The business model does not work and the website is full of lies!

They lie to us about when they were created and they fabricate payment proofs to con you. That’s to make you believe that they will pay, when the history of a sister website actually shows you otherwise.

There’s also the fact that they name a company called Zindex that is supposed to be offering online solutions, when that company does not exist at all. Why would you want to believe ANYBODY that lies to you so much?

And then, you also have the fact that the BBB has published that these websites are all data-harvesting scams and that you are at risk of getting your banking information or other accounts hacked by them and your money possibly stolen.

Why take such a risk?

I really do believe that Cash4Clickz is a scam and that you should stay away from it. It’s too risky.

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Even if I did list a few websites that were similar to Cash4Clickz and legitimate, I don’t believe that it wouldn’t get you anywhere. The truth is that these websites pay so little that many people give up before even making enough to cash out.

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Thanks for reading my Cash4Clickz review. What has been your experience with Cash4Clickz so far? Please share with us in the comments section below… 🙂

Lots of Love,



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