Review – Legit Or Rehashed Scam? review

Welcome to my honest review.

You’re probably wondering whether Cashog is a scam or not, how it works and whether the program really pays. Well, i want to congratulate you on doing your research because truth be told, there are too many scams online.

Even those programs that are free to sign up for and get started with, could be scams. You never know what they might be after and it’s not always money.

In this review, I will prove to you that Cashog is really bad news. I’ve found a few things about the program that you should really know about. As soon as you realize that you’re getting yourself into with Cashog, you’re going to back out.

Let’s get started. At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others and completing small tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a data harvesting scam

What Is

Cashog is a get-paid-to website that claims to pay you for referring others to the website as well to complete small tasks that you pick up in the members area. They claim that you can make $500 per day doing this.

They’ll pay you $10 – $15 per referral. The reason that they call themselves the #1 Influencer Network is due to the fact that you are expected to use social media in order to get people to click and sign up using your link.

They seem to work with so many different well-known brands, like Wendy’s and Burger King, which sure makes you want to trust Cashog, right?

Well, the truth is that get-paid-to websites in general do NOT pay so much per referral and there is no way that you’ll be able to make $500 with them. Take a look at Swagbucks for example.

They never pay more than $5 as a sign-up bonus and they pay you commissions based on how much work your referral is actually doing, completing tasks. You don’t simply get paid for your referrals.

That’s where the business model becomes a little bit foggy and suspicious to me in regards to Cashog, which I will be discussing soon.

But let me also tell you that making $500 online per day is not as easy as Cashog makes it seem. The other problem is that I find it to be similar to other scams that I have uncovered before, like Referral Pay, Paid Leaf and Notion Cash.

How Does Cashog Work?

To first understand whether Cashog is a scam or not, we need to understand how the business works. You need to know whether what they are doing is legit. If the business model makes sense, then you’ll be okay.

But that’s not what I see with Cashog at this time.

You see, the way that they say they work is through sharing ad revenue. The more people you bring to sign up with Cashog, the more traffic the website is getting and thus, the more ads are seen and clicked on and the more money the website makes.

Then, they stand to share a percentage of that revenue with you. Fair enough. I know that works since I also do have ads on my website and if I wanted to share that revenue with others, I definitely could.

But that’s also where the problem is.

The truth is that ad revenue come in a few cents and rarely, to a few dollars. So if Cashog is earning CENTS per click on an ad, then how the heck are they able to pay you $10 – $15 per person?

Additionally, there is no guarantee that your referral is actually going to do the work and click on ads and complete offers. From a business perspective, does it make sense to you that they will SPEND first before MAKING any money?

Yet, that’s exactly what I understand is happening here. Get as many referrals as possible and make $10 – $15 per person you refer. If they never do anything work at all, that’s still money that Cashog would need to pay you before making anything themselves.

So as you can see, this business model DOES NOT work and as a result, the company will go bankrupt very fast.

Unless they never mean to actually pay you…

Will You Make Money With Cashog? Do They Pay?

Telling you that they tell you a big bunch of lies does not really help their case, right? They actually hired a bunch of actors for their testimonials and they also lied about when they started out in this business.

Here’s an actor that they got from, a freelance website where you can hire people to do whatever task that is needed. This actor was hired from there, to read and act out a script. He never really tried Cashog himself, neither did he make any money.

The next lie is about when they were founded. They say it was in 2015 but that’s a load of bull! Take a look below and it will show you that the website was actually registered on June 28, 2019.

That’s not all. Most of the payment proofs that I see on the testimonials page on Cashog, are actually dated BEFORE that day. Take a look.

So what it means is that those payment proofs are completely FAKE. How could people make money with the website if the website didn’t even exist during those times?

And now that you know half of the payment proofs are fake, what proof is there that the others aren’t fake as well? My hunch is that NOBODY ever got paid before with the other websites and nobody will get paid with Cashog.

Well, when I saw the website layout for Cashog, I already knew that it had to have a relationship to the other scams that I have previously exposed, like Referral Pay, Paid Leaf and Notion Cash.

The creator behind those programs is also the one behind Cashog. So don’t count on being paid by Cashog, because the creator never paid anybody through the other programs at all.

Take a look at the below screenshots from Youtube regarding Referral Pay.

And the same thing with Notion Cash.

As you can see, there is no history of payment, so what makes you think that the creator will have a change of heart and actually start paying people now?

If they’re not after your money, then they have to be after something else, right? Well, the BBB found out that those are big data harvesting scams, that you should avoid at all costs.

These kinds of scams are known to steal your identity to ruin your credit. They will also try to hack into your online banking and other accounts, such as Paypal and so on. So go ahead and change all your passwords. You don’t want them into the this person’s hands.

Is Cashog A Scam?

Yes, Cashog is definitely a scam, and you already understand that by now. There is really nothing to gain by signing up with them. The owner of the website is actually just use your information in any way he can to acquire money in other ways.

I already knew with the layout of the website that Cashog would be like the others. The same person behind them is also behind Cashog. The type of work is also the same and the rates are also the same.

They even claim the same thing about being able to make you $500 every single day.

The truth is that it is hard to make money online and by telling you that you can make so much money, the creator behind those programs are hoping you’ll jump on this opportunity and give them your personal data.

The business model is shaky and if they were really paying people based on it, they would go bankrupt really fast.

On that note, they actually don’t plan on paying anybody, like the proofs I have provided show. The creator never paid those that cashed out with Referral Pay or Notion Pay, so you can’t expect to get paid now with Cashog.

If they were legit, why would they so heavily lie about when the company was actually founded? Why would they post fake testimonials and fake payment proofs?

Cashog is just another one of the websites created by the creator to try and get as many information out of you as possible, in order to stael your identity, hack your accounts or to steal your money. Beware!

I do no recommend that you sign up with Cashog at all. Again, it is a scam!

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Thanks for reading my review.

Lots of Love,


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