Clone My Sites Review – A Scam or An Easy $500 Per Day?

I was invited to join this system by somebody on Facebook and decided to take it further to see what this was going to yield. What a dream come true to be able to make $1,000 a day. We would be free to quit our day jobs, go on vacation whenever we want, buy any car we like and have the freedom to do just about anything.

Jake, from Clone My Sites, promises that he can make that happen for you. Is Clone My Sites a scam that will leave you hanging and run away with your money? Or is it really a system that is going to change your life around financially?

In this review, I will be going over why I think that Jake isn’t who he is and why I also think that the system is totally worthless. By the end, you’ll get a good understanding of whether you should be investing in this or not.

At A Glance

Name: Clone My Sites


Owner: Jake

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: No

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What is Clone My Sites?

Jake starts off explaining that he has just created your brand new money-making account and after he clicks his mouse just a few times, your account is ready to start making you some money. It’s as easy as that for him. The money is just going to pile in as you watch the video and he will show you towards the end, how much you’ve made.

Then, he shows you what his partners have been saying about the system; one of the guys said he made $2,700 today. Another one said he made $4,000, and even Jake, who shows you that he has been able to make upto $7Million over the course of 4 years.

How it works, is that you can copy his websites and his methods of making money online that he has been using to generate so much money. All the work has been done for you and you literally just need to sign up and check from time to time that the money is coming in.

The reason why he wants to share it with you, is that when you make money, Jake makes money too and it’s a win-win situation for everybody. He even goes on to show you by the end of the video that your account has made $175 and that if you don’t sign up now, that this account will go to the next person in line.

Is everything Jake said the truth? Is he a scammer or will he really help you make $1,000 a day, like he claims? Does his system work? Well, read on to see what I have found about this system.

Who is Jake?

First of all, didn’t you find it strange that Jake didn’t share his last name? Additionally, there was no photo that was shared for us to be able to recognize him and to verify that he is a real person. What does that say about Jake?

In the online world, it is just too easy to impersonate somebody, or even to create a fake name. As an affiliate marketer that analyzes systems and programs in relation to making money online, I have seen pen names and fake names too many times. It has become mainstream to affiliate these kinds of systems with scams.

Because let’s face it; if the creator of the program is able to lie to you about something as simple as his name, then what stops him from lying to your face about what’s included within the system?

Moreover, this is a common tactic used by serial scammers because they are able to hide their identity. For each make-money-online program that they create, they will also create a new name associated with it, so that you are not able to recognize him, thus making you more prone to keep falling for scams.

This also makes it very hard for anybody to catch these scammers.

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

You’ve probably heard of this saying, meaning that NOTHING is free in this world. You’ve got to pay for everything, especially when it comes to making money online. It’s a business, so what makes you think that anybody is going to just hand over the secrets and the tools to you, so that you can benefit from it?

Everything comes at a cost and so does this system. It says that Jake will make you $1000 for FREE, when in reality, you have to pay $37 for this system.

Not only does the program come with an initial cost, but based on my experience with these types of systems, they also come with upsells. This means that not everything within the system will be accessible to you, even after paying the initial $37.

There will always be a higher level that will cost more. It’s the scammer’s way of extracting more money from you, without delivering on his promises.

Does Jake Really Take Over All the Work for YOU?

Jake says that all the work is going to be done for you and that all you need to do is to check your accounts to make sure the money was coming in. That’s a complete lie because there is always more work involved than these scammers let on.

That’s because they know people want to make money right away and that’s a luring tactic to get you to buy the system to make them richer. Something that Jake says stuck to my head and that’s him saying that the more money you make, the more he makes as well.

This is proof right there that this system uses an affiliate marketing model, where your work is going to have to promote the program in order for you to make money. When somebody buys the program through your link, you get paid a small commission and the scammer cashes in on the rest.

The reason why the scammer made this system available, is that he was looking for affiliates like you to fall into his trap, to do all the work for him instead, and to promote the system for him, so he can cash in on the money, without any hard work.

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Problems With Done-For-You Websites

It may seem amazing and great that this system offers you websites that are done for you, so that all you have to do, is to benefit financially from them. However, also know that they come with more disadvantages than advantages,

For one, these done-for-websites are going to be exactly the same for everybody that signs up. So it’s going to be the same for the person who referred you, it’s going to be the same for you, and it’s going to be the same for the person who you refer. Therefore, a big problem is going to be you having to drive traffic to this website.

It’s a problem, because now, you cannot rely on Google and the other search engines because they want UNIQUE and HELPFUL content. These websites will NOT be unique as they will be the same for everybody and chances are, they’re going to be one-page websites like the one that’s promoting Clone My Sites.

There is nothing helpful about it at all, except helping the scammer make more money off of you. The only way to get any kind of traffic without SEO, is to use social media (like the person who tried referring me was doing) or to invest in ads, which can get VERY costly. As a newbie, you can burn money VERY easily with ads, and this is not recommended at your level.

Another problem comes with the growth of your online business. Having a system that is done for you is going to make you dependent on it, and therefore, you’ll be limited to what the system can provide. You will never be able to scale your business to make more money, if you wanted to.

Additionally, should the scammer decide that they’re no longer making money with this system and decides to leave it, you’re going to be left your business in jeopardy. The scammer will be gone, the done-for-you websites will be gone, and your INCOME will be gone as well.

The Income Proof

The income that Jake shows you he was able to make is phenomenal and anybody looking to make money, would be in paradise if they could make that kind of money. But let me tell you that it is a sign of a scam to show you that so much money can be made without any work.

Just like explained above, you will have to do all the work by promoting the system. Yes, you will make some money, but the one getting rich is the scammer. It’s the scammer that’s ending up making money without lifting a finger.

And your money-making account is all fake! This is a Youtube video and a video that was done at the start of the promotion of this website. So you can rest assured that this is not live and there isn’t really a website that is making you money. You’ll end up having to either pay for a website and hosting to then promote this garbage, or you’ll be given an affiliate link to promote on the internet.

Jake says that people who tell you that they can help you make millions of dollars overnight are all scam artists, without realizing that that’s what he is telling us too. Remember when he said that he was able to make $7 Million in the span of 4 years?

That would mean that he made $1.75 Million within 1 year. If that’s not making you a millionaire overnight, then I don’t know what is. Because seriously, who would NOT get into an opportunity that could make them a millionaire and a half within a year’s time?

Other Red Flags

Apart from the above problems I came across, there are also other scammy tactics used to push you into buying the system. These are very commonly used in the online world, because people fall for them over and over again, either because they don’t know how making money online works, or they want a way to “get-rich-quick”.

1) Countdown

The countdown that we find within the sales page adds a note of urgency to the offer, making it seem as if the offer will expire once the countdown hits zero. However, don’t be scared of that because if you try refreshing the window, you’ll find out that it just restarts over again.

This just makes it seem as if there won’t be another chance to sign up for this program and that your chance of making $1000 a day will be gone forever. As you now know, this is not the case at all.

2) Doors will be closing tonight

This is another way to add urgency to the situation to push you into buying the system, by making it seem like you won’t ever be getting such an opportunity again. It works the same way as the countdown.

If you come back tomorrow, I can guarantee that the video will still be there. The reason that the video is still there is because the scammer wants more money; as long as it is bringing in money to the scammer and his affiliates, this video and the website is going nowhere.

2) BIG Mistake on the Privacy Policy Page

Another way to find out whether the system is a scam or not, is to look over it’s Privacy Policy page. Many times, you will find that the scammer copies and pastes the same privacy policy page of another scam, and forgets to change the name of the website represented within.

This is what has happened here as well. The privacy policy page seems to be one that belongs to This confirms that this is the work of a serial scammer that just wants to create worthless products, have innocent people fall for his lies and cash in on their payments while they become poorer and poorer.

Clone My Sites Review – Final Thoughts

I do think that Clone My Sites is plainly and simply a scam. There are just too many things that don’t add up with this system and there are too many scammy signs that I have seen with other scams that appear here.

You have the creator hiding his name, and making it sound so easy to make money online, when that’s not true. He tells you he will show you how to make $1000 a day for FREE and then wants to charge you for it. He also promises to do all the work for you, when really, you’re gonna be working for him.

Done-for-you websites also have their own fair share of disadvantages that are just not worth it, in my opinion. There are just too many limits imposed on you that way, in terms of your own development and in terms of financial growth, not to mention that your income could disappear entirely should the scammer throw in the towel.

The income proof that Jake shows you could be real, but I have a hunch that he made this income not through his system, rather by creating programs and scamming people out of their hard-earned money. On the other hand, the make-money account he claims to have created for you is 100% fake. You have to do the work!

Based on my experiences and evaluation of this system, it is a SCAM! I do not recommend that you sign up with “Jake” because you will just be wasting your money.

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