Click Click Cash Review – Is a scam?

I can understand that coming across a wonderful online money-making opportunity is exciting. We want it to be true and we want it to work, as is the case with Click Click Cash. We want it to be the answer to our financial problems.

However, we have to be cautious; is a scam? Is Josh going to steal our money and disappear? Is he going to leave us hanging? Or is he going to deliver on his promises and really make us $1000 a day?

In this Click Click Cash Review, I will be going over the sales video and some of the red flags that I have found. I would like to also be honest with you and tell you that I have not purchased this product (I usually do for my reviews), but I just found out too many red flags to put my money into it. So I don’t know what’s inside.

However, based on my experience and based on the reg flags below, I came to a conclusion without having to buy it.

At A Glance

Name: Click Click Cash


Owner: Josh

Price: $37

Do I Recommend?: Nope! Read further to find out why!

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What is Click Click Cash?

Josh starts off saying that he wants to share a secret of his, that has generated him 8 figures online within a matter of less than 24 months. 8 figures within 24 months? That’s $10M within a matter of 2 years!

You can do it too, by copying the simple formula he will reveal to you. You’ll be able to earn money after just a few clicks. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Even his pre-existing websites that are generating money already, will be hand-delivered to you. They’re live on the internet right now, as you watch the video.

He even goes as far as saying that the website is making you money LIVE, just for tuning into the sales video. And as proof to show you that the system works, he even gets his partners to come on screen and to tell you about the wonderful earnings that they were able to reap, thanks to Click Click Cash.

Josh says that the internet is full of scam artists and that they hide the real ways that they make money online. But Josh says that he will not be like the others and that he wants to partner with you. Pay a partnership fee of only $37 to prove you’re serious and the website is yours, where you’ll be able to make $1000 over the next 24 hours.

Is all this true?

Red Flag 1) Josh who?

I have seen this tactic over and over again, where the creator of a program will give you their name, but not even go to the length of proving that they’re real.

We don’t have his last name, we don’t have a picture of him. We can’t even verify that he is a real person at all. This gets my alarm bells going because by staying anonymous, scammers are able to create different scams over time, using different names so you don’t catch on.

Red Flag 2) 8 figures within 24 months

“Anybody who tells you that you can make a million dollars overnight is flatly lying to you.”

Those were the exact words of Josh within the sales video. He also says that he was able to make an income of 8 figures over the course of 24 months. That’s $5M within one year.

If Josh is not telling you here that “…you can make a million dollars overnight…” then I don’t know what would be. It’s funny how he ironically says that people who tell you this are flatly lying to you, when he is doing the exact same thing.

Red Flag 3) No information on how the system works

“The internet is full of scams artists that hide the real ways that they make money online.”

This is also the exact words of Josh. If he really wanted to let you know real ways of making money online, then why would he not give you the details of the program within the video? Would this not give you, the viewer, a concrete reason to sign up?

If his system is as good as he claims it is, then why would he need to hide the system behind a price tag first? The system should speak for itself; he shows you EXACTLY how the system works and will give you access to it for $37. Is that not simple enough?

But this is also another tactic that I have come across within many, many of the products that either turn out to be scams or low-quality products. Don’t fall for this!

Red Flag 4) Pre-existing website

There’s a question that I have for you; if you knew the secrets to making money online and your own website was able to generate $10M within the span of 2 years, would you give it away for $37?

I thought so! Nobody would do that!

How does it make sense that he will give you a website that is earning over $1000 a day, every single day, for only $37? As an internet marketer, I know the value of such a website.

If a website were earning you $1000 a day, making you $30K a month, the actual value of the website (if you were to sell it) would be between $200K – $600K, based on how many visitors and subscribers you have, how many social media accounts you have for it and how many followers you have.

Anybody who would give you access to that kind of website, must either be crazy to let you have it for $37 or are just plainly lying to you!

Red Flag 5) Live proof of making you money

Okay, Josh. So you say that you already have a website that’s generating money for me on the other side and that all the work has been done for me.

How come I still have to go through ANY steps at all? Why would I want to change anything with a website that just made me $135 within a few minutes? You say I’m able to earn money with just a few clicks, but as per what you said, the website is set up and ready to go.

Do you see the contradiction here? One minute Josh says that he has a website that’s ready for you and making you money, and the next, he says that you will need to copy his system in order to make money.

The truth is that, it is a complete LIE; there isn’t a ready-made website that’s generating you money, waiting on the other side. From my experience, all Josh wants is to lie to you and convince you that everything is as beautiful as a flower field once you get in. He is just trying to get to your money.

Red Flag 6) Fake Testimonials

You see, ALL of the testimonials without an exception, are FAKE! These are all people who post their services on a freelance website called Fiverr, to get paid a measly $5. If the system had really yielded success stories as phenomenal as these paid actors, why not have ACTUAL satisfied members do a testimonial? I’m sure they would have been more than happy to do so for FREE!

If you don’t believe me, here are their profiles on Fiverr.

To further prove to you that they are LYING, let’s take the example of the couple. The lady goes on to say that they made over $60,000 by the 5th month of using the system. But guess what? The website and the system did not even exist 5 months ago! Take a look at the below screenshot, showing when the domain was registered.

The registration date is Aug 28, 2018 and today’s date is Sept 13, 2018.

Red Flag 7) Time is running out and Josh will be closing the doors tonight

Yeah, right! Believe me when I say that this is another big, fat lie! Josh, didn’t your mother teach you that it was bad to lie? Seriously! If you come back to the same URL tomorrow, the video will be there. I guarantee it!

This is a tactic used to push you into  getting the system as fast as possible. This video is not going anywhere until Josh is able to squeeze as much money from you as he can!

Red Flag 8) Rehash of another system

From the time that I started watching the video, I thought that I had heard the same words somewhere and then I remembered! It was from another product that I reviewed about a week or two ago, called Affiliate Millionaire Club. Needless to say that I categorized it as a scam.

Affiliate Millionaire Club also uses the same tactics to lure you into buying the system, even using paid actors from Fiverr, and MOST claims are the same too, between the two programs! I was 100% convinced though, when I saw the screenshot of the supposed money made from the pre-made website that Josh shows in his video.

Click Click Cash Affiliate Dashboard
Affiliate Millionaire Club Affiliate Dashboard

It is ALMOST the same as the one used in Affiliate Millionaire Club.

I then understood that Click Click Cash is a product that was rehashed from Affiliate Millionaire Club. This is exactly what serial scammers do; they create a master product and then make them appear under different names and change only a few things around.

Not only are the programs under different names, but the spokesperson are too. Here it’s Josh and in Affiliate Millionaire Club, it was Mo. It’s the exact same scenario with another product that I recently exposed as a scam, called The CB Cash Code.

Is ClickCash.Biz A Scam?

Based on the red flags and my findings, I can confidently say that ClickCash.Biz, or Click Click Cash, is a scam. Many people may disagree with me because I have not actually bought the product, but I must say that I have found enough red flags to completely convince me that it is a scam.

Some things, such as the pre-made website that’s already generating money, and the price at which Josh is willing to give you access to that website, just do not make sense. He outrightly lies to you about a lot as well, such as who he is, the money he makes and the live proof.

He uses scammy techniques to lure you into buying the product right now, as if there is no tomorrow. And then, I was able to prove that this is a system that was rehashed from another program, with just minor changes here and there with the name specially, to give you the impression that it is a different product altogether.

And the testimonials? I think that’s the WORST part! How can these people sleep at night, knowing that they are helping this scammer steal TONS of money from innocent people, to get paid $5 for it? This is appaling!

Scam, Scam, Scam! I highly recommend that you stay away from this system, because NOTHING about it feels right.

Where Can You Find Success Online?

I think everybody who has been successful online, has fallen for scams at some point. And that’s okay! That means that we can learn from our mistakes and move on. These “SHINY” programs are all very attractive, but they are only designed to make the scammer richer.

Nobody is willing to work for online success and the scammers know that! That’s why they keep luring people with promises of millions of dollars, when in fact, that’s never going to happen.

I was also once a victim of scams online, so I know how you feel; hopeless, let down, degraded, ashamed! I was always the kind of person who would think the best of people and I still do, but not in the cases when I see such atrocities! That’s why I put together a FREE guide to show you how I have been making money online.

Get My FREE Guide TO Making Money Online Now

Within this guide, I will take you through my journey of finding ways to make money online and I will explain in detail of the kind of work that I do to make money. It’s not a hard method, but it does require time for you to learn it and apply it. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and it certainly won’t be making you $1000 a day any time soon.

BUT!!!! It will be worth it. You will eventually be able to make a real, ethical and sustainable living online, with potential for residual income over time. I know some people who have started making $5000 a month with it, like my friend Grace (littlemama).

I really hope to see you on the other side. But in the meantime, if you have any questions about Click Click Cash or making money online in general, I would love to hear from you within the comments section below. I always reply.

Wish you good luck and success with all your undertakings!

Your Friend,



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