CB Cash Code Review – FoolProof System To Make $8K Per Day?

What a big claim to make; that CB Cash Code will be able to make you $8K a day. I almost fell out of my chair, and seriously, I started laughing out loud. That was the biggest hype that I have ever come across. I immediately thought that this would be a scam, but I never judge a book by it’s cover.

So, I decided to write this CB Cash Code Review, and to look deep into this system to find out how it could help a newbie make that kind of money. Is CB Cash Code a scam, that will rip you of your hard-earned money? Or will it deliver on its promises and make you the income of your dreams?

Read further along as I expose the truth about this system.

At A Glance

Name: CB Cash Code

Website: TheCbCashCode.com

Owner: George Patterson

Purpose: Make Money on ClickBank

Price: $37 + Upsells of $197 and $147

Do I Recommend?: Read the below to find out…

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The Sales Video – Lies or Promises?

The video starts off with George explaining that many people are using just one website, called ClickBank, to make $80K every single month. He even shows you some proof that that’s the amount he made within the last 30 days. His system will show you how to generate that kind of income too, without the need to buy expensive tech goods.

He goes on to explain that all you need is an internet connection, 10 minutes a day to work and a hunger to become wealthy. In the past, he explains that he has lost time with blogging, pay-per-click advertising, binary options, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and he was once conned into a pyramid scheme.

George goes on to explain his sob story; that he grew up with his mother and 3 brothers, how he quit school at the age of 16, working in restaurants, department stores and at a sporting goods store. He explains that his mother was then diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 55, where through this event, he was reunited with his cousin, Jeremy.

Jeremy showed him the way to make money on ClickBank in one evening to earn enough and to be able to pay all the bills that were his responsibility as the elder brother. George knows that this is an ordeal that many people go through and designed the CB (ClickBank) Cash Code, along with Jeremy. His students were able to make $20K within their very first week using its methods.

So, are his claims and proofs true, or is George lying? I mean, clearly, this sounds too good to be a true. It sounds like a dream come true. This system sounds so good that just about anybody would want to take advantage of paying $37 for a system, that could yield them $20K within their first week. How true is all this?

Scammy Promotion Tactics

Before I explain the system, I want to go through a few things on the sales page that just do not add up.

When I first laid eyes on the sales page, I recognized a lot of tactics that are used to lure you into quickly buying the system. These tactics are mostly used by scammers or by creators of low-quality products to make the system look more attractive than it really is.

Some of the tactics that Geroge has used, are to make you believe the following;

1) that you are privileged because you are in a certain country.

This is to push you to believe that other people around the world are not as lucky as you to have been selected to participate in this great money-making opportunity. Think about it; this is the internet. Therefore, this website can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Why on earth, would anybody prevent people from outside your country to sign up with the program, if that’s going to make them more money? From a business perspective, this is counter-productive to the online business world. It does not make sense.

It’s the same tactic as Tube Crusher, 30 Day Success Club and The Ecom Formula, scammy/low-quality products that I have exposed. Therefore, don’t believe that you have more privileges if your country appears above the video. It changes depending on where you are geographically.

2) that you can make a four-figure income every single day.

There is no denying that a lot of money can be made online. It’s not a myth, it’s the truth. I am not making that kind of money myself, but I do know some people who are making really good money in the online community that I am a part of, Wealthy Affiliate.

However, the big numbers are being flashed at you here, to make you believe that earning this amount of money is easily done. On the contrary, anybody who has made money online honestly and ethically, can tell you that this is all hype and that this kind of money cannot be made within even your first year on the internet, which brings me to my next point.

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3) that you can become rich by only working 5-10 minutes a day.

Tied to the above point, it takes a lot of time, effort, dedication and patience to become successful online. Online business is just like any other business in the physical world, only that you don’t need to invest as much in an online business, compared to a physical one.

But an online business requires just as much time and just as much effort and work, to yield a healthy profit margin. Just imagine, if you only opened your brand new shop for 5 minutes a day. Would you make $8K within that day? It’s close to impossible, right? So what makes you think that working on your online business for 5-10 minutes a day is going to make you $8K?

Please don’t be scammed by this system!

4) that the whole system is only going to cost you $37.

Now, you may argue that you need to spend money to make money. I have been in online business for over 2 years so I do understand that. But my point is that, does it make sense that you will be able to yield $8K a day, only by investing $37? Who is going to GIFT you such a system?

The truth is that, there are upsells inside the program. These systems just want to lure you with a low upfront cost and promising you all these wonderful tools that are going to yield thousands of dollars, only to bombard you with expensive upsells inside the program.

The upsells are priced at $197 and another one for $147 respectively. I did not buy them because of the problems I found within the system, listed further below.

Believe me, I have seen this over and over again. I have even fallen for them in the past, when I was still a newbie and had no idea how the online world worked. I have learned from my mistakes and I only wish to guide you so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

5) that the income proof in RED are real proof from real people.

With this system, it is impossible to know how much people are making. The reason is that this system is not, in any way, connected to Clickbank. Each person has their own accounts with Clickbank and it is ClickBank that pays you directly for any sales or commissions that you make.

Therefore, it is impossible for George to know exactly how much his members are making on a daily basis. He is not the one paying the commissions to them.

6) you can go from Rookie to ClickBank Pro in one evening.

That’s the biggest lie of the century. There is a learning curve in any new undertaking, not to mention that online success depends on SO MANY factors, that you cannot learn about them all, in just one evening.

Sure, you can be explained the concepts and how everything works in the background, but it takes time to actually put things into practice. You cannot LEARN by only going through some courses. The biggest learning experience comes from applying what you learn and learning from your mistakes.

So, I believe that this is a story that was made-up, concocted and intricately designed by George.

Problems Within This System

Not only is the sales video all hyped up, but I also came across a few problems with the system, that will prove to you that, this system just does not work the way that George promised it would.

1) Interchangeably using the words “sales” and “commissions”.

To a newbie starting to look into ways to make money online, interchangeably using the words “Sales” and “Commissions” may not be such a big problem. But, there is a world of difference in the world of online marketing between these two, and George, being as smart as he says he is, should know that.

“Sales” are tied to the total gross revenue that is made by selling a particular product. “Commissions” on the other hand, is the compensation that is given to the person promoting the product. Let me give you an example.

Example – Let’s say I am a representative of a cosmetics company. I love selling lipstick and the lipstick’s average price goes for $10 each and the commission I will receive based on selling it, is 10%. In one day, I’m able to sell 10 lipticks. My total sales comes to $100, right?

But what’s my commission? What am I actually receiving in terms of compensation for selling the lipstick for the company? That’s 10% of $100 = $10.

Can you see now what the difference is? This pushes me to believe that George is an actual vendor on ClickBank and not an affiliate at all. He wants to mislead you, the newbie. His income proof clearly shows “Sales” made.

2) Fake Testimonials

Did George think that I would not catch him? I have seen so many fake reviews now that I can spot them with my eyes closed. The testimonies are all performed by actors that sell testimonial services on Fiverr and are NOT actual members of CB Cash Code. They were hired to read a script out to you, for a measly $5.

Here are their profiles.

To further prove that these are fake testimonials, take for example, the middle-aged guy; he said that he has made $500K in the last 6 months using CB Cash Code. This is a complete lie! The system was not even in existence 6 months before. This particular domain was purchased on Aug 08, 2018 as you can see below. There would NOT have been any other way to purchase the system before then.

If a system really worked as good as the creator claims it does, then there should be no need for PAID testimonials; simply asking satisfied members to step forward to give a testimonial about the product would be enough. However, there is not even ONE real testimonial within the video.


3) You only get 4 ebooks

That’s what you get inside the system; 4 ebooks. They range from having 14 – 41 pages. As any online marketer would tell you, 4 ebooks having so little information, is not going to yield you $20K within your first week. There are so many more factors that needs to be learned and applied than what these ebooks will give you.

These are generic introductory ebooks that will explain how the world of affiliate marketing works, but there is no concrete method that is taught or even used within the ebooks, that will teach you step by step, how George was able to make $80K within a month.

Going through these ebooks will be of some benefit if you are a newbie as they do go through some general concepts to understand the world of affiliate marketing, but you have to keep in mind that they are not going to help you make even $100 a day, let alone $8K a day.

4) Disclaimer page points to another make-money-online product

I was looking through the sales page and thought I would look at their disclaimer. I was surprised to find that this is a copied and pasted disclaimer from another make-money online product, called Ecom Profit Sniper, which I have already exposed as scam because it was so low-quality and so misleading.

If you go over to the review right now, you will notice many red flags that I have uncovered above, are also used in the promotion of Ecom Profit Sniper. Could it be that the creator behind these two programs is one person? This brings me to my next point.

5) Who is the creator – George Patterson or Tom Parker?

I ask this question because the names of the creators of each of these programs, CB Cash Code and Ecom profit Sniper, are different. Yet, how come George is using Tom’s disclaimer, which should be copyrighted content? What I think, is that the creator of either programs is not George and nor is it Tom.

There is a serial scammer on the loose in my opinion. Within both of the sales videos, there is no picture of either George or Tom, and neither was I able to find either of them when I googled them. If they were as good as they claim to be and they have been making money online and helping others do the same for a number of years, they should have showed up somewhere

Either they would have appeared in an online newsboard, they would have been interviewed on Youtube, their members would have been talking about them. I mean, there should have been SOMETHING to prove that either George or Tom are real people. But I could find no such thing.

Conclusion – Is CB Cash Code A Scam?

You already know what I think, and personally, I am so disgusted!!!

To make an official statement, I think that CB Cash Code is a complete scam that you should totally avoid. The sales video was already very hyped up and I do not know why the scammer thought that this sales video was gonna do well. It was so obvious that everything was made up to me.

Not only did I find the scammer use unethical tactics to lure you into buying the system, but I also found mistakes that he committed, a big one being the use of the disclaimer page of another scammy product, and another one using fake testimonials. We even find out that the creator is a serial scammer.

What you get inside are just 4 ebooks that are just not sufficient for you to be successful. Unfortunately, there is much more to learn in the online marketing world to make it big. If it were as easy as reading these 4 ebooks, everybody would quit their jobs and sit at home, read these 4 ebooks and look at the cash roll in.

Is There Any Hope Of Making Money Online?

Yes, there is! And YOU can make it big online too.

I used to be attracted to these “shiny” products, promising me to make me a millionaire within a year. But when I learned the truth about what it takes, it completely changed my perception and understanding. My eyes were opened and I saw the ugliness of the online world and was disgusted, just like I was after exposing CB Cash Code.

Which is why, I am here to help you. I created a FREE guide that you can have access to by completing the form below. You’ll understand the process of how I make money online and the secrets of what it takes to be successful. I wish I had a guide like this when I had first started.

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On the other hand, if you have any questions for me, please feel free to leave them below. I always answer… 🙂 I would also like to hear from you, who have purchased CB Cash Code. Was the inside of the program as I explained it would be? Sometimes, just confirming what I have found out will help others avoid scams so please share!

Thanks for reading and I only wish the best for you, my readers.

Your friend,



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