Click Wealth System Review – First Paycheck In 5 Minutes?

Click Wealth System review

This is going to be a brutally HONEST Click Wealth System review. I’ve really grown tired of seeing those scammers or product creators get people’s hopes up to then crush their dreams, for the sake of making money.

The truth is that there are many more scams and low-quality products on the market right now than there are legitimate products that actually work as advertised. Is Click Wealth System another one of them?

I’m not an affiliate of this program so you can rest assured that I’m not gonna promote it to help myself make money. What you’ll find in this review is the pure truth.

Is this a scam? Is it a legitimate program? Will you really earn multiple figures a day with this program? Will you really be able to quit your job and sit at home, working just a few minutes a day? Let’s find out!

Click Wealth System At A Glance


Creator: Matthew Tang

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s got low-quality training, traffic sources are paid and not very good. You will end up losing money and not making any profits. This does NOT work as advertised!

What Is Click Wealth System?

Matth talks to us about the Click Wealth System on the sales page, in the video, and he says that he wants to help at least 100 average people lead the life of financial freedom, just like he was able to go from broke accountant to multi-millionaire.

He explains that Click Wealth System features a never-seen-before method that is so easy anybody can make money online using it. There no need for any experience or technical skills.

But haven’t we all heard that before? How many of those products actually worked that way? How many of them gave you the training that you needed in order to really be making sales on a consistent basis?

One thing he says, and I really think he is only trying to scare you here, is that it costs him $1000+ in overhead costs every month and that making money online is a complex system that the average person will not understand and not be able to execute.

Seriously? I would take offence at that! How dumb does this guy think I am, right? Does he think that he is the only one with the brains to learn the easy ways of making money online?

If he was able to do it in a few months and make $50K, then how hard can it be? He really is contradicting himself here.

He will show you how to make money with a method called, customer middleman arbitrage, which to be honest, is just another name for affiliate marketing. He just wanted to make you think it’s something entirely different, so he put some complicated term to it.

Really, he says all you need to do is go through these 3 steps;

1. Choose a verified customer source from their insider list

2. Create a website using 5 clicks

3. Become the middleman and direct the customers to your website

Then sit back and relax, as you watch the profits come in day after day. It’s a complete step-by-step system that will show you everything you need to know. But I highly doubt that!

This is a $9 product, and how much will you actually get for that amount of money? Probably not very much. If people could make triple figures everyday, only working 30 minutes daily, everybody in the middle-class would be buying this and becoming six figure earners, without much work.

But that’s not what’s happening, is it?

Red Flags – Beware! These are signs of a low-quality product!

1) Who is Matthew?

I don’t know him, do you? I’ve never heard of him before, although I’ve been in the online marketing world for almost 3 years. If he was really somebody who’s been crushing it with affiliate marketing, I would know!

And it doesn’t help that he provides no pictures of what he looks like. I tried looking him up and there are a gazillion of Matthew Tang that come up. Nothing comes up specifically for Matthew Tang as an affiliate marketer.

So, if he is so secretive about who he really is, why would you trust him? The product creator remaining hidden is a big red flag that I’ve found with multiple scammy and low-quality products.

And that’s due to the product creator not wanting to be caught. If they remain hidden, then there’s no way anybody can catch them because there is no certainty as to what their real identity is.

Some product creators even go to the extent of using fake/made up names for themselves.

So bottom line is that we shouldn’t trust everything that Matthew tells us.

2) Proofs cannot be verified

Now, Matthew does say that the testimonials or reviews written by the people he shows us, are 100% verified proofs. But my question is, verified by who? By Matthew, who isn’t even comfortable showing us his face?

At this point, seeing as we don’t even know who he is, he could make anything up and those payment proofs/emails could potentially be made up as well. He could lie and not get into trouble for it.

You personally cannot get in touch with those people who supposedly created those testimonials and so, there is no way for you to verify what they are saying.

3) No information on what’s inside

If what was inside was high quality, all Matthew would need to do is actually show you what’s inside and allow the value of the product to sell itself. But that’s not what’s happening here.

He created like a 10 – 15 minute long video that actually does so little in the way of explaining how this all works and says nothing about what you’re actually getting inside.

This shows me that the inside is going to be so low-quality that if you saw it before buying it, you wouldn’t even consider it. That’s what happened with most of the other products that are similar to this one that I’ve reviewed before.

Some of those products are

So again, Matthew is being secretive about what’s inside, instead of letting it all out and letting the PRODUCT itself pull you in. If there was really any kind of value there, this would be the way to go to get you to really buy.

On the contrary, all Matthew does is play with your desires and your mind, telling you that you can get it all with this program when there is actually very little to gain. Remember, you’re only paying $9 for this.

4) Get-rich-quick claims

The terms and conditions or the disclaimer might tell you that they are not portraying a get-rich-quick scheme but if this video is protraying that, then I don’t know what else would.

Matthew claims to only need to work 30 minutes a day in order for you to make some big income. This is a done-for-you system that does not require a lot of work. Some testimonials even say they’ve made money within 24 hours.

So what this is telling me is that you CAN expect to start making money within 24 hours of purchasing the program and that  you don’t need to work hard to make it happen. You’ll only need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to make triple figures.

Well, that’s all BS! The truth is that it takes a lot of work in the affiliate marketing space to really start making a decent income, an income that change your life and help you quit your job. It doesn’t happen within 24 hours.

All this is doing is making the creators of those programs richer, because they prey on people who are looking to make money FAST! These creators make empty promises and are after your money. They are not interested in helping you out.

5) Fake scarcity

The next red flag that I see is that Matthew claims that this opportunity is going to be closed as soon as the maximum member capacity is reached. But that makes no sense.

Click Wealth System is found on the ClickBank network and you will only place a product there for sale if you’re looking for affiliates to promote it. That will help you make money and it will also help affiliates make money.

So why would anybody look for affiliates to promote a product if they are not looking to make money? Limiting the number of purchases is going to limit their income, right?

The truth is that this is fake scarcity! There isn’t a maximum number of people that can buy the program. Anybody who wants to purchase it will be able to do so, as long as the website is live and up.

And don’t believe that they will close their doors by midnight because that’s a lie! Just come back tomorrow and look at how they change the date at the top of the website. Again, that’s a big lie!

What You Get Inside

The inside is not very impressive to be honest. The training and the tools are low-quality at best and scammy at worst! That’s because you don’t get what is originally advertised in the sales video and you won’t get any results.

The first welcome message is in video format but the rest of the training is all in PDF. So you can already tell that there hasn’t been much effort that’s been put into this product.

The main way of earning money with Click Wealth System is affiliate marketing. So what you’ll be doing is promoting Click Wealth System to other people. Why you would want to do that really escapes me because it’s NOT good!

But anyways, you receive a squeeze page and a sales page where you’ll need to send traffic to. You’ll be shown a paid traffic method through Solo Ads, which is a bad idea, and social media traffic methods.

However, both methods are very poor because they don’t convert well.

Solo Ads are basically ads in email form that will be sent by somebody who has a big list. There will be a list of suggested Solo Ad vendors inside the program, which is what Matthew calls the “INSIDER LIST”.

You’ll be buying solo ads at prices that are actually inflated! Sure, this could mean that it’s better quality but who knows? My experience with solo ads is that you do get people opting in and your email list grows, but nobody takes any action.

If you’re buying solo ads and nobody is taking any action, meaning, nobody is buying your recommendation, then what’s the use? You’re not gonna make any profit.

When it comes to social media training, it’s very shallow! There is a particular tactic and skill that is required to make sales on social media and this training does not go over them in detail. You’re gonna end up spamming social media and getting your account suspended or shut down.

Oh and did you know that there are upsells within Click Wealth System? Yes, if you really want to make the big bucks, Matthew says, you have to upgrade! And they’re not cheap either. So much for making this available to everybody who needs it!

But I wouldn’t buy them if I were you because the upsells are not covered under the money back guarantee. All the money bakc guarantee covers is the initial investment of $9.

So if you end up spending $300 on the upsells, guess what? You’re only getting $9 back!

You have to really be cautious because if the front end of the product never produces results, then what guarantees are there that you will get the results you’re looking for when you buy the upsells?

There are also so many lies and red flags. I wouldn’t trust Matthew!

Is Click Wealth System A Scam?

It really depends on what your perspective is when it comes to defining a scam. A lot of people will say that this is not a scam because you are getting something in return for your money. There is also a money back guarantee, so you wouldn’t lose money.

However a lot of others will say that it is a scam because it does not work as advertised. There are also a lot of lies in the sales video and you don’t really get the results portrayed.

Of course, I’m not saying that he has to guarantee that you’ll make money, but what I’m saying is that if the method actually worked, then you should be able to make at least some money using the software.

But the traffic method does not really work and the conversion rate is terrible. You will end up losing money if you try to get traffic and sales using solo ads and you’ll fail miserably trying to get sales from social media.

People don’t go on social media to buy stuff. They go on there to connect to others, and to keep themselves updated on the pages they follow. They don’t have the mindset to buy anything.

Sure, there are pages you can join in order to promote your product, but from experience, that won’t work! It extremely hard to become trusted on social media, enough for people to buy what you recommend without any questions.

That’s why either way, I do not recommend Click Wealth System because it is very unlikely for you get any results with this program.

Better Method To Earning Online With Affiliate Marketing – With PROOFS!

I’m not saying that you can’t get results with affiliate marketing. Far from it! Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways for a beginner to make money online. It has worked so well for me! Take a look at some of these income proofs!

So as you can already tell, affiliate marketing works. It’s just that you need a reliable method in order to actually earn and profit from it. And this is what I want to show you!

I want to show you how to attract people to your product without you having to pursue them and beg them to buy from you. They’ll come to you and actually buy from your link! Isn’t that a dream come true for any affiliate marketer?


And not only will you receive the guide, but you’ll also receive my free 6-day email course that will kick start your online journey. You’ll get step by step a list of tasks to complete to keep you on the right track!

Moreover, you’ll also have free access to the training that I myself had access to when I first got started. This will provide even more support and even more training so you can really become successful.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s gonna take some time for you to learn the method, to put it into practice and then to start making money and then the profits.

But they’re all worth it! I’ve been through it so I know!

That’s why you can’t miss to sign up for my free guide because it’s one of the best that you’ll find around for completely free. Get access to the Number 1 Training platform today!

Thanks for reading my Click Wealth System review and don’t forget to share your experiences with this website and whether or not you made any money following the instructions.

Lots of Love,


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