Review – Another FAKE Influencer Network? review

Welcome to my honest review. Friends and family have probably been sharing a link to this website around where you found it, right? Or perhaps, you might have found it on social media and wondering how it works.

Not only that, but you also wanna know whether it’s a scam or if it really pays as much as it claims, right?

You’re right to be asking so many questions because there are just too many scams online. They want to ultimately get to your pocket and will stop at nothing! The methods they use can be numerous but sometimes, unclear at first.

And unfortunately, is one of them. There are some pretty nasty things that I discovered and want to share with you today. That’s why I’m not promoting it, so you can rest assured this review will be honest and unbiased.

Let’s get started! At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn by referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam that does not pay out. The truth is that they are initially looking for your personal information to later scam you in other ways.

What Is

CashCrates claims to be the #1 Earning Network on the internet. You supposedly can make big cash simply referring others to the CashCrates website. Earn $10 per person you refer and $2 for every click your referral link gets.

What sounds even more exciting is receiving that $50 sign up bonus. Who pays that amount of money nowadays, right?

But that’s exactly what has got alarm bells going off in my head because nobody pays that much to simply sign up, unless it is a like a high-ticket offer. This kind of pay out does not exist for free websites or apps.

Moreover, I cannot deny that I have seen this type of website before and even reviewed them!

1) Referral Pay

2) Earn And Go

3) Notion Cash

4) Cash For Share

5) Cashgem

6) Clout OG

7) OG Task

8) Paid 2 Share

9) EarnBucks

10) Cash Influence

And moreover, they all turned out to be scams that didn’t pay out as promised. What would happen is that you’d work hard to get to the payment threshold and try to cahs out. They’d make you wait for 30 days to release payment and you would never receive any money in your account.

They would even close your account and say that you’ve committed fraud with fake clicks and sign ups even if you were working honestly.

CashCrates being similar to those websites in layout, in the kind of work, in the pay and even payment proofs just gives me a bad feeling that this website is not going to be genuine and will not pay out as well.

How Works

In order to understand how the website works, I created an account NOT using my real information because I simply do not trust CashCrates. I already had bad vibes from the beginning because it was too similar to some of the other scams I exposed.

So when I got into the member’s area, it looked exactly like the others too! There was a breakdown of how much you earn for different actions you take promoting CashCrates.

You can supposedly earn from people clicking on your link, actually joining through your link and even earn 20% of their earnings because they are your referrals. But something does not sit right.

I noticed that the offers pay upto over $200 a-piece! That’s a big red flag because it was simply to watch a movie and to be entered into a draw to win a free voucher. How much are they charging companies to pay you that much?

What company would agree to pay so much for such easy work? And moreover, how much more are they charging to be able to pay you per click on your link, per referral, your sign up bonus AND to pay their employees?

With websites that charge less, like Swagbucks, it does not seem like CashCrates would receive any business. With no business, there’s no pay. That’s why I fear that you won’t actually get paid with this website.

Serious And Glaring Red Flags – Know THIS!

1) Unknown Creator

I always look for information on who actually creates a website because I want to know whether they can be trusted or not. Moreover, I always want to see a good track record and obviously, a good reputation.

But unfortunately, there’s no information on who actually created CashCrates and that’s a major red flag. How do you know whether they will keep their promise or not? How do you know whether they have a good reputation or not?

The truth is that I’ve seen too many times that those creators that remain hidden or anonymous create scam after scam, just like we’ve already seen here. The same person is probably behind CashCrates as well as the other ones I mentioned earlier.

That’s proof enough that the creator knows that at some point, you’ll discover it to be a scam but that he does not want you to know who he is. If you did, you would pursue him and have him fined, right?

That’s why you should always research the creator before signing up to anything.

2) Location confusion

The next red flag that I see is that the creator himself is confused about where they are based out of. One minute, CashCrates is based out of South London and the next, I see an address for somewhere in the Netherlands.

How can a company that started out 5 years ago not know where they are based out of?

What I see is actually the creator being confused and making a mistake. He wanted to be based out of a different city than the rest of the other scammy websites he created but because he was copying and pasting, he forgot to change this information.

Most of the other websites that I reviewed were based out of the Netherlands and so, by saying that CashCrates is based out of South London would in a way, get it disconnected from the other scams.

But as you now know, that’s not the case! This is quite a big lie and a serious mistake.

3) Lies about the launch date

CashCrates says that they’ve been around since 2015 and to be honest, this is what most of the other similar scammy websites claim as well! And they were all false!

That’s why I decided to also find out whether they were lying about when they were actually launched and lo and behold! It was the exact same thing with CashCrates.

What I found out was that they were not launched in 2015 but only about 2 months ago, in April 2020.

Why the big lie, you might ask? Well, that’s because the older the website, the more trustworthy it makes it look because scams die out after a few months to a year. A 5 year old website makes CashCrates look legitimate.

However, now that you know that it’s a lie, doesn’t it make you wonder what else they are lying to you about? All these lies make CashCrates seem like a scam already. Why would anybody lie so much? TO SCAM YOU!

4) Possibly fake payment proofs

Okay, I’m saying POSSIBLY here but the truth is that I’m entirely convinced that the payment proofs that you see on CashCrates are completely fake. And why would that be, you ask?

That’s because we now know that the other similar scammy websites never paid anybody. Why would the creator of those websites now decide to pay anybody through CashCrates?

With the other websites, the dates of payment were PRIOR to the exitence of the website, but with the proofs currently present, they all say “today” as a date.

That’s obviously an attempt to reduce the red flags because the actual dates of those payments are not shown. So it can’t be proven that those were prior to the exitence of the website.

However, like I said, there are way too many lies on this website. So many that you cannot trust anything that’s on there. How can you trust that those aren’t fake?

5) BBB Warning

One of the websites that I mentioned that was similar to CashCrates is called Notion Cash. Since we agree that the creator of CashCrates and Notion Cash are one and the same, it would be obvious that any warning towards Notion Cash would also apply to CashCrates.

The BBB has actually tried to get in touch with the people at Notion Cash, to no avail. The address used was fake. Moreover, there were too many complaints, especially about non-payment of member earnings.

That’s why the BBB says that Notion Cash is a mass data harvesting website, meaning that the primary reason they operate is to get a hold of people’s personal data. Notion Cash could then use the data to their advantage.

They could send out scam emails that fool you into giving them your payment details. They could use the info they gather to steal your identity or you could simply sell your information to other scammers.

As you can see, that’s not very good news, right? All this would also apply to CashCrates. Be warned!

If you wanted to take a direct look at what the BBB is saying, you can GO HERE.

Is A Scam?

I don’t think that there is any doubt at this time that CashCrates is a scam. I mean, just look at those red flags and warning signs! Who would risk signing up with such a website?

First of all, you have the fact that the business model does not work. They overcharge for their services to other companies, which means that nobody would want to do business with them.

No business means no income and that also means no payout!

CashCrates is also similar to too many other scams that I’ve already exposed. That’s just too risky!

Then you also have the fact that we don’t know anything about who created CashCrates and the others. It seems that it’s a serial scammer, that just creates website after website to scam others.

And what about the lies concerning when they launched? What about the possibly fake payment proofs? And the BBB warning is plain scary!

I don’t think anybody should put themselves at risk, nor waste their time with such a website that just won’t work. That’s why I do think that CashCrates is a scam like the others. My advice: don’t sign up!

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That’s why you were looking into CashCrates, right? Because it pays more!

Well, if you are looking for a website that is similar to CashCrates and that pays similarly but one that is legit, sorry to burst your bubble but they don’t exist! Those are legit pay you a few cents per tasks, that’s the reality of things.

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Thanks for reading my CashCrates.Co review. Please share your experiences with this website below to spread the word. Visitors coming to my website also need to hear it from you.

Lots Of Love,


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