CashGem Review – Review Exposes Scam!

Cashgem review -

Can you make money online? Absolutely! And are you wondering whether is gonna get you there? Then you’ve come to the right review because I will be exposing this website.

The truth is that you’ll find so many people on Youtube promoting it, saying that they’re making money and they’re getting paid, but nobody shows actual proof, do they?

That’s why it’s wise of you to do your research. Congrats on this good thinking! The truth is that very few websites work as advertised and isn’t one of them.

I’ve found some alarming red flags that you should know about and believe me when I say that when you learn about them, you’ll be cringing! You’ll really want to walk away from it! At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend Absolutely NOT! It’s a scam that you should avoid because this is not the only website that the scammer has created. He is most probably after your personal data that he could use to scam you!

What Is

CashGem claims to be the number one “cashing” network on the internet. Well, first of all, I really don’t understand what they mean by “cashing” network. I’ve never heard of the term before.

If they mean that you’re gonna be making a ton of “cash”, then it already looks like a get-rich-quick scheme to me and I don’t like it! In my experience, those websites only worked for the creator, not for the members.

But anyways, I’m not trying to jump the gun here or to judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, I’ve seen similar websites before and I’m sorry to say they were ALL scams!

1) Cash Influence

2) MoreCash

3) Paid Leaf

4) Notion Cash

Just like CashGem, they all required you to share your referral link in order to earn, as well as completing tasks inside the dashboard. And none of them worked! None of them paid out.

Moreover, the red flags looked the same too. Is it going to be the case with CashGem as well?

What I want to emphasize here is that if it was as easy as sharing a link to make money online, then everybody would have been doing it during this pandemic. I’ve seen people claim they’ve made upwards of $2000 with CashGem.

But if that were really true, then don’t you think that people would quit their traditional jobs?

I’ve been online for over 2 years now and I can tell you, making money online does NOT work like CashGem claims.

How Works

CashGem says that all you need to do is sign up for free and you’ll receive $30 as a sign up bonus. Then, you share your unique referral link and get paid $15 per person you refer to the website. Afterwards, you cash out.

Three simple steps, right?

But again, those are the same steps to be followed with the other scammy websites I mentioned. If you want to REALLY know how CashGem works, you’ll need to dig deeper into the business model.

They say that they are the middleman between you and advertisers, and by advertisers, they mean those that provide you with the tasks. Tasks could include completing surveys, downloading an app and so on.

That’s the way they make money. And once you complete those, you see the amount of dollars in your dashboard go up.

However, what does not make sense is how much they are paying you per task. You would probably be delighted to know that they pay you $45 just for a few minutes of your time compared to other websites, that only pay you a few cents.

But what you should know as well, is that this is a cycle! The money has to be coming from somewhere and from what I see, this money should be coming from the pockets of the advertisers.

And paying you for the tasks is not the only thing to take into consideration. You also have the pay per referral and the sign up bonus. So how much is CashGem charging them? $80 per task?

They have to be able to also cover their own expenses with employees, paying the CEO and making a profit, right?

But that’s the thing; what company would pay $80 here when websites like Swagbucks are dominating the online world, and charging only a few dollars at most per task? Not ONE!

So if CashGem has no advertisers, then this obviously means that there’s no money coming in. That also means no money will come out. This translates to you NOT getting paid!

Alarming Red Flags EXPOSED!

1) Who owns

Well, it seems that whoever he is wanted to share about his team and not himself. He shows us some vice presidents and his senior vice president. But who are they?

When I researched, the worst possible outcome came up; those people are not at all associated with CashGem because they are stock photos that were purchased. If you ask me, I think even the names are fake!

So why is the CEO lying to us about who is on his team? Probably because he is a scammer. He wants to make you think that there are legitimate people behind the scenes, when there are none.

With showing you some faces, he thinks that you’ll trust him more.

But the truth is that they are fake and that if he isn’t showing himself, what’s the point of showing his team? If you don’t know who the creator is, that’s when you have to stay far away from the program because you don’t know their reputation.

And from this lie, I can tell always that he is NOT going to be upfront with you. Everything else he says might actually be LIES! That impression is stuck with me now.

2) Launch Date is FAKE!

This is another lie. They say that the launch date was in 2015, but that was fairly easy for me to verify. You see, I consulted a trusted website called WHOIS that gives accurate information on a website.

And I found out that was actually created in April 2020. Take a look below.

So again, there’s another lie. Why would they lie to you about when they got started? That would be because the longer a website has been around, the less likely it would be a scam, right? You can trust it more.

But how do you feel after being lied to? Honestly, I personally would feel like they have no sense of honesty, especially since this is the second lie I caught. I wouldn’t be able to trust them at all with their promises.

This really brings my trust down to ground level at this point.

3) The testimonials and income proof are FAKE too

When you’re not so sure about a website, whether it works or not, you look at the testimonials and the proofs, right? With CashGem, you can’t even consider them! That’s because they are fake too!

And how I found out was through the fact that some of them were dated and the dates are prior to April 2020. Here’s some of them.

How could anybody have earned any money from a website that didn’t even exist? That makes NO SENSE at all!

That’s why we can conclude that those payment proofs are completely fake! They were made up.

Moreover, there are testimonials that claim they’ve been making money with the website for over a year. Again, that’s not possible since at the time of the writing of this review, this website has only been around for around 3 weeks.

Again, I really think that nobody really got paid here and that those testimonials are made up and completely fake.

4) BBB Warning! – They want your personal data

So what’s the point of getting you to sign up, only not to pay you?

It looks like the BBB has the ultimate answer. Remember how I told you earlier that CashGem has some kind of relation with Notion Cash? Well, the BBB actually wrote about Notion Cash.

Snippet From The Website

They say that this website and all that are similar to it, have been created to gather your personal data. They could use it themselves to further scam you, like sending you scammy emails that look like the real deal.

Or they could sell your information.

With the information that you give them through surveys, they could even steal your identity. So you have to be very careful! If you want to read the article in full, you can CLICK HERE.

Is A Scam?

Absolutely! is a scam that you should avoid. I can’t imagine anybody signing up when there are so many red flags. And the red flags are pretty serious as well!

I mean, for one thing, there were so many scam signs when I looked over the website because it looked so similar to the others I have reviewed and exposed before. That gave it away.

Moreover, there was also the fact that they overpay. That’s also a common red flag. They want to lure you in with high pay in order to get a hold of your information.

Then you also have the fact that the business model makes no sense. If they are paying you so much, the money has to come from somewhere and the only logical place it comes from is through advertisers.

NOBODY would agree to pay so much for a single task/survey.

Oh what about the fact that they lie to you on three other points? The team is completely made up since the creator used stock photos. The testimonials and payment proofs are also fake. And they were NOT created in 2015 either.

So what we see here is a scam that is attempting to look legit but that has obviously failed to do so.

CashGem is a scam and I suggest that you stay away from it.

Stop Getting Scammed And Discover How To Make A Life-Changing Income Online!

Okay so you’re looking to make some money online to help cover the bills. I get it! But the truth is that those survey websites or task-completion websites are NOT gonna get you there.

You already know that they pay so little, so why would you waste your time with them? That’s why you were so hopeful that CashGem was going to be legit, right? Because it seems like doing the same easy tasks for more money.

But in reality, you know you’re not gonna get rich completing those tasks. You might make $10 per month if you’re lucky!

However, I’m here to show you how making money online is REALLY done. I make over $400 every single month, working part-time! Take a look at my income proofs.

What I do is called affiliate marketing. What I do is write or talk about solutions to problems people might have and each time somebody purchases the solution, I make commissions. It’s a pretty easy concept, right?


What you should know is that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick method. Just like anything that is legitimate, you will need to work hard and really dedicate yourself in order to see success. I didn’t see overnight success. I worked hard for it!

So as long as you understand that, you will be successful. You need to learn the skills if you don’t have it, else there is no hope to make money online.

That’s why I want to teach you the skills. You can start by signing up for my free guide here and that will allow you to take the reins of your own life. Affiliate marketing is lucrative and when it comes to the income potential, the sky is the limit!

Let me help you start your online money-making journey now!

Thanks for reading my CashGem review. Have you tried and came to the same conclusion as me? Then, i welcome you to share your experiences below in the comments section. It will help a lot of people visiting my site.

Lots of Love,


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