Review – Another Fraud or Is It Legitimate?

Cloutshout review

You’ve seen the website and people are promoting it like crazy, now, you want to know the truth. Well, welcome to my HONEST review, where you won’t be fed BS.

I’ve been in the make money online industry now for about 3 years and if I can’t recognize a scam by now, I would shoot myself in the leg! LOL

But seriously, I’ve made some pretty good money online and it continues every month, so I know pretty damn well of what works and what doesn’t.

You don’t have to listen to me, but at least consider what I have to say about CloutShout because I’ve come across some pretty nasty red flags you should know about. Let’s find out the truth, shall we?

CloutShout At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money completing surveys and referring friends

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?; No! It’s a complete waste of time and a complete scam. It will not pay out, just like its predecessors. If you think there is no risk to try it out, think again! Your personal information will be sold without your permission.

What Is CloutShout?

CloutShout is one of those “get-paid-to” or GPT websites that pay you for completing small tasks. Usually, similar websites that legitimately pay you for these small tasks will pay you peanuts. But not CloutShout.

This website boasts to pay you $20 – $40 per hour, and you could even get paid $60 for each task that you complete. Additionally, there is a $2 payout for every click you get on your referral link and $10 for every referral you get.

To sweeten the deal even further, you make 20% commissions off of your referrals earnings. Adding them all together just makes it seem like some big, easy money, right?

I mean, it looks like you could just quit your 8-hour shift job, where you’re only making $100 – $200 per day, and work the same 8 hours on CloutShout, where you could be making $320 in a single day!

But hold the phone please! I hate to break your dream bubble but that ain’t gonna happen. CloutShout is an EASY money website and when a website advertises EASY money, it’s either you get so little you can’t live off of it or it’s a scam.

That’s because other legitimate websites that have been around for a long time before CloutShout, like SwagBucks, TimeBucks, Slice the Pie and so on, don’t pay as much as CloutShout does.

We also have to lean on logic here: if it was as easy as that to earn online, there wouldn’t be a single person struggling with money today. There wouldn’t be anybody on the streets, or losing their homes or struggling with the bills.

So what’s the catch with CloutShout? I seriously think it’s a scam, since there have been other similar websites before that boasted the same thing and they never paid out anybody. I’ll show them all to you further down.

How CloutShout Works – Shady Business Model!

The first thing you need to realize is that a business is legitimate only if the business model makes sense. If more money is coming in than it is going out, then the business can sustain itself for the long term.

If not, then chances are that it won’t be long until either the business collapses or until it is proven to be a scam.

And unfortunately. the way that CloutShout works does NOT make any sense at all, with the way that it is structured. It will start to make sense very soon, I promise!

So CloutShout says that it will pay you to refer other, get clicks on your referral link, complete tasks and even earn on your referrals’ earnings. Moreover, there is also a sign up bonus of $25!

Where is all that money coming from? The money needs to come from somewhere to be able to pay you, right? The only conclusion is that it comes from their affiliated partners.

So when you complete a task, ClouShout gets paid, and then transfers your share of the money into your dashboard. Although it sounds wonderful to get paid $60 per task, you have to think of it from the perspective of the affiliated partners.

Would they really pay you $60 for a task that will only cost them $1 on a website like SwagBucks? Not likely! And that’s the red flag! Companies are not likely to pay CloutShout so much for this task when they could pay way less somewhere else.

That’s why I think that CloutShout actually has no partners and if there are no partners, there is no money coming in for the business and there isn’t any way to pay you.

Bottom line; stop dreaming! You won’t get paid with CloutShout!

The Red Flags – Why I Think You Won’t Get Paid

If you don’t believe me, then here are a few of the other red flags that I uncovered. You have to seriously consider them because in my experience, these red flags have come up too many times for other websites that turned out to be scams.

1) Unknown Creator

Knowing who or which company created a website is very important because you need to make sure you are doing business with somebody who will keep their promises. But CloutShout does not disclose this information.

That’s usually the sign of a scam because scammers usually create multiple scam websites and remain anonymous so as not to be caught or called out. And this is actually the case with CloutShout.

Other websites like Referral Pay, Tap 2 EarnSpininCash, CashCrate and so on, have the same layout, the same pay out claims, the same history time line, the same payment proofs as well.

So the only conclusion is that the same person is behind all of those websites, as well as CloutShout. If he didn’y pay anybody on those other websites, he won’t pay out through CloutShout either.

2) Creation date of website

The timeline on CloutShout says that it was created back in March 2015, but history repeated itself! The other websites all said the same thing and it turned out to be false! At the time of reviewing them, they were only a few months old.

So, I decided to also verify the creation date of CloutShout and lo and behold! The website was actually created in February 2020 and not in March 2015. Take a look at the report below!

Now you may be asking, Reyhana, why would they lie? Well, that’s to fool you of course! They’ll tell you anything to get your trust. They want to make you think they’ve been around longer because that’s a sign of a legitimate website.

But as you can now see, they’re just bluffing! They have not been online long enough to establish a good record or history. that’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t trust them.

3) Fake testimonials and proofs

Now that we know when the website was actually created, I wanted to find out whether the payment proofs and the testimonials are real or fake, because to be brutally honest, the other websites’ proofs were all fake and made up.

As you can see below, the proofs are dated.

But how can anybody have made any money with this website in 2019 when it didn’t even exist? That makes no sense because nobody could have signed up with a website that didn’t exist, nobody could have referred anybody there and nobody could have completed any tasks, right?

The only two conclusions that I can come to in this case is that either the proofs are completely made up or they were copied from another website and photoshoped. Either way, it means that CloutShout has never paid anybody and won’t pay you.

Moreover, the testimonials on the home page say that they’ve been with the website for 1 year, but again, it’s impossible because the website has only been around for 6 months.

To me, these testimonials are completely made up. People aren’t making money with this website.

4) Fake address

This is the best red flag that I’ve ever seen! The creators of CloutShout want to make you think that they are legitimate and so, they give you an address. But the truth is that the address is fake!

I mean, it is a real address that is found in New York, but if you actually go there, what you’ll find is a chinese restaurant. You won’t see an office for CloutShout anywhere!

So not only have they not diclosed who the creator is, lied to you about when they were created, lied to you about the testimonials and payment proofs, but they’ve also lied about their whereabouts.

Doesn’t that seem a little to excessive to you? It does to me!

Is CloutShout A Scam?

I really don’t have much left to say except that CloutShout is a scam. It is a complete waste of your time, just in case you might be thinking of trying it out.

The truth is that there are so many people that wasted their time trying out some of those other similar websites I mentioned within this review, and they never got paid. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to try, but don’t get your hopes up.

To me, the red flags are a definite YES to CloutShout being a scam. Those are the same red flags that I found for the other websites and many others. I reviewed close to 500 websites on so I know when something is a scam.

There are just too many lies before you even sign up with them! So how can you be sure at all, that they’re actually gonna pay you after you’ve signed up?

We don’t event know who created CloutShout, so who would you report if you really are scammed?

I know these are desperate times, but it does not mean that you have to call for desperate measures. At least not to this point! There are so many other legitimate websites that will actually pay you for the work you do.

That’s why I do suggest that you skip CloutShout and request that you take a serious look at the alternative below, that ACTUALLY works!

Legit Alternative That WORKS! Proof Included!

Okay, you want to make quick cash. I get it! But trust me when I say that quick cash equals to LOW pay. That’s because the tasks are so easy to do and everybody can do it. There really isn’t a big demand for that kind of work.

When demand goes down, so does the price/pay!

But let me show you a way of earning online that will ALWAYS have demand; it’s called affiliate marketing. That’s because many big companies like Amazon, Ebay and so many others, need affiliates to promote their products.

Instead of paying for advertisement space, they pay affiliates to advertise their products and thus, save a lot on advertising costs. Companies will always want to save money and thus, there will always be a need for affiliates.

And if you’re wondering whether it works or not, check out one of my recent pay!

So as you can see, affiliate marketing really works!


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Thanks for reading my review and if you’ve had any experience with this website, I ask that you help us out by leaving a comment and sharing with us. 🙂

Lots of Love,



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