Review – Is CashMiracle Just A Scam?

With the world upside down and a lot of people laid off of their jobs or work hours being reduced, you’re probably one of those trying to find work online. And thus you come across and want to know whether it’s a scam.

In my completely honest review, you’ll find enlightenment as I go through the website and point out all the red flags and the reasons why I think you shouldn’t waste your time with it.

Trust me, I’ve been in the make-money-online industry for over 3 years and know a scam when I see one. CashMiracle definitely is one and I will prove it to you here.

Sadly, there are way more scams than there are legitimate opportunities to make money online and CashMiracle is not an exception.

CashMiracle At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer friends and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a total scam and a waste of your time. I have seen similar websites before that have similar red flags. The conclusion is that you won’t get paid.

What is CashMiracle?

CashMiracle claims to be the #1 Rewards Network for you to use to make money online. They claim to pay you a whopping $40 as a sign up bonus. In my experience, that’s a little high to pay out as a sign up bonus and so, I’m already skeptical.

The truth is that I have seen similar websites before. The most recent ones that I reviewed and exposed as scams are SantaCash, RewardsFeed and GoCashouts.

All these websites, including CashMiracle, claim to pay you big bucks to refer others to their platform and to complete offers and tasks. That’s something that just about anybody can do, right?

And if it is work that is so easy and requires no kind of special designation or qualification, what happens to the pay? It does down, not UP! And that’s the red flag here.

If it was as easy as that to make money online, then people, including yourself, wouldn’t have been struggling at the moment, right? It takes real work and time to make anything significant online.

Take it from me, who’s been at this for over 3 years online. So I know how these things work and I know what it takes to make hundreds to thousands of dollars online.

And trust me when I say that CashMiracle certainly won’t get you there. I’ve got some pretty solid arguments.

CashMiracle – Nonsensical Business Model?

If it’s hard for you to figure out at first glance whether a website is a scam or not, I would suggest that you take a look at the business model. Take a look at how the money comes in and out.

If it makes sense, from an industry stand-point and from a financial stand-point, then you know it might actually be legit.

But not with CashMiracle!

Unfortunately, although it works similarly to other legitimate websites, the financial side of things don’t make any sense. Let’s list all the things that they promise to pay you for.

1) $40 sign up bonus

2) $2 per person that clicks on your referral link

3) $15 per referral

4) $50 – $100 per offer completed

That’s the money going out. And the only way that money comes in that I can visibly see, is from the partnered companies that pay CashMiracle to get those offers completed.

How much do you think those companies need to pay for a single offer, if CashMiracle is thinking of also paying you for the sign up bonus, the $2 per click, the $15 per referral and the $100 offers?

They won’t pay you from their pockets. They’d never make money that way. So in my honest opinion, they would be charging anywhere from $60 – $150 per offer completed, in order to be able to pay you everything.

And that’s 30+ times industry average. Why would the partnered companies want to stick with CashMiracle, where they are paying 30+ times what they would pay with say, Swagbucks?

To that end, I don’t think there are any partnered companies who would agree and if there aren’t any partners, there’s no money and thus, no payments.

The Red Flags – Why You Shouldn’t Give CashMiracle A Second Look

1) Fake address

I dug deep into the creator of CashMiracle and found that they mentioned Reward Holdings Limited in the Terms section of CashMiracle. When I looked for Rewards Holdings Limited’s address, it brought me to a shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Now, it looks like Reward Holdings Limited is a legitimate company co-founded by Vlad Cadar, but there is no actual address of where the headquarters are situated.

Now, what makes no sense is that this company would have headquarters in the mall. That’s because Vlad Cadar seems to be the co-founder of so many other websites and very successful products, including Checkout 51, WooRank and and therefore, couldn’t possibly be located in a mall.

I say that this address is completely fake and the scammers behind CashMiracle are trying to make use of Vlad Cadar’s good reputation to get you to sign up to CashMiracle.

2) Recently launched website

This website is pretty new, launched only in December 2020. So it has been around for around 1 month. Because of that, it’s too early to say that CashMiracle is 100% trust-worthy.

Now, I’m not saying that every new website is a suspicious or that they are outright scams. All I’m saying is that 1 month is not enough to really establish a positive track record.

Websites that have been around for longer than just a few years tend to be legitimate, especially if they have practically no red flags. However, if the website is new and has a ton of red flags, like CashMiracle, then I would ask that you be cautious.

3) Testimonials are fake

While I was looking around the website, I found something strange. I saw that a testimonial said that they have been working with CashMiracle for 5 months. But how was that possible, since the website has only been around for 1 month only?

The only possible conclusion is that the testimonial is fake, because there is no way to make any money with a website that doesn’t even exist, right?

Moreover, I have to point out that they claim to have paid out $453 Million to their members, which is even more than Swagbucks who, as of January 2020, had paid their members $417 Million over a 12-year lifespan.

What Swagbucks took 12 years to pay out, how is it possible for a website of only 1 month old to pay that out? Real nonsense!

Will You Get Paid? Is CashMiracle A Scam?

I certainly don’t think that with the present red flags that you’ll get paid with CashMiracle. I think it is a scam and a total waste of your time.

I know that you probably were with Swagbucks before and when you saw that CashMiracle paid so much more, you couldn’t believe your eyes. You wanted this to be true so as to be able to make enough money to support yourself and your family.

However, the pay is not industry average, they try to mislead you by giving you a fake founding company name, they lie to you about the testimonials and the amount they’ve really paid out to people.

To me, that’s enough for me to call it a scam. And only God knows what they do with your personal data. I’m sure they will probably sell it to whoever needs it so they can market to you in return.

The fact that the business model also financially does not make any sense is a big red flag. If the business model does not work, then there is no money for them and there is no money for you.

It could also be that they are the ones getting paid and trying to make you complete the irresistible offers so they get paid but won’t pay you in return.

Whatever it is, the end result is that you just won’t get paid. It’s a scam for sure.

Alternative Way to Make $100 Per Day Online! With Proof!

You already know that completing offers and surveys just won’t get you anywhere. It won’t make a big change because it won’t give the amount of money that you need to pay the bills.

But I can give you an alternative that will! It’s starting your very own business online.

I know this might sound scary because we’ve been conditioned to be employees all our lives, but if you understood just how easy it is to become an entrepreneur, you would smack your forehead and think to yourself, why didn’t I start earlier?

I did, when I realized how much money I was making with my online business.

And you can do it too! Let me be your mentor and show you the ropes. It’s got nothing to do with MLM or with hardcore selling. All you do is hand people the products they are already looking for and when they purchase, you make commissions.


It is time to make a change if you want different results. Nothing will change if you don’t change your approach.

Lots of Love,


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