Club Cash Fund Review – Ugly Truth REVEALED!

Club Cash fund review

Welcome to my honest Club Cash Fund review.

You’ve probably heard from somebody who is doing this and wants to recruit you into it, saying that you’re going to be making tons of money, right? Or maybe you stumbled across the website and are wondering whether it’s a scam or a legit opportunity?

Whatever questions you may have about Club Cash Fund, I’ll be answering them all within this review. So by the end, you’ll know exactly what it is, how it works and whether you should be joining or not.

Just an FYI: I am not associated or a member of Club Cash Fund so I will not be pitching it up to you. This is an honest and unbiased review that will help you make an informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review!

Club Cash Fund At A Glance


Owner: Chad

Purpose: Make money on autopilot in the mail

Price: $100

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! Stay Away!

What is Club Cash Fund?

Chad says that Club Cash Fund is a program that will make you hundreds of dollars a day like clockwork that you’re going to be receiving in the mail. It isn’t complicated and the only one who can complicate things is you. You just have to follow his instruction and you won’t mess up.

There are only two steps to making money with Club Cash Fund and that’s to call the number on the sales page and to request your free Quick Start Kit, that will have all the information you need to get started.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Well, I’m not falling for it, no matter how much money he says that I can make with this. I’ve seen too many programs promise that the system is going to be as easy as 1-2-3 but things almost never work out the same as they claim it to work.

Think about it: if things worked like that and it was so easy to make money, then why is everybody trading their time for money working for others? Why not just ditch their jobs and do things like this program suggests to make hundreds of dollars per day, which is not even going to require them to leave their house?

I’ve fallen for too many scams to believe everything that Chad says so I will be taking a deeper look into this. Most of the time, if something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is and I have a feeling that Club Cash Fund is going to be no different.

How Club Cash Fund Works

Wow! I had to do A LOT of research to find out how the system actually worked. Nobody who’s in it actually gives you any details. I went to Youtube and couldn’t really find a lot of video explaining the process so I had to piece it all together to have an idea.

Once you listen to the recording by calling the number on the sales page, you’ll hear a ton of testimonials from people getting paid, which is great! I even saw a video on Youtube where a guy got paid. He opened a letter from Club Cash Fund, received him money and they requested for a testimonials over the phone.

So you can rest assured that the testimonials are real.

You then need to request your free Quick Start Kit and when you receive it, the next instruction will be to send the company $100 as a sign of your commitment and for alleged licensing. That’s really confusing. Why do you need a license at all for this program?

And you were never told you needed to pay $100, right? You were supposed to get FREE money as per the heading:

But oh well! Once you do send them the $100, you basically become part of somebody’s downline. You become eligible to earn $20 for each referral that you bring in or that your downline brings, three levels down. This sounds like an MLM, right?

But in my opinion, it’s more like a pyramid which is illegal! An MLM will have products that you’re going to be promoting, in addition to building your downline. But with Club Cash Fund, there aren’t any products that they are selling. You’ll be selling the system and the only way to make money is to recruit.

It’s almost like some other programs that I reviewed before like Email Processing System and Easy 1 Up.

If you choose not to recruit, then you could make money from other people’s recruits because the $100 from a recruit get divided into 5; the first $20 goes to the direct sponsor, the next $20 goes to their sponsor, the third $20 goes to THEIR sponsor, then the next $20 goes to whoever is put in the rotator at random and the last $20 goes to the company.

However, the problem is caused when nobody wants to recruit and hoping that others will do the recruiting so they can benefit. If everybody does that, then nobody earns.

The Flaws In The System

The first flaw is that the system is obviously illegal and if you get caught, you could be facing charges. This is a pyramid scheme without a doubt. Don’t believe anybody that tells you that you’re going to be getting website and marketing materials as products.

Sure, that could be included as a price but what do they all help you do? Sell the very same system that you were sold to. It does not help you do anything else. Therefore, this is a pyramid in disguise.

Another flaw that I see is that they say you will make $100s of dollars on autopilot with the system. While this is possible, you still need to recruit and work hard to convince people to make any money. If you have no downlines making sales, then you don’t make anything.

Another flaw is that the more people that join this system, the more competition you have. Sure you will earn from your downline recruiting and you’ll earn just as much as them but that only works on three levels. That’s not a lot at all. If you only recruit one person that person recruits two more, that’s only $60 that you get.

Additionally, for example, if you want to make $1000 every single month, that’s 50 new recruits that you need to find every single month between you and your downlines (limited to 3 levels, remember that). That’s incredibly hard and won’t last long.

Moreover, they do put you in a rotator but the truth is that the more people that are recruited, the more people need to go through the rotator, meaning that having you be one of the people selected to be in the rotator at any given time, is like trying to win the lottery.

The chances are VERY slim, right?

So it does not make sense that the aim of this program is to recruit and that the more you recruit, the more difficult it will be for you to make money.

Is Club Cash Fund A Scam?

I absolutely think that it is the scam because of the fact that it is misleading. There doesn’t exist a system, at least as of yet, that would make you money on complete autopilot. A real business, whether it be online or offline, requires work. The kind of work that you’ll need to do here is 100% recruiting.

There is no product which makes Club Cash Fund illegal; it is a pyramid and cash-gifting scheme that you should avoid. Not only that but there are major flaws within the system that will make the program fail over time, which is not a future anybody wants to see with their business, right?

I don’t deny that you can make some money with this program. There is a lot of proof of that on Youtube if you search for them. However, it is not the solution for you to quit your job. This is a temporary business that might bring you some part-time money in the meantime but nothing that you’ll be able to retire with.

Also remember that there could be repercussions to being involved in such a program. Similar programs got shut down by the FTC last year, one called MOBE and the other, DA. They both operated in the same way: giving you training to promote the same system you were invited to join.

So if they were shut down, do you think Club Cash Fund will be spared? One way or another, either the system will fail or it will be shut down. There is no future for it. There is no point to waste your time and money with this because you could be building another business that’s much bigger instead of joining this.

I absolutely do not recommend Club Cash Fund. Nothing good can come out of it.

Let Me Show You A Legit And FREE Alternative!

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m not going to show you some fancy video promising you hundreds or thousands of dollars without any work. But what I can do is help you get access to a system that you can try out FOR FREE that can change your life, if you follow the instructions.

I’m an affiliate marketer and what I do is promote other people’s products. I write about problems for which people might be looking for solutions and recommend products that help eliminate their problems. Each time the product gets sold, I’m rewarded with commissions off the sale of that product.

It’s really very easy to grasp but there is a learning curve and you need to practice to make it work. You can make as much as you want or as little as you want, it will all depend on how much you are willing to learn and to work.

If you want something legit and that is FREE, then I recommend you look no further. Affiliate marketing has changed my life and it could change yours, if you give it a chance. That’s why I created a FREE GUIDE that will give you all the information you need to start making recurring income like me:


You’ll learn of my journey, of the 4 steps to success, of what is required to be successful and of the FREE resources that I use to run my business. These are the kind of things that no guru will tell you for free. But you’ll find all my secrets in my guide that you can GET RIGHT HERE.

Whether you like it or not, you wouldn’t lose a dime by trying it out.

Thanks for reading my Club Cash Fund review. Have you had any experiences with the program? Have you made money with it? What do you think of the arguments I brought up? Leave them all in the comments sections below.

Your Friend,


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