Clout Pay Review – I’ve Seen It Before And It’s BAD NEWS!

Welcome to my honest Clout Pay review.

You’ve probably seen this opportunity to earn online being splashed across social media and even might have received an email about how awesome it is and how much you can earn in a single day. The thing is that there are too many scams online, right?

So how can you really trust that Clout Pay is legit and that it works? How can you make sure they pay? How can you make sure that you’re not going to be falling for another scam that will cost you money and time?

Well, that’s why I’m writing this review. I was curious to know more about the program and to let you in on the secrets so you can make an informed decision. I don’t promote this program so rest assured that my review will give you the facts!

Let’s dive in!

Clout Pay At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money getting referrals and completing tasks

Price: Free

Do I Recommend it?: NO! It’s A SCAM!

What Is Clout Pay?

When I got to the Clout Pay website, I was greeted by a very simplistic homepage that firstly told me that I could be making $500 today and that I would get a $25 welcome bonus when I signed up. All that sounded great but because I’ve been online for a while and know how the online world works, it looked too easy.

At that moment, I was already very skeptical. It takes a lot of work to make that kind of money, even on your first day starting out so that’s what really prompted me to look further into Clout Pay.

Scrolling down, you are told that you need to sign up, share your link to earn and then withdraw your earnings. Again, it sounds easy but having reviewed over 300 programs, I know that things aren’t always as easy as they make it out to be. I was still on alert.

Then you get to the testimonials, saying that people are earning thousands and thousands of dollars with the system. It is possible to earn that kind of money online. I know because I’ve seen it. But these testimonials don’t tell you how long it took them to earn that much money.

That’s something that you will usually find in tesitmonials but without that information, you can’t really trust them at all. Is it $19K in a day or a week? That would be absurd and I totally wouldn’t believe that. Is it $19K in a year? That’s more believable. Without a time period, there isn’t any depth to the testimonials.

Overall, the whole thing just sounds too good to be true because if it was that easy to make money, then you would hear of more people quitting their traditional jobs, right?

How Clout Pay Works

The three steps to join, share and get paid are pretty self-explanatory. But I’ll go into more detail of how it all works in the background and what they want you to think.

So basically, once you sign up, you’ll get a link that you’re supposed to share on social media. Your goal is to get as many people to click on your link as possible and the more people that join and create their own accounts, the more money you can make.

You make $2 for every click on your link and $10 for every referral. That’s a high payout for that kind of job and that’s one of the red flags that popped up.

Clout Pay says that they want to make money from the traffic that you’re gonna be sending to their own website, which will help them make money from ads seen and clicked on. The more this happens, the more money they make and the more they can pay you.

It’s like ad-revenue sharing, which is something that’s actually legit.

But like I said, the problem comes with the amount that they are willing to pay you. You see, usually people looking to advertise will only pay a few cents to $1 per click on their ads. So how can they pay you $2, or even $10 per referral that you bring in?

Are they going to pay you out of their own pockets? If that’s the case, then you really don’t want to be part of Clout Pay because they’ll go brankrupt pretty soon. 

But if they really are charging advertisers $10+ for a piece of ad, then nobody will want to advertise with them. That, in turn, will mean that they won’t pay you.

What I thnk is happening here is that they are luring you in with promise of a high payout when in reality, they have no intention of paying you at all. It sounds like a few programs I reviewed in the past called Captcha Club (that promises to pay you for solving captcha).

More Red Flags – Reasons That I Think It’s A Scam

Not only does the pay seem too high for this kind of work, but I dug even further and found that there were even more red flags that indicate something shady is going on here. These are the reasons for which I wouldn’t waste my time with Clout Pay:

1) Who Is The Creator?

Well, there is absolutely no information on who created this platform and that’s something that I would be very skeptical about. If a company is legit, then you would have SOME information on who is the CEO, directors and customer service reps and so on, but there’s nobody mentioned anywhere on their ABOUT page.

This pushes me to think that Clout Pay has something that they want to hide, as with the many other low-quality programs and scams that I’ve reviewed in the past.

If there is no information on who owns the program, then how can you trust them? How can you give them any personal information? How can you even trust that what they say on their website is true?

2) The Video Testimonials

When you’re in doubt about a program or a system, even a product, you’ll look for reviews to help you understand how the product works, whether it even works or not and what kind problems people might be facing with it. But let me tell you that the video testimonials here are completely fake!

These are paid actors that have been hired from a website called FIVERR.COM and are being paid to read off a script. Look at a profile here.

So if they’re hiring actors and there aren’t any disclaimers saying that these people are being PAID to do positive testimonials and reviews, then what else are they lying to you about? It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I would take what they say with a grain of salt!

3) Website Age

Some people in the video testimonials say that they’ve been making money with Clout Pay for over 3 months and the about page even says that they’ve been in business since 2015. Well, I decided to check how long the website has been in existence and lo and behold! This is what I found out.

Clout Pay has actually only been registered for 2 months, since the writing of this review. So how could anyone have been using the website to make money for 3 months, then the website didn’t even exist then? You see how they are trying to con you and fool you?

4) Clout Pay Blog

Another indication that the website owner is trying to scam you by making things look legit and in business for a longer period of time, is the Clout Pay Blog. The website has only been registered for 2 months, since May 2019, and yet, you find blog posts that appear to have been written as early as January 2018.

The funniest thing is that THAT post is titled: “Is SEO Dead In 2019?” Why would they even discuss SEO in 2019 if they had written the post in early 2018? 

They’re just trying to make it seem like they’ve been in business for longer than they actually have to show more credibility and trust.

5) Serial Scammer On The Loose?

Additionally, this is not the first website that I’ve seen that promises you can make $500 per day by referring friends and doing ad-revenueThe  sharing. I’ve written another review for a program called Referral Pay and they both seem to be connected to Viral Dollars.

Well, people have complained A LOT about not getting paid with Viral Dollars. And because it seems like the same person is behind all three of these programs, I would recommend that you stay away from them because they’re all a complete waste of your time.

Is Clout Pay Legit?

My answer is that Clout Pay is a complete SCAM! I do not recommend that you sign up to work for them because it will be a complete waste of time. They won’t pay you and the red flags are glaring at you in the face!

The creator is trying to lure you in with high payouts when they have the intention of keeping all the ad revenue to themselves. They won’t pay you for any of your hard work. There’s no information on the creator at all, not for Clout Pay, not for Referral Pay and neither for Viral Dollars.

It is my opinion that the owner is trying to stay hidden so as not to get sued or caught.

The video testimonials are also fake and you have the website age to take into consideration as well. They’re lying about how long they’ve been in business and they’re conning you by making posts and testimonials looks older than they really are to fool you.

Just remember that if something sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. If something requires little to no work, then it’s probably a scam or low-quality. These people are looking to make money from your hard work and from your wallet. They don’t care about your dreams and your goals.

Clout Pay is a complete scam and you should avoid it!

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Thanks for reading my Clout Pay review. I really hope you’ve taken away some valuable information and that you can now make an informed decision. Please also share if you’ve had experience with the program. I would love to hear from you.

Your Friend,


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