Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam – The HONEST Truth Behind The System

Congratulations on doing your research before investing in a “seemingly good” program.

Will Coffee Shop Millionaire scam you out of your hard-earned money and take advantage of your weaknesses, or is it really a system that will make you a millionaire? Will you be able to achieve financial freedom and live the life of your dreams by investing in it or will you just be wasting money and time?

Well, there are too many scams on the internet nowadays and it is hard to know if they’ll work, specially if you have no experience online. So let me help you identify whether Coffee Shop Millionaire will be your ticket to freedom.

Before we begin, just know that I do NOT promote Coffee Shop Millionaire and thus, I will not be pitching it up to you. Therefore, you can count on my review to be honest and unbiased, based on facts about the program and my personal experiences.

Let’s dive right in!

Coffee Shop Millionaire At A Glance


Owner: Anthony Trister

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend it?: Absolutely NOT!

What Is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

The owner of the program, Anthony, tells you that by following the Coffee Shop Millionaire system and instructions that you will be able to become an entrepreneur and make the most money that you’ve ever made. He even shows you a few people who have supposedly sent him some testimonials.

Isn’t it amazing that one person was able to bring in over $455 in one single day?

Anthony says that all he does all day, is sit in a Coffee Shop, watch people rushing by as they’re getting late for work, while he is sipping his coffee, making calls and sending a few emails per day. Then, he watches the money “flood in”.

I appreciate he tells you that you need to work a little for it, but where he is misleading you, is when he says that you can earn thousands of dollars within a few weeks, starting from scratch. he even says that all you’ll need to do is to copy and paste what he does.

Sounds too easy, right?

Well, to me it sounds hyped up because I know how earning money online works and it won’t work the way that Anthony claims. I’m not saying that he is lying and he may well have made $21K within a few weeks, but that’s because he already knows what to do and what not to do.

There’s no way for a beginner to make that kind of money from scratch because there’s a learning curve with internet marketing. Not even a newbie that start’s full-time will be able to make that kind of money right away.

I’m very suspicious of those testimonials too because for all we know, Anthony could have himself slapped a name to a fake testimonial he wrote himself. There’s no verifiable proof that there are people who have actually found success with his system.

And don’t you find it so weird that Anthony tells you NOTHING of how it’s going to work inside? He doe snot even give you a breakdown of what you’ll get after payment. it’s like buying a car without knowing it’s features and limitations. Would you just blindly buy in this manner?

So don’t buy Coffee Shop Millionaire until after you’ve read this entire review. The truth will shock you!

The Training – Complete Disaster?

What you’ll see inside is an outdated feel to the member’s area. It is easy to navigate but the fact that the member’s area hasn’t been updated really worries me because the training could be outdated too.

You get access to 12 modules, in the form of video, that will go over SEO, video and email marketing, article marketing and local marketing as well. But I have to let you know that I was right; the training really is outdated. There’s a lot of info that could harm your online business instead of help it.

The problem is that the program is marketed to newbies and experienced marketers alike and yet, you’ll find that it’s going to be incredibly hard as a newbie to really grasp and understand the material. The training in my opinion is all over the place.

The training can also be more classified as informational videos rather than “how-to” videos, because it does a good job of giving you ideas and things to look into and tools and so on, but it fails to really show you how it’s all done, which is what a newbie really needs when starting out.

If you didn’t know how to read, would it have been easier for you to have unrelated videos giving you tips and tricks? Or would be it easier to have a teacher and a curriculum to help you learn it?

The same thing is happening here; you only get bits and pieces and no curriculum. Without a step-by-step approach, chances are that you’re going to fail or give up.

Will It Only Cost You $37?

The bad news is no, it’s not going to only cost you $37. That’s a cost to only get you through the door. The upsells are presented to you as soon as you get past the initial purchase, even before getting to the member’s area.

What’s the use of getting these upgrades when you don’t even know what you’re going to be learning, how it all works and if the training is going to be good or bad? That’s why I really hate upsells. They are there to make the creator richer in most cases.

there’s an upsell for $297 that will get you access to a program called The Six Figure Success Club. But that’s not all. You also ned to dish out more money for a domain name and hosting, which could add on another $100.

Since I found that the main training was outdated, I wouldn’t recommend that you try the upsell because chances are that it’s going to be outdated as well. These types of training will do more harm to your online business that it is going to do any good.

Some people have also revealed that the real information to making money online (which will most probably be outdated) is in the upsell. So in other words, the only way to make money is to upgrade to the Six Figure Success Club, contrarily to what was said in the video.

Remainder how Anthony said that there was only going to be an investment of $37 for access? That’s very misleading!

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam?

To be honest with you, I don’t think that Coffee Shop Millionaire is a scam, but it is heavily outdated and that’s the main reason as to why I don’t recommend it.

The training is also only informational and won’t really get you started on earning the $21K that Anthony talks about in the video. The testimonials are also very suspicious because there’s no way to really know if they’re real. They’re not verifiable and the reason that is, is because there just aren’t any real success stories.

Without a step-by-step training, you simply won’t succeed as a newbie if you were to follow this system alone.

You might find reviews from other people promoting the program but they’re not actually using it or practicing what’s taught. They’re probably experienced internet/affiliate marketers that are promoting it for compensation and not because they’ve had results with it.

Let me also add that there are other ways to learn the basics of marketing online through other courses online that are going to be cheaper and updated. The fact that the sales video is still up to this day, since like 2014 just shows that Anthony does not have your best interest at heart.

If he did, he would either update the material or just remove this product altogether, right?

But anyways, these all add up to the reasons as to why I don’t feel comfortable recommending Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Discover My Secrets To Making Passive Income Online – FREE!

Unlike Anthony, I’m not someone claiming that you can make thousands of dollars overnight. I’m not going to show you a get-rich-quick shceme and I’m not going to promise that it’s going to be easy. Because the truth is that there is a ton of learning, work and patience required to become successful online.

What I do is affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what that is, then refer to my other blog explaining WHAT AFFILIATE MARKETING IS.

But in a nutshell, you’re mostly going to be tackling problems usually have, and that can be about anything, and offering a solution. The solution is a product that will take care of the problem for your audience. What you’ll do is write about it, get readers from Google for free and make money when people buy through your link.

Pretty easy to understand, right? But remember when I said that you NEED step-by-step training to become successful? Well, I put together a FREE guide and a FREE 6-day course where you can learn all about the training that I chose and that has enabled me to start my online business and my road to passive online income.


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