Commission Plan X Review – Did You Notice The Red Flags?

Commission Plan X review

Welcome to my honest Commission Plan X review.

Why should you read this review completely and believe what I say? Well, I’ve been in the make-money-online world for over 2 years now and I’m making a great passive income from my online business.

This shows that I know what works and what doesn’t.

There are too many scams on the internet nowadays and if you don’t want to lose money and time to them, then the best thing is to do your research, and I’m happy to see you doing just that right now.

Is Commission Plan X a scam, like so many of the others on the internet or is it a program that will really work as advertised? Will you really make a ton of money with the program or will you just be let down like before?

Read until the end if you want to really make an informed decision. It’s gonna save you, believe me!

Commission Plan X At A Glance


Creator: Dylan Gardner

Purpose: Affiliate marketing

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend It?: No, It’s most likely a low-quality program that won’ t yield the results advertised.

What is Commission Plan X?

To be honest, I already had red flares going off in my head because the website for the first video says that you can make an EASY $1.5M. How can anybody make that kind of money so easily?

If it was that easy, then there wouldn’t be anybody working for anybody else at this point in time. Nobody would be struggling financially and nobody would be in as much debt. Yet, that’s not what’s happening, right?

But anyway, there are quite some bold claims that Dylan makes, like you being able to get paid today with no experience necessary. All the training is provided and it only takes 15 – 20 minutes of work daily to earn you big money.

I mean, Dylan has over $1M in his bank account and over $192K in his Paypal account. He even made payments to people who joined last week and some people are making $2500 with the system.

All it takes is a few clicks for him to set up the system and to prove it to you, he wants you to put in your name and your email so that you can watch the orientation video.

But unfortunately, he didn’t prove anything. He just shows you an account he created for you, saying that he can get traffic to your commissions websites with the click of a few buttons. In other words, manipulating traffic to come to you.

That produces higher chances of transactions and those will end up with profits in your bank account. He claims this to be a  brand new method that requires zero skills and that is completely automated.

However, I don’t believe a word he says. Dylan didn’t really prove anything. He was only all talk. Having gone through so many of those sales videos, I can safely say that Dylan is trying to manipulate your mind.

Have you not noticed how there is very limited information on how the system actually works? All he keeps repeating is that you’ll make money with it and that you’ll be living the life of your dreams.

His aim is to make you want the program so much that you’ll buy the program without really knowing how it works. But I have an idea and based on my 2+ years experience, I will be able to tell you exactly how it’s gonna work.

And let me tell you that it’s not going to work as advertised as all!

Red Flags – Indications of a Scam or Low-Quality Program

You already know what this section is going to be about; I actually have so many red flags that I was able to compile from just watching the video. Those are the things that you need to always watch out for.

These red flags are similar from program to program but most importantly, even if everything seems fine, trust your gut feeling; if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

But here is a list of the red flags that I found:

1) Who is Dylan?

Are you really able to answer this question? Yeah, he may be the creator of the program, but is he real person? What does he look like? Can he be reached? Is he on social media? Is it a nickname? Are his payment proofs real?

The truth is that I tried looking for him online and there is literally NOTHING that comes up about this guy. Don’t you find this a bit off? If he was famous, then he would show us a picture of himself and how to reach him directly.

Don’t you think that this would increase credibility?

But that’s not what he does. He chooses to remain anonymous, which means that he could be a fake character after all.

And the reason I say this is because I’ve seen the same thing happen with so many other programs; what they do is create program after program and then come up with pen names, all different, for each of the programs.

They do this so as not to be recognized and caught. They know they’re not offering something that works as advertised so they don’t want to get sued.

If there is a strong possibility that the person is a fake, then how can you trust him? He could be lying to you about everything else.

Actually, one of the testimonials called him “John” and not Dylan. That’s how I came to know something fishy was going on.

2) Fake testimonials

Even if the creator wanted to keep his identity hidden, the most important thing is to know whether the program works or not and the best way to do this is by looking at the testimonials. But they are not even real!

I’ve seen some of these guys before and they are all actors from a freelance website called Fiverr. These people are paid to read a script and act it out. They’ve never tried the system and never actually got paid.

So how can you really be sure that this system works?

Now, these people could be portraying success stories, but Dylan never actually tells us that, does he? And even then, if there really are success stories, why not ask those people to shoot a quick video for him?

It’s really shady business!

3) Fake scarcity

Do you really believe that there are only a few spots left? Well, you shouldn’t because that’s simply not true. Just wait until tomorrow to watch the video again and the number of available spots will still be the same.

He did say he wants to make more money, so why would be limit the number of people that can join this system? The more people that join, the more money he makes.

So it does not make sense.

But take my word for it; if you don’t believe me, just come back to the website tomorrow and you’ll see that he’ll be saying the same things in his videos.

4) Commission Plan X Account created

He says he created your Commission Plan X account already. Well, I recognized the screenshot as being from one of the websites that I work with, called Clickbank.

And guess what? They need much more than a name and an email address to set up your account. They need your country name, your phone number and for you to create a password. So it’s impossible for him to have done it.

How Commission Plan X Works

If you’re a beginner at  making money online and never made a penny before, then you might not even know how Commission Plan X is going to work and earn you that money. But I caught on.

I realized that it resembles some of the other websites that I’ve reviewed some time ago:

1) Income Sites Online

2) Profit Point Autonomy

3) Website ATM

There’s something that Dylan said that points towards affiliate marketing. He said that the more money you make, the more he makes.

This method of making money online is legitimate. It’s where you get paid commissions for sales that you generate for a product or company. Many companies use this, like Ebay and Amazon.

But it’s what’s inside the platform that really worries me. You see, I’ve exposed so many programs like this before and I did purchase then. ALL of them actually ended up either being a scam or such a low-quality program that you can’t find success with them.

You’ll just get an affiliate link and a few low-quality and generic guides to affiliate marketing. There won’t be any real concrete training that will lead to real success.

The reason I can say this with confidence is because there aren’t any real testimonials. They’re all actors. So there really isn’t anybody who can testify for the “good” training, you know what I mean? There’s no proof anybody made money with this.

Dylan talks about free traffic but free traffic does not work as fast as that. You won’t make thousands of dollars within a week’s time. I’m sure you’ll need to engage in some sort of paid traffic which typically yields faster results.

However, paid traffic requires a lot of testing and experimentation to see which ads work best and in order to do that you need more money. It can be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars every month.

And most people don’t have that kind of money to dish out. You’re looking to make money because you don’t have money. There aren’t really a lot of people who can keep up that kind of investment, unless they are either experienced or have a lot of money to burn.

Is Commission Plan X A Scam?

In order to answer this question, we need to take a look at the different ways people define a scam. Some might not call it a scam because to them, a scam is a program where you receive nothing in return for your money.

Others might not call it a scam because though chances are slim, you can still make money with this program.

However, others like myself, will call Commission Plan X a scam because of the many lies and deceptive sales tactics, hyped up video and misleading advertisement about making money online in general.

I just cannot believe that people will go as far as hiding their identities and even hiring actors to make other people believe they can make money with their programs. Dylan makes you think here that you’ll make money at the click of a button.

But the truth is that making money in any kind of business requires training and hard work. When you get hired for a new position, you’re always trained so you’re able to perform your job, right?

You learn and put practice into your position every single day or every single time that you’re at work. It’s only after becoming familiar with how things work that you become comfortable and are able to perform highly, right?

Well, making money online is the same thing. You need to be trained and you need to put in the time to become familiar with the process. You need to start small and give it time to grow.

Just like you’re not expected to perform at a high level on your first day of a new job, you can’t expect your online business to start working perfectly its first day. It doesn’t relate to the potential of the business, but more on your performance.

And let’s face it; if you’re a beginner, there’s no way that your performance is going to be perfect.

So that’s why I don’t recommend Commission Plan X. It won’t work as advertised and you won’t be making thousands of dollars within your week because making money online does not work like that.

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Thanks for reading my Commission Plan X review and I hope that you do leave me what you think about the program in the comments section below. Whether you have anything positive or negative to say, I’m all ears. I can take it… 🙂

Lots of Love,


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