Click 4 Kash Review – Another GPT Scam?

Click 4 Kash review

Welcome to my Click 4 Kash review.

You’re probably looking for an honest review because you want to know whether Click 4 Kash is legit or a scam, and whether it will pay out or not, because let’s face it; the claims seem too good to be true.

Well, congrats for doing your research before jumping into Click 4 Kash because you probably already know that there are already too many scams online. What if Click 4 Kash is another one?

Scammers are becoming more and more cunning nowadays and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to expose them, but today, I will be giving you some pretty important information about Click 4 Kash that will make you think twice before joining.

Let’s get started on this honest review.

Click 4 Kash At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free to Join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a scam!

What Is Click 4 Kash?

Click 4 Kash claims to be the #1 Influencer Network that will make you $500 starting today. You just need to share your referral link to earn $20 per referral.

Unfortunately for Click 4 Kash, these are claims that I have seen before with some other websites that I reviewed on this website; Referral Pay, Paid Leaf, Tap 2 Earn and Influencers Earn.

I immediately put that aside as a red flag, since none of those programs I’ve exposed actually paid out anything at all. And if it was that easy to make money online, getting clicks and referrals, then don’t you think more people would be living the good life?

Yet, we find that more people are struggling financially and more people are getting in to debt. So there has to be some kind of catch, right? If it was as easy as that to make money online, then all this should have been improving.

More people would have been working online and from home and less people would have been working the traditional job. From all that, what we gather is that it is harder than you think to make money online.

Believe me when I say this because I’ve been in the online game for over 2 years; it takes hard work, some learning as well as a lot of patience to make significant cash online.

Moreover, when you align this claim with other similar websites (called get-paid-to or GPT websites), you can tell that there is a disconnect. Similar websites like SwagBucks. Points Prizes and Prize Rebel don’t pay people as much as that.

So what’s the catch?

How Click 4 Kash Works

The first thing that you should be looking at when trying to find out whether something is a scam or not is to take a look at the business model. If the business model makes sense, then perhaps, it could be legitimate.

But what I find is that the business model for Click 4 Kash is not consistent.

The work that is advertised primarily is for you to bring in clicks and referrals; you’ll get paid for each that you bring in. That’s called PAY-PER-LEAD and is a legitimate way of making money online.

However, where is the money coming from as a business? They need to be making enough money to be able to pay its members, as well as to profit as a business.

The answer to that is through ads. But don’t you find it odd that there aren’t any ads on the main page of the website? I even signed up for a free account and thus, I can say with 100% guarantee that there aren’t any ads.

Therefore, the part about making money through ads is all a lie!

The second way that Click 4 Kash claims to be making money is through sponsorships – do they mean the surveys and tasks to be completed inside the members’ area? If that’s the case, it does make sense.

But what does not make sense is the fact that they’re supposedly able to pay you $35-$50 per task. How many other websites will pay you $35 for a 15-minute survey?

This is more and more like the other websites that I have exposed as scams. Even the inside of the members’ area looks similar. I can’t help but think at this point that the promise of high pay is just a lure to con you.

The Red Flags Exposed! Click 4 Kash Does Not Pay Its Members

I know that you probably aren’t going to be satisfied with the stuff that I’ve uncovered in the previous section so here, I’ve gathered a few other red flags that will hopefully jump at you and help you understand the scam behind the website.

1) Lies about the inception of the business

Digging through the website, we come to know that the people behind Click 4 Kash say that the website was started sometime in 2015. That would mean that they’ve been in business for about 5 years.

That should give you some relief, right? They’ve been around for a while and there’s no way that a scam would actually survive for all this time. But that’s only if they were speaking the truth about their inception, right?

What I actually found out from the website is that the Click 4 Kash website has only been around since November 2019. Take a look for yourself.

That’s a big lie, right?

The truth is that a lot of scammy websites will actually tell you they’ve been around for a while because they want you to trust them and sign up.

And don’t you find it odd that they won’t reveal the name of their parent company either? If it was such a good company that has been helping people for years, wouldn’t it make business sense to tell us the name of the company?

That would really help with the trust factor, right? But that’s why it’s fishy that the name of the company is not mentioned.

2) Fake payment proofs

Now that we know the website was not actually live since 2015, we can test the validity of the payment proofs and unfortunately, none of them pass the test.

Take a look at the dates of those payments:

If the website didn’t even exist then, how can anybody use their referral links? How can anybody get referrals? How can anybody complete any surveys? How can anybody get PAID?

My conclusion is that those payment proofs are completely fake and made up. Nobody actually got paid from Click 4 Kash.

What will actually happen is you’ll try to withdraw and you’ll be told that your earnings will be released 30 days from today. That day will come and go, without you receiving the payment.

Then, you’ll try to inquire and your account will be closed due to fraud.

3) Video testimonials – Should you trust them?

And the answer is NO! These people only TELL you they’ve made such and such amount of money, but nobody shows you the money in their bank account or in their Paypal. There’s no proof that these people got paid.

Additionally, the people in those videos are hoping to get paid by putting out these testimonial videos because it is actually the task that pays the most ($50) inside Click 4 Kash.

They talk about how great the website is because they want to get paid the $50 and also because they want more people to click on their referral links and to get more referrals that way. It’s not because they actually got paid.

4) Different scammy websites, same creator

Like I mentioned a few times already, Click 4 Kash is similar to a lot of other websites that I have already exposed as scams. Referral Pay, Paid lead and the others actually did not pay anybody.

And I can see this pattern arising with Click 4 Kash too; I have yet to see valid proof that somebody’s gotten paid. That does not look good seeing as this website has been around for almost 2 months, right?

And they’re also boasting having 730K members. How are we not able to find even ONE valid payment proof? It gets you thinking, right?

Also, what makes me think that the creator of these websites is the same person is due to the fact that there are many similarities; the layout oif the website, the information is similar, there’s the same mysterious parent company, the creator is anonymous and so on.

Somebody clearly does not want to be found. For good reason because if he were found, he would be sued!

5) BBB says your information is at risk

Based on the fact that all these websites are probably related to each other, let me tell you what the BBB has to say about them. It is saying that your information is at risk.

You can take a look at this message HERE.

Screenshot taken from

Sure, the websites are free to join, so you’re not losing anything monetarily. But what these websites could be after is your information.

You see, when you sign up, you give your name, your email and create a password. Inside of the member’s area, you need to put in your payment method and most people would choose Paypal; that’s another information.

Then, you are required to complete tasks and surveys, where you’re required to give up even more information; like your phone number, your address, your date of birth and so on. With all of that data, the scammers behind these websites can use your information against you.

They can sell your information to other spammers and scammers, they could use your information to hack into your online accounts (bank accounts and Paypal) or they could even use your information for identity theft.

So as you can see, there’s a lot that you could lose here.

Is Click 4 Kash A Scam?

You probably already know what I think about Click 4 Kash but I’ll say it clearly: it is a big scam. I’m not just saying it for the fun of it. This is my conclusion based on all that I was able to find out about Click 4 Kash.

There are too many red flags in my opinion; you have the fact that the owner is anonymous, it is related to so many other scammy websites with a history of not paying their members. There are also the lies about the inception of the website and the mysterious parent company.

You also have the fact that all of the payment proofs are dated from before the website even existed, which makes them all fake. And then, there are the videos that you can’t even trust because it is listed as one of the tasks inside the members area.

Nobody shows you they got paid and there’s no valid payment proof anywhere.

And what’s worse, is that Click 4 Kash is being compared to other websites that I have proved to be scams. Why get involved with such a shady website? Even the BBB says that you should stay away from them.

No, my conclusion is firm. Click 4 Kash is a scam and it should be avoided at all costs!

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Lots of Love,


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