Dan Green’s Click And Bank Review – Make $100+ Everyday?

Click and bank review

Welcome to my honest Click And Bank review.

To be honest, all I’m seeing over the internet and Youtube are affiliates promoting this program in order to make sales and earn commissions. I don’t see anybody actually telling you the truth about how this really works.

That’s why I wanted to shed some light on what is really going on with Click and Bank and explain to you that this software or app does not work as advertised. I’m not an affiliate of this program so I can tell you that my review will be honest and unbiased.

The truth is that even if there aren’t a lot of scam signs with Click And Bank, that it doesn’t mean that the Dan wants the best for you and that he wants you to succeed. The opposite is actually gonna happen. Let me show you right now.

Click And Bank At A Glance

Website: ClickAndBank.co/sales

Creator: Dan Green

Purpose: Creates DFY websites and reviews to get ranked on Google

Price: $47 one-time

Do I Recommend It?: No! Click And Bank does not work as advertised. Instead of really helping you gain Google’s favour, you’re actually gonna LOSE it. Google won’t rank you at all if you use this software.

What Is Click And Bank?

Dan claims that Click And Bank is the #1 software that you need to absolutely get if you want to create review websites for Clickbank products, to get ranked on Google. When you get ranked, you get visitors and make commissions!

This is newbie-friendly as you don’t have to learn SEO, you don’t have to work hard because the niche and product research has already been done and you don’t have to write any reviews at all.

It works in 3 steps;

1) Choose Your Niche

2) Enter Your Clickbank ID

3) Click on “Create My Site”

As you can see, even a 7-year-old can use this software and make easy money online, right?

Well, that’s what they want you to think. If it was that easy to earn online, then why are so many people still struggling to make any money? Why are people still struggling at their traditional jobs that they so HATE?

The truth is that Dan is a product creator and if his products really worked, then he would be following his own advice and using his own products to make money online. Yet, you see that he keeps creating product after product.

It means that he might actually not be using his products to earn money, but he is making money by manipulating people’s mind and leverage the limited knowledge of the newbie to make sales so money can go in HIS pocket.

That’s why I believe that there is MORE to this program than Dan is willing to tell you on the sales pages. It reminds me of the other program of his that I reviewed earlier this year Instant Success Site, which worked the same way.

So really, Click And Bank might just be a rehash of another program. We’ll have to see what’s really inside to figure it all out.


What You’re Getting With Click And Bank

As soon as you purchase, the first thing you’ll need to do is sign in. When you sign in, you’ll be asked some information to set up your website.

You’ll need to come up with a subdomain name for your website, which will be the website address that you’ll use to access the website. Then you’ll need to enter the title of the website, which is usually the same as the web name.

Afterwards, you type in your Clickbank affiliate ID and choose your niche.

Click on “Create” and you’re done!

Your website will already be created with posts and pages with related images and videos. Moreover, it also looks like there will be daily scheduled posts to be published as new content come from the websites you’re scraping the contents from.

Looks really easy, right? Looks like you then just need to wait for Google to send traffic to your pages and to make sales at that point.

If you want to take things further, you can also add banner ads and even connect your autoresponder if you want to build your list and promote to them. Those are more for intermediate to advanced marketers though.

But you do have the possibility of integrating your autoresponder with Click And Bank in order to start building your list down the road.

I have bad news for you though. There is a serious catch, which is this product is directed at newbies. Like I mentioned earlier, Dan is taking advantage of the fact that newbies have limited knowledge of the current workings of the online world.

Why Click And Bank Actually Won’t Work

Unfortunately, as good as Click And Bank might sound in theory, that’s not how the software is going to work in practice. Sure, it will create ready-made websites for you, with reviews, images and even videos, but you won’t get any traffic.

Let me explain.

1) Subdomains don’t really rank

The first problem that I see is that your website will be on a subdomain. It would look something like “www.happydieting.clickandbank.co”. It will NOT look like “www.happydieting.com”.

This means that you’re not actually getting your own domain name here. You’re using the Click And Bank hosting to host your website there. You’re SHARING that hosting.

There are 2 problems; the first being that if Dan decides to NOT renew his Click And Bank domain name, your website is GONE! The other problem is that authority websites will trump you in the rankings because they have their own domain names.

As you can see in the above screenshot, there aren’t ANY subdomains.vYour website simply won’t rank when you’re up against others with their own domain names.

2) Spun Content Used

Do you know how Click And Bank is able to have ready-made content and reviews for you? That’s because the software is scraping other sites for their content, spinning the content and then spitting it out on your website.

Remember, this content is NOT written by humans and thus, won’t have a natural flow. The spinner will replace the words with similar words that might not make a lot of sense in the context of the content so it won’t make sense either.

Who would read your content if it makes no sense or seems off and weird? You wouldn’t trust a website, would you? What makes you think anybody will trust your website and buy from your links?

Moreover, you might not even get ranked for the intended keywords you want either because the new content will have synonyms. And if the grammar also doesn’t make sense, then Google won’t rank you either.

That’s why you cannot trust spun content! That’s why people who make a ton of money online are succeeding; it’s because they take the time to write the content themselves that will drastically improve their chances of ranking well.

Just like my writing this review right now!

3) Not newbie-friendly

Now that we’ve seen the two reasons that will most likely mean your website won’t get ranked, you won’t get any visitors from Google and the other search engines.

This not only means that Click And Bank doesn’t work as advertised, but it also means you have to find another traffic source. AND there’s no other traffic training within Click And Bank at all!

So as you can see, this software is NOT newbie friendly because when the traffic source from google won’t work, you won’t know how else to get the traffic to your website.


4) History of low-quality products and almost no support

Dan has been known not to keep his products updated for every long, and that is especially the case with the latest review I wrote on Instant Success Site. In the review, you’ll see that I found complaints.

The complaints revolved around people not being able to connect their own website/domain to use the software as well as low-quality support. So as you can see, Dan is actually creating this software to make him quick money online.

He is not really interested in helping you earn online and neither is he interested in keeping a good relationship with you. The way that he sells his products, he is always gonna get newbies to fall for him promises and into his trap.


1) Real person behind the software, not some unknown person trying to hide his identity

2) Could be useful to intermediate to advanced marketers who already have a traffic source

3) 30-Day Money-back guarantee


1) Hyped-up sales page

2) Lies about the workings of the software

3) This software will NOT get you organic traffic from Google (it will actually get you penalized!)

4) Therefore, you WON’T get free traffic on autopilot

5) Using a subdomain will not help with ranking either as authority sites will overtake you. They have their own domain

6) Spun content does not help you either. It worked 10 years back but not anymore

7) Dan has a history of not keeping his products up to date

8) Support is mediocre

Should You Get Click And Bank?

I don’t think that you should get Click And Bank because though it isn’t a scam, it’s a low-quality product. It’s so low-quality that no newbie will be able to earn money online using simply the software.

Dan lies to us about how the program actually works because it doesn’t work as intended at all! Sure, it will create the website, the reviews, and even add images to it. The pages are nice.

But those don’t guarantee that Google will pay any attention to your website. In fact, I don’t believe that Google will pay attention to your site at all because of the spun content and the subdomain. Google is way smarter than that now.

How can you trust somebody who lies to you right in the beginning? The truth is that Dan is interested only in selling his products and making himself money. He is not interested in helping you earn online.

Why else would he create the same products over and over again, but under a different disguise and name? Moreover, if his method really worked, why isn’t he using his own methods?

Think about it; he prefers creating the same products over and over again by lying to your face in order to earn online. If his software really worked, then he wouldn’t need to work so hard himself, right?

So don’t trust what he says because he is full of lies. There is a lot of work needed to make money online and even Dan is proof of it. That’s why you have not made money online yet; because you keep falling for lies like that and into these traps.

Anyways, that’s why I think that Click And Bank is definitely not worth your money, nor your time!

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Thanks for reading my Click And Bank review. Have you tried the software? How did it work out for you? Were you ranked anywhere near the top on the first page of Google at all? Did you make any sales? Please share with us!

Lots Of Love,


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