Clout OG Review – Too Many Lies To Be Legit?

Clout OG review

Welcome to my honest Clout OG review. Have you been wondering whether the website is a scam and whether it pays out or not? There are some pretty bold claims made and it almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, the truth is that in my experience, I’ve found websites that were too good to be true, to be scams or low-quality. And that’s why I wanted to take a look into Clout OG to let you guys know what I think.

And why should you believe me? I’ve been in the online space for 2.5 years now and I’m earning passive income online for the past year and a half. So I do know a thing or two about making real, legit money online.

I’ve also been reviewing make-money-online programs and website for the past 2.5 years and I bought into a lot of them already. I know what works and what doesn’t.

So if you want to be able to make an informed decision, then I suggest you stick around until the end of this review. You’ll be learning the truth.

Clout OG At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend Clout OG?: No, it’s a scam and a total waste of your time. They are luring you in to get a hold of your personal information. You’ll have to read more to find out all the details about what they want to do with your info.

What is Clout OG?

Before I even get into the review, I just want to say that I have seen similar websites to Clout OG before. They were Referral Pay, Notion Cash, Paid Leaf, Cash Influence and so on. And the bad news is that they were all scams.

All of them, including Clout OG, claim that you’ll be able to make a ton of money everyday, between $200 and $500. They all say that you’ll make money referring others to the platform and by also completing tasks.

They all work the same way and they all look very similar.

You’ll need to grab your referral link from inside the dashboard and share it on social media and for each click that you get on the link, you’ll make $2. For each person that signs up using your link, you’ll make $10 – $15.

Oh by the way, they don’t even know how much they want to pay you even. It says $20 inside the members’ area.

Even if I hadn’t seen this type of website before, it would be just like the first time I had seen it; there were red flags everywhere.

The first one that was very noticeable was the fact that they claimed you could make so much money in a single day. That works out to be between $6,000 and $15,000 every single month.

Have you ever heard of anybody making that kind of money completing simple tasks? I thought so! I haven’t heard of that anywhere.

Additionally, if people were able to make easy money online like this, why would anybody be struggling during those difficult pandemic times? It’s hard times and people are looking to make more money, right? But they aren’t!

That’s because there has to be a catch to Clout OG and similar websites.

How Clout OG Works

In order to understand whether a website is a scam or not, you need to know how the money flows within the business. If it makes sense, then chances are that it is a legitimate website. If not, then it’s obviously a scam.

And unfortunately, when I took a look at the business model for Clout OG, it made no sense at all.

I mean yes, people can make money referring others. That’s called Pay-Per-Lead. And people can make money completing tasks as well. These have been around for years and years.

But compared to other similar websites Clout OG pays WAY more, which might sound good to us but you have to know where the money is coming from.

And it seems the only place the website is bringing in the money is through the task wall. So what happens is that each time you complete a task, the advertiser gets notified and pays Clout OG. Then, you get your share.

But thnk about it; if that’s the place from where money is coming in, then it has to pay for ALL the expenses, right?

All the expenses for Clout OG include paying you for clicks on your referral links, paying you for referrals that come in, paying you for the tasks as well, and if you add the clicks, the $15 per referral and $30 per task, that’s almost $50.

Moreover, there are also employees to pay, maintenance fees and profit for the business. So are they charging $70 per task to be able to cover of their costs?

That does not make much sense, when there are other websites charging way less for a task, right? Like Swagbucks might only charge $1 or $2, which explains the low pay.

But at this rate, I fear that there might actually not be any advertisers working with Clout OG and thus, there’s no money coming in at all. How will they pay you?

Lies And Red Flags!

1) Unknown creator

One thing that I always look for is information on who created the website because that’s the only way to know whether they are reputable and whether they keep their promises or not.

And unfortunately, there’s no such information for Clout OG. We have no idea who created the website and that’s a red flag. That’s because in my experience, most of the websites that have anonymous creators were scams.

The truth is that they know you will soon discover their trickery and that’s why they don’t want you knowing who they are. If you knew, then you would report them and they would get in trouble. They would get sued, fined or even jailed!

So that’s why they stay hidden. Moreover, as we’ve already seen, these people will create scam after scam and still, they’ll never be caught. Be careful because that’s the truth behind unknown creators.

2) Was not launched in 2015

This is one of the same red flags that I also saw with the other websites and so, I didn’t hesitate to dig up the truth about when Clout OG was also created. They say that it’s in 2015 that they launched, but that’s all LIES!

I actually consulted the WHOIS.COM website and found out that the website was actually created on January 5th, 2020. Take a look at the proof below.

So why would they lie?

Well, websites that have been around for longer, maybe a few years, are more likely to become trusted because the chances of them being scams are lower. However, uncovering the truth about Clout OG does not really make it trustworthy anymore, right?

It’s only been around for 4 months so that’s not long enough for it to have a trusted track record.

3) Fake testimonials and payment proofs

Now that we figured out when Clout OG was actually launched, we can tell whether the testimonials and payment proofs are real or not. That’s because they mention dates.

For example, one of the testimonials actually mentioned being a member of Clout OG for a year, but we now know that the website hasn’t been around for that long. So how could anybody have made money for more than 4 months with this website?

Moreover, you also have fake income/payment proofs. Just take a look at the dates!

You now can see that they were all prior to January 2020, so how could anybody have received any money from Clout OG? Well, the truth is that those are all made up proofs. They were fabricated and put together by the scammer.

It’s impossible for anybody to have been able to make money back in 2019 since the website never existed then in the first place.

4) BBB Warning message

One more red flad and I already mentioned it, is the fact that it was similar to another scam that I have exposed before, called Notion Cash. And even the creator for Notion Cash was anonymous.

Since that’s the case and both websites work the same, can’t we not conclude that the same creator is behind them both? Then if that’s the case, then anything that applies to Notion Cash will also apply to Clout OG.

So then, the warning message that the BBB put out about Notion Cash will also apply to Clout OG. This is a snippet.

Snippet From The Website

Or you can read it in full HERE.

But briefly, what the BBB is saying here is that websites like Notion Cash are around to lure you in using high payouts only to get to your personal data. They collect personal data to use for their own financial gain.

It could either be to try and hack into your online accounts, if you’ve used the same email and passwords, or it could be to sell that information to other scammers and hackers.

Moreover, it could also be to steal to identity and if you live in North America, Europe or Australia, you know how much trouble that is!

That’s why I wouldn’t sign up with Clout OG at all because that’s the intention behind this website too.

Is Clout OG A Scam?

I absolutely think that Clout OG is a scam. Who would think otherwise, after seeing all those red flags and all of those lies exposed?

Clout OG does not have a legitimate business model, because if this website really worked, then they would be overcharging their advertisers. Nobody would want to pay the amounts that Clout OG demands.

Therefore, they are not affiliated with anybody at all. And that means that there is no money coming into the business to be able to pay their expenses. And that included paying you!

That’s one of the reasons that I don’t think they will pay.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that they lie to you over and over again, about when they got started, about the testimonials and even the payment proofs because they are all fake and made up!

We already sized them up against the date that the website was actually created and the dates on the proofs are WAY before the existence of the website. How could anybody have earned anything from a website that did not exist?

Moreover, there’s also the warning message from the BBB. Why would you give them any information now that you know what they’re gonna do with it?

It’s clear to me that Clout OG is a big scam that should be avoided!

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Lots of Love,


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