Club Shanghai Review – A Scam Or Life-Changer?

Welcome to this honest Club Shanghai Review.

You’re probably on this review because you have been scammed before and are skeptical of the promises made within the sales video, or you’re probably just wondering what the heck Club Shanghai is about, and wondering whether it is really going to be a life-changer.

After all, for $7, it sounds pretty good, right?

But no matter how good an opportunity sounds, research is important because chances are that once you spend the $7, it will be gone forever. So I have to congratulate you on researching this “seemingly” good product before investing in it. For all we know, it could well be a scam.

You’re sure to know, by the end of this review, whether Club Shanghai is for you, so read until the end!

Club Shanghai At A Glance


Owner; “Steve” and “Warren”. Presented by “Jermaine Jones”

Purpose: Make money using messenger apps

Price: $7+

Do I Recommend It?: No. Smells like a scam!

What Is Club Shanghai?

As per Jermaine, this program was created by two chaps, Steve and Warren and he is merely the presenter of this program. He explains that he was a broke journalist who wrote reviews about product after product and never seemed to find a program that could make him money.

Until he stumbled across Club Shanghai. Now he makes $128.5K and it only took him 13 clicks of the mouse, and that in that way, Club Shanghai is a “profit goldmine”, where you can start earning as early as today.

The program is supposed to show you how to use WeChat, a messenger app that started making waves in China, but that is available to the whole world now. Apparently, by investing into Club Shanghai for $7, you’ll get access to the platform that will show you how to get “a piece of this multi-billion dollar pie”.

Yeah, right! First of all, the way that Jermaine talked seemed much too “forceful” and not natural at all and I found what he said very hard to believe.

And I’m not making fun here. I’m just saying that these things are similar to what I’ve heard before and that this program sounds like too much of a “get-rich-quick” scheme to me, just like these other programs I reviewed;

1) Easy Retired Millionaire

2) EZ Bay payday

3) Fast Cash App

4) Private Cash Sites

5) Money Looper

All of the claims he makes, although they sound good, are just too unrealistic, when you know how the online world works. There’s no push-button system or shortcut that is going to get you to $100K as fast as he claims.

How Club Shanghai REALLY Works

Well, isn’t it just AWESOME when these sales videos don’t tell you A THING about what’s inside the program and how it all works? (sarcasm) I just HATE it when they are so mysterious.

But, it’s nothing that I can’t live with because this is a tactic that most scammers and low-quality programs use, in order to get your attention and to make you think that there really is a “secret” to making money online that the GURUS are keeping from you.

There’s nothing further from the truth as that! There’s no secret sauce, shortcut or push-button software that will make you money, as much as I myself wish that such a thing existed. The truth is that it takes either a lot of time or a lot of money to make it big in business, be it online or offline.

You either need to invest a TON of money to get people to do the dirty work for you while you cash in on the profits or you need to invest TIME in your learning and in working on the business, to make it work. What’s even better, is if you do both, but a business is never going to work if you don’t invest money OR time.

So Jermaine talks about WeChat, which is a messenger-type app and it’s true that these apps are making a killing right now, but the heck does he expect you to make money with them?

I mean, either you can use these apps to CONNECT with prospects and offer your services and products and that can increase your clientele, or you can invest in ADS to promote your services or products to the people using these platforms. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.

So again, you either need TIME to connect with your prospects and WORK towards your sales, or you have to INVEST in ADS to get your leads, if you don’t want to spend time and work on getting those leads.

You see it now?

Jermaine? Steve? Warren? Who?

Yeah, who are these guys? The only “Steve” and “Warren” that I’ve heard of were the ones in my high-school classes and even then, I cannot be sure because we are never given last names, right?

What does Jermaine hope to accomplish by giving us these names, that we can’t even verify? I mean, how many “Steves” and “Warrens” are going to pop-up with a Facebook or Twitter search? It makes it impossible to verify whether these two guys are even real, right?

But I can definitely say something about Jermaine, and that’s the fact that Jermaine Jones isn’t even his real name. Wanna know why? It’s because HE tells me so, in small print. You’ll see it all the way at the bottom of the sales page.

So what does that mean? Jermaine is not upfront. It’s BS that he is hiding his true identity because of “Privacy”, because what does he have to be afraid of, if he is presenting you with a real, legit opportunity? On the other hand, knowing that he is a real person will most likely get you to sign up, right?

In my experience, the creators or presenters of make-money-online programs hide their true identity because they don’t want to be recognized. They know they are presenting a scam or low-quality product and as such, don’t want to face the backlash or consequences of their actions.

This also allows these people to create scam after scam and to change their “pen names” along with the name of the program, to con you. That’s why the scammers are never caught.

Jermaine hiding his real identity, actually puts doubts in my head now, about everything that he says about the program. If he is lying about his name, then he might also be lying about the whole thing.

Will You Get Access To THE WHOLE Program?

My guess is no. You won’t get access to the whole program with a payment of only $7. Programs like these lure you in with promises that there’s only a one-time fee, but seem to conveniently forget to tell you about the other fees you are required to pay, in order to get access to the whole program.

99% of the time, there will be upsells even before you reach the member’s area and those upsells can cost you in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. They will lure you with higher and faster returns, when in reality, these things don’t exist.

They only make the program and what you get with the upsells for attractive. It’s how they make their money.

Also keep in mind that when Jermaine talks about a 60 day money-back guarantee, that this only applies to the $7 entry fee. It does NOT apply to the upsells, that are more often than not, MORE EXPENSIVE. Tread this caution with these kinds of program.

Fake Scarcity

Scarcity is when a lack of time or lack of spots is advertised, thereby making you feel pressured to sign up so as not to miss out. Jermaine is using “fake” scarcity here.

He tells you that there are only 100 spots available at the steep discount and that you should grab it now, unless you want to give your spot, and your chance of making hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the next person in line.

Don’t fall for this, because I guarantee that if you visit the website tomorrow, or in a month’s time, that spaces will still be available. This is a tactic to create a sense of urgency and of fear, pushing you to sign up and to give up your money to them, when there really isn’t a deadline or a limited number of spots available.

Never succumb to the pressure of these types of sales videos, because if a program is not good enough to last, then it’s not good enough for your future.

Rehashed Program?

I thought I had finished my review, but when I was trying to get the shortest “website link” possible to put into my “At A Glance” section above, I actually came across something very interesting; the following log in page appeared.

And it advertised a program that I had already reviewed before, called Club 365.

That’s when I came to know that Club Shanghai is a rehashed program. Remember when I told you that scammers will change their names with the new scams that they create? Well, what do you know? This is actually happening with this program too.

If you take a took at my Club 365 review, you’ll see that the name of the creator is actually Justin Powell. Not Jermaine, not Steve and not Warren. Where the heck did Jermaine get those names from?

Additionally, Club 365 promised to help with affiliate marketing and list building and I have no idea how WeChat is supposed to fit into the picture.

From all the information that I have gathered, it just looks like Jermaine is trying to mislead you and to scam you into getting to your hard-earned money.

Is Club Shanghai A Scam?

Absolutely, Club Shanghai is a complete scam. It is advertised as being a new program that will be using the concept of messenger apps like WeChat to help you make money when it actually isn’t ANYTHING like that.

Jermaine hides his identity and is so vague with the creator’s names as well. There is no way to verify any information, not even his income. So there’s nothing reassuring me that what he tells me throughout the video is true at all. Fake scarcity is used, just like many of the other scams that I have uncovered as well, so it does not help.

The ultimate proof that this is a scam, was when I uncovered its relationship with Club 365, which was a scam to begin with, only providing you with 6 ebooks, that are VERY generic in nature and does not give you the information promised. So at the end of the day, neither Club 365 nor Club Shanghai work as advertised.

Club 365’s creator is Justin Powell, so we have no idea where all the other names, like “Steve” and “Warren” come from. In my opinion, these are just made up names, which would make sense in our scenario.

All in all, I deem Club Shanghai as being a SCAM and I highly recommend that you NOT waste your time and money on this program.

What’s The Best And Legit Way To Start Earning Online?

Unlike Jermain, I’m going to tell you exactly what I do and how I make money online. Oh and the best part, is that you can try what I do for FREE. So even if you think it’s not for you, you can walk away without having lost ANY money. Sounds fair?

So what I do, is literally type articles for 2 – 3 hours daily. You don’t have to write everyday if you don’t want to as depending on what you write about, 3 – 4 articles a week is more than enough. Google then sends people and buyers to your article for FREE.

I make sure to include keywords (for Google) and my special link, directing my readers or buyers to where they can buy what I recommend within my articles and each time a sale is made, I make a commission. Depending on what you recommend, you could earn from 4 – 75% of the sale.

How awesome is that? And you can learn about how to start a similar business for completely free. Why not give it a try now? You’ll get relevant training, tools as well as all the support you need to become a success. You can work from the comfort of home. No need for recruiting ANYBODY or pestering your family to buy from you.


Like I mentioned earlier, there’s NOTHING to lose at all, because there’s no need to sign up with a credit card. I look forward to helping you inside the platform.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Club Shanghai or making money online in general, please don’t hesitate to leave them below. I love hearing from you guys!

Your Friend,


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