Commission Resurrection Review – Will You Make $1400 A Day?

Welcome to this Commission Resurrection Review!

It’s great that you are doing your homework before investing into a make-money-online program that you know nothing about, especially if you are a newbie. The internet is so full of scams so it’s understandable that you want to be sure you are not going to lose your money by investing into it.

This will be a detailed review, telling you about what I found within the program and to give you an idea of how it is going to play out if you decide to go for Commission Resurrection. I’ll go over the training and the costs associated with such a business too, so read til’ the end to get the bigger picture of this system.

At A Glance

Name: Commission Resurrection


Owner: Ben Martin

Purpose: Make money doing email and affiliate marketing

Price: $14.95 + Upsells

Do I Recommend?: Let’s find out below…

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Ben’s Promises – What is Commission Resurrection?

The video is fairly short. Ben starts off by showing you the results of Commission Resurrection, and how he was able to make thousands of dollars from using the system, on autopilot. He goes on to explain that the method is so simple that even if you don’t have a list, nor technical skills, nor any experience, that you will be able to make money as soon as today.

Then, he shows you a few video testimonials of people who have tried out the system and who have made money by using the system. Ben then urges you to keep reading to the end of the sales page so that you can further understand what the system is about.

Within the sales page, which is also not too long, he goes on to explain that the method he will show you to make money online, does not require you to blog, to learn any SEO nor to make any Youtube videos, and yet, you will be able to start making money today and bank on thousands of dollars within a day.

Sure, Ben is successful, as we can see from his lifestyle and from the amount of money that he is making online, living the laptop lifestyle, but does the system really work? Is it as simple as he claims it is? Will you be able to become rich just by investing $14.95 into the system?

My Thoughts on The Sales Page

I have reviewed one of Ben’s other products before and it is called Commission Code. From what I see, some of the methods that he has used there, have been used with Commission Resurrection as well.

For both of them, Ben does not explain how the system works. Although there’s a video and a sales page for both, there really is no information on WHAT he will teach you to do, and on what’s inside.

He really only focuses on showing you the results, and in both cases, showing you the lavish lifestyle that he is able to live thanks to his affiliate marketing success. Let me also point out that there are quite a few hypes that will lead to disappointment, specially for the newbie, once you get inside the system, which are;

1) the ability to make money on autopilot – Sure, money can be made on autopilot, but Ben does not mention that it takes time to build your online business to the point where it starts making you money without you needing to work as hard.

Making money on autopilot does not happen within your first day, nor even within your first month, especially if you are new to making money online. As with anything new, you need time to learn and to put what you learn into practice, before being able to perfect your skills to make money on autopilot.

2) the amount of money to be made – To be honest, the sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of money that can be made off the internet. You have to keep in mind that Ben is a seasoned marketer and thus, he is able to make over $1000 a day.

However, mentioning newbies within the sales video sets an unrealistic expectation that that kind of money can be made very easily. It WILL be that way, but only after you have learned everything there is to know, and also practicing over a period of time to fine-tune what you learn.

3) the time expectation of when you could make your first dollars – Although making your first dollars within your first day is possible, it is very unlikely that this is going to happen, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. It is, again, tied to the fact that you have to learn and practice what you learn.

Some people do get lucky and make their first sale within 24 hours, but it is not typical. By saying that you could even make your first dollar on Day 1, seeing as this is not the typical result achieved, is setting a false expectation.

The Upsells

Once you pay to get inside, you are greeted with two upsells;

1) CPR Package – $27

Within this package, you get Copy and Paste Campaigns that Ben himself uses to rake in over $9000. It’s where you get access to a short-cut and can legally use 6 of his most trending campaigns.

There are also 6 products behind this upsell, where you’ll be guaranteed to get instant approval to promote them and receive 100% of the commissions on their sales.

You’ll also be able to get access to a few done-for-you bonuses created by Ben himself, so you don’t have to go about creating your own. You’ll also get access to email Ben himself directly within 30 days of the purchase of this upsell, about any problems you may be having.

2) ICU Package – $47

This package will allow you to double your commissions, by getting access to 50 high-converting headlines that Ben has himself used to make over $170K in profit. You’ll be able to copy and paste them within a blog post, a Facebook post, a Youtube video description and other social media platforms.

Additionally, you will also receive FULL RIGHTS to promote and receive 100% commissions on ALL of his products, through the entire funnel.

Within JVZoo, unlike ClickBank, where most of Ben’s products and affiliates are managed, you can only get approved to promote a certain product and only if you buy the system first. And based on the number of sales that you have made in the past, you are either denied to promote the system, your commissions are delayed and paid out only once the referral clears the money-back guarantee period, or you receive the commissions instantly.

When you get the ICU Package, you’ll get INSTANT commissions, regardless of your background, with 3 of Ben’s most trending products.

The Training – Overview

Once you get past the upsells, you are taken to the member’s area, where you are given access to 30 videos. They range from 5 – 20 minutes, which I think is decent.

If you know anything about me, I give credit where credit is due and I must say that the videos are straight-forward and easy to understand. What you will learn is the mindset of being an entrepreneur and will be given resources to go over before you start the process of building your online business.

You’ll then be explained the basics, which revolves around email and affiliate marketing. You’ll be given criteria on how to find and select good affiliate offers and products to promote. You’ll also be taught the basics of a lead capture page, to collect email addresses and build your list.

Then, you also are taught how to give out bonuses and to persuade or give your leads and other traffic, a strong reason as to why they should buy through your link. You are also taught to connect your autoresponder, your bonuses and your affiliate links to the offers so your email campaigns run smoothly.

Up until this point, you are given all the tools and all the explanation on how everything should work together, but of course, even if you have everything set up exactly how Ben explains it should be, without traffic, you won’t get anywhere.

The Training – Getting Traffic

Let’s face it; it does not matter how good your offers are, how attractive your lead capture pages look, how valuable your bonuses look, but if you can’t get people to VISIT your capture page, then you won’t make a dime.

Therefore, getting TARGETED traffic is the most important aspect of a successful online business and Ben teaches you a paid method that you can use to get people to visit your pages.

The only method you’ll come across within the training, would be by investing into Solo Ads. Solo Ads requires that you BUY the rights to emailing your offers to somebody else’s list. The bigger the list and the higher the conversion in the past, the more the cost associated.

There are advantages to Solo Ads;

1) you can build your own list very fast

2) you can keep selling to that list, which offers short-term and long-term income

3) and you can make money almost instantly (if your subscribers buy into your offers)

However, there is also a flip (negative) side to Solo Ads;

1) Many promotional emails end up in the junk/spam folder, thus not reaching some people in the list, although you’ve paid for it.

2) As you’re promoting to somebody else’s list, their reputation is also at risk, thus they will charge you a lot for it. Don’t invest into it unless you have the money to do so.

3) There is no guarantee of how many people who subscribe to your list, will become buyers.

4) You may get a lot of people unsubscribing very fast if all you do, is constantly SELL. People want value before being asked to hand over their money. Thus, you need to create a trusting relationship first.

Because there is so much risk involved with any kind of paid traffic, I don’t recommed this way of getting traffic, unless you understand how the online world of making money works. In other words, I would not recommend that you dabble in Solo Ads as a newbie, which leave you with only SOCIAL MEDIA and FORUMS to promote your pages, which could work, but won’t yield $1000 a day.


1) Ben Martin is a real person, who is successful in affiliate marketing

2) He teaches you the exact ways he makes money

3) Low up-front cost

4) Training is decent

5) You can make money with this system

6) Upsells are reasonably priced

7) Ethical business model

8) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


1) No free trial

2) The sales video and the sales page do not explain what you will be learning inside the system

3) Unrealistic expectations of how much a newbie can make and when they can start making money

4) No mention of extra costs until you get inside the system, such as the upsells and the extra cost associated with an autoresponder, as well as with Solo Ads

5) No training on how to get FREE traffic to your landing pages

Commission Resurrection Review – Scam or Legit?

Commission Resurrection is definitely legit. As far as the price is concerned, it is very reasonable for what you get within the platform, without the upsells, although I think that the upsells are worthwhile too. The training is good and you can definitely make some money with the system.

However, I do not appreciate that everything is not clearly explained in the sales video and on the sales page. You are hit with unexpected upsells and unexpected extra costs, with the autoresponder and the Solo Ads. You are not told how you would be making money with the system.

There are also given false expectations that are set around atypical results; with saying that newbies are even able to make their first sale on Day 1 and showing income proofs that make newbies think they will be able to earn $1000 a day quickly and easily.

In conclusion, I would like to add that regardless of what others say about this being suitable for a newbie, I personally don’t recommend this if you are a newbie.

However, this is a great system that intermediate to advanced marketers can use to give their existing online business a boost. It is perfect if you have some knowledge of how making money online works and it would also benefit you if you already have some social media following.

The BEST Direction To Take If You’re A Newbie…

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I was once a newbie as well, and to be honest with you, I refrained to invest into multiple products and tools recommended by make-money-online programs like Commission Resurrection, because I was afraid that it was not going to work. Anything that is new to us, seems daunting and it’s okay to not want to invest at first.

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With this platform, it’s free to start and try, so you can make sure that this is something that you want to pursue. Even when you upgrade to the paid membership (with no other upsells), you only have to pay the ONE monthly fee, and never have to worry about any other extra tools and costs.

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I hope to see you soon on the other side and to help you grow your knowledge and your income!

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