China Cash Clone Review – Insane Cash-Generation Or Insane Scam?

China Cash Clone review

Welcome to this honest China Cash Clone review.

You probably either came across an email, like I did, about China Cash Clone and wanted to know more about it, right? Like, is it a scam? Does it work? Will you make money? What’s the training about and is it any good?

Well, those are the questions that I will be answering within this review. So stick out to the end because there are some pretty important details that you need to know before purchasing the product. I just want you to make an informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

China Cash Clone At A Glance


Creator: Daniel Barber?

Purpose: Make money doing dropshipping

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend It?: No

What Is China Cash Clone?

Daniel addresses us in the sales video, explaining a few things about China Cash Clone. He says that it’s a new money making software that will make you $5k in a single day! It works by exploiting a little-known glitch on the internet. You do not need more than 10 minute a day to make this work.

You also don’t need any kind of experience or skills, or any kind of qualifications. The training is so easy to follow and even a total newbie will be able to make upto $30K per week. Heck! You could even start making money on the very first day you get started, just like Daniel.

The software is going to take care of everything for you. The autopilot thousands of dollar days are waiting for you. He even shows you his stats as well as a few testimonials from people who have allegedly used the software. It’s incredible that people were able to make $60K in 2 weeks, and even $710K in 5 months.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t fall for all these claims anymore, no matter how good they sound. That’s because there are just too many programs that promise you the moon and yet, never deliver nearly what’s enough for you to really start making that kind of money.

It’s true that there is a lot of money to be made online and if such an easy method existed, I admit that I would have been the first one to jump at the opportunity. That’s actually how I got scammed a few times and I’m not proud to say it. But it just goes to show you that there is real work involved in making it big online.

Daniel only wants to make the opportunity sound better than it actually is to get you to sign up. These kinds of videos are there to sell you the system and to manipulate your mind. As an online marketer for over 18 months, I absolutely know what it takes to making money online and it does not work like Daniel claims.

Beware Of The Red Flags!

Oh yeah! I saw a couple of red flags here, some of which are similar to the other scams and low-quality programs that I have exposed on this very website. They could be things that are weird or that just don’t make sense.

1) Who is Daniel Barber?

Well, apart from the fact that he tells us a little bit about how he stumbled across the software and how he is a self-made millionaire, there really isn’t much information about him, right?

He doesn’t show any sign that he is a real person at all. There aren’t any photos of him, no way to reach him on social media, and no way to really contact him directly either. What this tells me is that this person is probably a made-up character.

His name could be fake and his story could be fake. If there is no way to verify who he is, then why would he even bother to tell you the truth? For all we know, he could be lying everything in the video, just to get you vulnerable enough to buy the system.

I would much rather be able to confirm who the creator of the program is because it shows that the creator knows what they’re talking about and there’s much more trust, right? I would be more likely to buy a program coming from a REAL person, wouldn’t you?

The reason why this is a red flag is also because there are way too many creators that use pen names or fake names in an attempt to scam you. They just release product after product and change their names along with each new one so as not to get caught or sued.

Be careful!

2) The Testimonials

When in doubt, you would always look at the testimonials, right? Because at least, you can trust their review or feedback of the program since they used it and are reporting on their results. That’s gotta say something about the program at least.

But that’s not the case here with China Cash Code. That’s because all the people that claim to have made tons of money with the program are hired and paid actors from a website called Fiverr. So they’ve never actually used the program before and they’ve never made money with it.

Check out their profiles on Fiverr. They got paid $5 to act out these testimonials.

Additionally, do you really think that these people would still be making $5 testimonials if they were making $30K in a week? I wouldn’t think so. It’s so similar to so many of the other programs that I reviewed in the past including:

1) Cash Sniper

2) 7 Minutes Daily Profits

3) Secret Millionaire Bot

So as you can see, this is a very common practice and it should be taken with a grain of salt.

3) Make tons of money very easily

If there was an easier way to make money online and if I could make tons of money working only 10 minutes a day, believe me, I would have been the first one to take up the opportunity. But the truth is that there is no such things as a push button system that will do all the work for you.

Daniel is absolutely pitching China Cash Clone as a get-rich-quick scheme and we all know how that ends, right? If not, then let me tell you; the only people that make a ton of money very fast with these types of programs are the actual creators and their affiliates.

This type of program is not mean to benefit you as the customer. It is designed to make the creator more money. They don’t care whether they’re giving you the right information, whether they are misleading, whether they are making money at the loss of others and whether you even succeed.

All they care about is how much money they are able to bring in with the program.

4) Newbie-friendly?

Oh really? The program is supposed to be newbie-friendly, so much that you don’t need any experiences or skills, or qualifications, in order to make the program work. Yet, when you look through the disclaimer, that’s not what’s there at all!

You see, they actually tell you two different things.

In the disclaimer, they say that most people actually don’t make any money with the program but who is actually going to take the time to read this document? It’s boring, yes, but now I hope that you understand how important it is to read the privacy policy of a website as well as their disclaimers.

Because it does say there that success depends on your knowledge and various skills. So what does that say about the program? It does not sound as newbie-friendly now, does it?

5) Only costs $9

Were you thinking that it’s an absolutely bargain to be able to get your hands on such a software for as little as $9? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it absolutely is!

Just think about it for a sec; who on Earth would give you their million-dollar making software to you for only $9? I certainly wouldn’t. So there must be a catch, right?

Is it that you’re only gonna be getting $9 of information, which is NOT going to be enough for you to become successful? Or is it that there are hidden costs within the program, when Daniel says there wouldn’t be?

Well, actually it’s a little but of both. We’ll discuss the lack of information in the next section, but also know that there are upsells that are going to cost you as much as $200 EACH. So $9 is definitely NOT going to get you the whole program. They never disclosed that information, did they?

How China Cash Clone Works – Missing Piece!

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? You’ll get a bunch of information and training showing you how to create your own e-commerce store that are similar to the ones the millionaires and billionaires use in China and once set up, you’ll only need to work 10 minutes to maintain it.

You’ll then be making $30K per week.

In reality, it won’t work that way. What you get inside is simply NOT enough for you to even make ANY money with the program, especially if you’re a newbie. Didn’t I tell you that this was not going to be newbie-friendly?

What you get inside is information on how to create a WordPress Site that uses the WooCommerce plugin to make your website look like a store. There are also two other plugins that will help you import different products into your online store. I do think that this is helpful.

You also get a few training videos on how to import and to fulfill your orders once you get sales.

But there is a big piece of the puzzle that is missing. It could be included in the upsells but it’s a vital part of making money online. And that’s a way to get PEOPLE to visit your store.

You see, it’s not enough to create your store and to have it live. An online store is much different than a regular website. With an online store, you’re not writing content that is going to get ranked in the search engines, so nobody is really gonna be able to access your site. It’s just going to get lost and float in the internet space.

YOU have to know how to drive traffic to your store, be it through free or paid means. And that, unfortunately, is not taught within the main training of China Cash Clone.

Additionally, there really isn’t any kind of support, except for a support email address and they could either reply you in DAYS or WEEKS, or just never reply at all. There isn’t a forum or a Facebook group or page for members to hang out and ask questions, so if you’re stuck, good luck!

Is China Cash Clone A Scam?

Well, it really depends on how you define a scam.

If a scam to you is paying for something and getting nothing in return, then China Cash Clone is not a scam. You do get some training and some basic information to get started. I just think that’s not worth the $9. Besides, this program is sold through ClickBetter that has a 60 Day Money back guarantee (only for the $9, not for upsells!)

On the other hand, if you a scam is a misleading and hyped up sales page that leads you to a program that just does not work as advertised, then China Cash Clone could be one to you. There are just too many reasons that we are given NOT to trust the program at all, from the get-go.

You have an anonymous creator and fake testimonials. It is being presented as a get-rich-quick scheme and there are hidden costs to the program.

Whether you believe it is a scam or not, I do not recommend that you get China Cash Clone, because even if it is not a scam, it just won’t work as advertised. It might with the upsells but they are incredibly expensive. Additionally, if the front-end did not work as advertised, can you really risk it and get the upsells?

They didn’t really give good first impressions, so why would you buy the upsells, especially if there is no money back guarantee on them?

Look, you can absolutely do whatever floats your boat, but China Cash Clone is more likely going to puncture your wallet.

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