CB Tube Formula Review – GET IT! It’s Your Ticket To Success!

Welcome to my CB Tube Formula review.

You’re probably wondering what the CB Tube Formula is about and wondering whether this is a program that is going to be the breakthrough course that you have been waiting for. You’re probably wondering whether it’s going to work, to make you money and even be the program that gets you out of debt and living in freedom.

Well, the good news is that I have gone through the entire training and materials and I will be telling you exactly what’s inside so you can make an informed decision. You must absolutely read until the end of this review because I will be revealing a ton of good info about this program others will not.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of this program and I am promoting it because of it’s high-quality content. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I don’t promote just about any junk. I only promote programs that I think will be helpful and worthwhile to you.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started!

CB Tube Formula At A Glance

Website: CBTubeFormula.com/vsl

Owner: Sylar Solo

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $47

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely!

What Is CB Tube Formula?

It is the first training program that has been created by Sylar, a newbie in the product creation world. This may be his first course but he is a fairly successful affiliate marketer. In this course, he will be teaching you how to make money on Clickbank using a free traffic source.

Like you, he did exactly what other gurus were telling him to do and he was never successful. He says that he always thought that paid traffic was the way to go, until he learned more about free traffic and started getting a lot better results that he had with paid traffic.

He has now created a course that will help you do the same thing as him and become profitable online for the first time.

To be honest, I already knew that CB Tube Formula was going to be different because of its sales page; there aren’t any crazy income claims, Sylar does not promise a lot of money overnight, he does not tell you a lot of BS about how making money online is so easy or that you need his push-button software or training.

There was none of that, which is something that I really appreciate. I really felt like I could trust him. Compared to other Clickbank products, he is not an anonymous or made-up character and there aren’t any paid testimonials either. There’s even a disclaimer that you need to put in hard work to see results within the main content.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with the sales page and can say at this point that what you’re going to get inside the program is going to be quality stuff. Let’s see if I’m right.

How CB Tube Formula Works – The Training

When you get inside the member’s area, you’re going to be blown away by the number of training videos that are within. It’s not just about affiliate marketing, but you get to know a little bit more about why you should choose certain things over others and why they are more beneficial for you.

Affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money online. I know that because I myself, am an affiliate marketer and this method of making money online just plain works, if you get proper training, which I think CB Tube Formula will give you.

With affiliate marketing, you are promoting other people’s products so that you don’t have to create anything or to deal with customer service. All you have to do is drive traffic to special links and each time a sale is made through it, you’ll earn commissions.

With time, this can become a passive income for you, just like it did for me.

Sylar does not waste time in getting to the meat and potatoes of the training; he shows you everything from scratch, about how to create your Clickbank account, how to choose your niche and products to promote. He teaches you about how to get traffic which is mainly going to be through Youtube.

He gives you access to a bunch of free tools that you can use such as video-editing and image-editing software. You get demos and templates and scripts for your videos. You get some ranking strategies and great advice on posting videos consistently for best results.

Only using video as a traffic strategy may not be for everybody, especially if you are a shy person. But Sylar gives you the push you need to and different ways to create videos so that you don’t have show your face, which is what I really like.

Not only do you get all this training, but you also get email marketing training. You are introduced to ClickFunnels, which is a landing page/funnel creation tool, through which you will be able to collect emails from your visitors. This is for later re-targeting. You will then be able to build your list to increase revenue.

Keep in mind that ClickFunnels is a paid tool and may be on the expensive side for most people just starting out. However, don’t let this stop you because you can find cheaper or free alternatives. The only other mandatory paid tool would be an autoresponder, at around $20 per month, which is much more affordable.

What I like with this training though, is that you are able to apply the training in any niche that you want. It does not have to be in the internet marketing niche or a topic that you know nothing about. You can choose a topic or a hobby that you are passionate about and turn it into a thriving business.

What To Expect

Beware that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, because get-rich-quick schemes are not designed to help you make money, but to make the creator of the program rich. They’re not designed to help you. There are no shortcuts to making money online and any honest internet marketer will tell you so.

There’s work and time and patience involved in online business, just like any other regular business. You cannot expect to start today and be making $1000 per week in a few days. It takes consistent work and effort on your part. It’s easy as long as you follow a proven blueprint like the CB Tube Formula.

It takes time for you to become an authority within your niche and to become trusted by your audience. You need to give yourself time to build a following and a reputation such that people will instantly buy what you recommend. That does not happen overnight.

It also takes some time for you to rank and can only happen with consistently working. You have to be sure to post videos on Youtube consistently, be it every day or every week. The more you work on it, the faster and the better your results will be.

You also need to focus on helping your audience rather than trying to sell to them. Nobody likes to be sold to. If anything, you’ll be pushing people away. When you focus on giving value and details, people will draw to you automatically and won’t have a problem buying through your link and opting into your email list.

That’s what CB Tube Formula is going to teach you and I can tell you that unlike many other gurus and other ClickBank products, that this is what you need to make your first dollars. You can tell that Sylar is not after your money but wants to see you succeed.

There are also NO upsells at this time, so you can be sure that this a complete system that you should absolutely get!

Is CB Tube Formula A Scam? – Hardly

Absolutely not! You must know by now that CB Tube Formula is definitely recommended by me. If you know me at all or if you take a look at my other reviews, you’ll see that I don’t recommend just about any junk that I come across. I recommend only products that I have used and gotten results with or that I know work!

With CB Tube Formula, I really appreciated how upfront Sylar is with us and does not make any kind of crazy income promises. He does not tell you that it’s going to be as easy as 1-2-3. He does not promise a push-button software or a copy-paste formula.

He is very realistic in his approach to making money online and he shows you real methods for real results. I can confidently say that because most of the methods that he shows you, I myself am using to make money online so I know that they work. These aren’t blind or un-tested methods just thrown in to make Sylar more money.

These are methods that actually work and that will make you money, as long as you stick with the training and are consistent with posting your videos.

What I also like is that you can choose just about any niche and make it profitable. You are given sound advice for best results and for best performance. You are taught to cater around your audience and to give value, which is what I believe will sky-rocket you to success.

I do really believe that CB Tube Formula is a must-have course if you want to succeed online. I recommend it 100%!


There’s also a 60-day Money-back guarantee that you’re probably not gonna need, but just in case, you can use it for a refund if you want your money back for any reason. It’s really a no-brainer!

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