CB Profit Sites Review – Make $1000 Per Day On Autopilot?

CB Profits Sites review

Welcome to my honest CB Profit Sites review. Everywhere you see, everybody is promoting it. But does it make the program one that is worthwhile to you?

Does it really work as advertised or is there anything that all of those affiliates are hiding from you? The truth is that they are all gonna benefit financially from you buying the program, right? So how can we really trust that they are being honest?

I actually have done thorough research on CB Profit Sites and I am sorry to say that I’ve found a few flaws with the program that actually mean the website will not work as advertised. How bad is it?

Well, this review will reveal the ugly truth and all the lies behind CB Profit Sites. You’ll learn about everything that the affiliates of this program don’t want you to know about. Just to let you know, I’m NOT an affiliate of this program.

That’s why you can rest assured that my review is going to be unbiased and honest.

CB Profit Sites At A Glance

Website: CBProfitSites.com/Exclusive

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Purpose: Make use of the ready-made websites to earn through affiliate marketing

Price: $19.97+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! Though in theory it sounds like it works, it won’t work practically. You won’t make money with the traffic methods taught in the front end of this program. There is no free traffic here and a ton of lies!

What Is CB Profit Sites?

Glynn claims that with CB Profit Sites, you’re gonna be able to use the same websites that he has been using, in order to make thousands of dollars in commissions every single day. This is newbie-friendly!

No need for tech skills, experience or paid ads!

It looks like all you need to do is link your affiliate ID, select your products and use the free traffic method included with CB Profit Sites to bring you the big bucks.

But I know Glynn. He always makes his methods look easy when in fact, there are so many more steps to making the business work. I reviewed another product of his, Big Ticket Commissions, a few days ago.

And to tell you the truth, it didn’t work as advertised. Neither did his previous launches. So I have a hard time believing all that he says right now that CB Profit Sites can do for you.

I mean, if it was as easy as he claims to make money online, then everybody would have been in a way different financial situation than they are in this pandemic. The truth is that there is always a catch.

And it is my job to tell you what it is in this review. Unfortunately, although CB Profits Sites does not seem like a scam, it seems like it is a low-quality product that won’t really get you earning.

If it was enough to just create a website and share it around to make $1000 a day, then even I wouldn’t be working hard to develop my website and other online businesses right now.

The sales page and sales video are present to SELL the program to you so Glynn and his affiliates can make more money. It’s not to help you, believe me!


What You Get In The Front End Of CB Profit Sites

You’re paying for this. You have a right to know what you’re actually getting after you pay for the product, right?

Unfortunately, Glynn acts like so many other vendors on the WarriorPlus and JVZoo platforms, where he does not tell you about how this method works or what exactly you’ll be getting for your money.

And that drives me insane! In my experience, if you only knew what was inside before buying the program, you wouldn’t buy it at all. So that’s why they keep all the details hidden because once you buy, you’re out of your money.

Yes, even with the money-back guarantee! That’s because they never reply to emails that have a refund request. That’s been my experience anyway.

But keeping to the subject, you’re gonna get a few videos or tutorials to help you use the software. Then, you also get pre-made sales pages for a few products from Clickbank.

You also get to customize the website, including menus, color schemes, fonts and so on, as if it were your own website. You could even add Google Adsense or Amazon Ads to your website to make some ad revenue.

Moreover, you also get access to a spinner that will spin content and give you a ready-made review of the product. This is supposedly going to get you ranked on Google and to get you free traffic.

And then, you also get to integrate your social media accounts in order to share your reviews on social media and get some traffic from there.

Sadly, no matter how good this sounds, it won’t actually work like that.

How It REALLY Works

It’s great to have high converting squeeze pages, landing pages and sales offers. However, if there isn’t anybody to see the offer, there won’t be any sales, right?

The truth is that the built-in traffic that you’ll get inside the front-end offer of CB Profits Sites is the ability to integrate your social media accounts and to share the offers on those accounts.

This works well if you are an intermediate to advanced online marketer, where you would already have a following. Because as soon as you share, you have an audience that is already interested in those offers and you’ll make sales.

But a newbie wouldn’t have a following and therefore, sharing on social media without one would be pointless. This is result in not many people seeing the offer, and thus end up with minimal to only a few sales.

Sure, you could make a sale here and there, but you won’t make the kind of money that Glynn claims you can make.

What you’ll need to do is actually get their upgrades/upsells in order to get to some real traffic training and that too, they don’t teach any kind of free training. You’ll have to depend on paid ads.

Don’t believe for one second that you’ll get ranked on Google because Google can tell when content is not unique. The spinner they talk about on the sales page will take content from the internet and just put it together on yours, which translates as it not being unique.

That’s why the only way to go would be paid ads and that can burn through your money pretty quickly, if not done correctly. The truth is that paid traffic requires a lot of experimentation, where you’ll need a minimum of a few hundreds of dollars.

Then you’ll scale up from there depending on which one works best. So as you can see, CB Profit Sites does not work as advertised and requires much more than a good website, a good review and a social media account.



1) Real creator that does not hide behind their computer

2) You do get access to some high-converting offers and pages

3) Although it’s extra, you can build your email list by integrating an autoresponder

4) Websites are highly customisable

5) Integration with Ad revenue companies like Adsense

6) 30-day Money-back guarantee


1) Hyped-up sales page

2) Glynn does NOT use this program to make his money

3) Testimonials are from people who already have a big following, not newbies. Plus, they are all Glynn’s friends in the online marketing world

4) NOT newbie-friendly. Front-end only works if you are an intermediate to advanced online marketer

5) Newbies will need to purchase upsells to make any money with this program

6) Free traffic generation strategies are NOT taught

7) Reviews and websites included will NOT actually get ranked as they are not unique

8) Sales page is not upfront about ALL costs required to make this business model work

9) You cannot choose your niche as it is already pre-selected based on the products

10) You might not get your money back within the 30 days since some creators never reply to refund request. That’s from experience.

Is CB Profit Sites A Scam?

Although I do think that the Cons outweigh the Pros, I do not thing that CB Profits Sites is a scam. On the contrary, it’s got some good landing pages for those intermediate to advanced marketers who don’t want to create them.

However, if you think that you’ll make hundreds of dollars everyday as a newbie using this product, then you better look for something else because you won’t get results with the front-end.

I agree that this is low-cost, but you get exactly what you pay for. The amount you invest is not realistic to make hundreds of dollars per day. That’s why they have the upsells.

Upsells that they NEVER mention are needed for newbies on the sales page! That’s a big factor to success and should be mentioned before you buy it, but obviously, he won’t because he wants your money.

Glynn is really good at selling his products and the amount of products that he has created and sold is a testimony to his selling skills. But that does not mean that he creates good products for the end user.

Unfortunately, there are some less-than-ethical sales tactics used here and in all of his products, manipulating your mind to make you think that the product is so good you can’t miss out on it. That’s a way for him to make more sales.

That’s why he keeps creating product after product. He’s gotten so good at it!

The truth is that it’s not as easy as 1,2,3 to make money online. If it was, then many people wouldn’t be in the financial problems that they are now, with the pandemic over them. They wouldn’t even consider going back to their jobs, right?

So that’s why I don’t recommend CB Profits Sites or anything that claims to be done-for-you or that will make you money in 24 hours. Those just don’t exist!

Stop Wasting Your Time With Websites That Don’t Work! Here’s How To Really Bank Big Online!

The truth is that there are many more steps before you start making money online, especially the hundreds of dollars per day that you’re looking for. And if you want to do it the right way, then here are the details.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way of making money online but there is a right way of doing it, especially for newbies. And that’s how I got started too and here I am, making hundreds of dollars!

Here’s another proof!

The way that I make money with affiliate marketing is by creating my own website and using Google and the other search engines to bring traffic to me. It’s not easy but you can learn how to do it.

Since I started 2.5 years ago, I’ve never used paid traffic. These results are all from free traffic!


And you’ll learn about how to get highly targeted free traffic through the search engines. Those are people already looking for information you’re offering and land on the first page, and the sales will come in.

It’s time to ignore those get-rich-quick schemes because those don’t work! As you have already seen with CB Profit Sites, the only ones who make money are the people who create them and their affiliates.

You as the end user don’t!

But that’s gonna change when you get my free guide now! I will show you how to be on the winning side!

Thanks for reading my CB Profit Sites review. I would love it if you could share your experience with this website if you purchased it. Was it as good as you expected or not? Did you make any money?

Lots of Love,


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