Commission Shortcut Review – Missing Link REVEALED!

If you’re looking for an honest Commission Shortcut review, then congratulations, because you’ve just found it! Also, pat yourself on the back because you’re one of the few who actually is doing their homework before investing in seemingly “good” programs.

You must admit that there are way too many scams on the internet nowadays and that it is so easy to lose your money to them, with the endless promises to the moon made on the sales page, delivering almost nothing within the actual program.

So, if you’re seriously considering getting this program then read this review until the end. I will be revealing everything that I’ve found out about the program so that you can make an informed decision. I’m not one of those affiliates of the program that will pitch this program up to you, to make more money.

I’m going to be completely honest and give you my unbiased opinion on whether this program will work or not.

Let’s get started!

Commission Shortcut At A Glance


Owner: Glynn Kosky

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing with DFY campaigns

Price: LITE – $19.95 OR PRO – $22.95

Do I Recommend It?: No

What Is Commission Shortcut?

Commission Shortcut is a tool that will supposedly create a shortcut for you to making affiliate commissions. You’ll get 100% done-for-you campaigns around 14 different products, complete with a review video, information and features, bonuses and email campaigns.

It’s “copy and paste” easy, such that even newbies without any kinds of experience or skills will be able to make this work. Judging from the income proofs, it’s very possible for you to be making over $500 every single day using Commission Shortcut. What’s more, is that the program will automate your affiliate commissions.

All that sounds amazing and in a perfect world, things would have worked out that way.

Unfortunately, we DON’T live in a perfect world and… you guessed it… things won’t work as easily as is claimed on the sales page and the sales video. There’s always more work required than these so-called “gurus” want to make you believe.

There are certainly tools that can make your job easier in the online world and a few aspects of an online business can be automated. However, it cannot be 100% automated. There’s always SOMETHING to monitor, to scale or to improve upon.

As much as I, myself, would have loved to have a tool automate my business 100%, such programs do NOT exist. If it did, then don’t you think more people would have been quitting their jobs? Why trade time for money when they could have software or app do all the work for them, bringing in the money?

Always remember that these sales pages and sales videos are designed to sell you the program and will always dwell on the positives. They will never tell you the missing links or what the software does NOT include. They will always exaggerate the benefits and even make promises that they can’t keep.

Let me tell you how this program works and I’ll shed some light on the realities of the program.

How Commission Shortcut Works

The main focus of this tool is to make creating high-converting landing/sales pages easier so that you can make money as an affiliate promoting the products in the campaigns. I’m an affiliate marketer myself, so I can tell you that affiliate marketing is legit.

You promote a product through a sales page or anywhere on the internet, and each time somebody clicks on your affiliate link and purchases what you recommend, you make a commission. Sometimes, commissions can be as high as 90% so affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business.

It’s actually the best way for newbies to start making money online because it requires no product creation, no product delivery, no packing or shipping even if it’s a physical product and no customer service. That’s the responsibility of the vendor.

And the bridge to making affiliate sales happen, more often than not, is a sales page. The done-for-you sales pages that Commission Shortcut is going to provide you are high-quality and in my experience, will convert well. You have the review video, features and information, as well as email swipes needed.

You also get access to 100 bonuses that you can pick and choose, to provide your customers with. Bonuses will usually complement the main product and having their “value” pricing indicated will tell your customers how much FREE value they are receiving just for picking up the product through your affiliate link. This will increase conversions.

You also have a few things that I have not seen with many other similar apps, such as exit popups and social proof, which can really help increase conversions as well.

The Missing Link – You Won’t Make Money Unless You Have THIS!

I have scoured the whole program and I can only find 1 training video that is geared towards showing you how to get traffic to your sales page and unfortunately, it’s incredibly shallow. It’s not enough to really get you earning the $500 per day that is depicted on the sales page.

Traffic is the life-blood of any business. You can open a shop with the best products and best prices but if you are in a bad location, nobody will find you. If nobody finds you, then you don’t get any customers. You don’t get any sales.

Likewise, you can have all the highest converting pages, the best review videos and the best emails, but without anybody to view/see them, then they are all useless. Your beautiful pages will just get lost among the rubble on the internet.

Traffic training is what’s mostly missing in make-money-online programs because that’s the hardest task for an internet marketer. There are also so many ways to get traffic, including free and paid methods and in order to get that training, you’ll have to either purchase an upsell or another training completely.

The fact that these pages are duplicates will also NOT make it possible for you to get traffic through the search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. That’s because these search engines want unique, informational and new content on a consistent basis.

Also consider the fact that these pages will NOT be on your own domain name and will be using their servers and domain. So it’s a waste to try and rank your page because it will just not work.

The fact that such important training is virtually missing does not make this program beginner-friendly.

The Downsides To Using A Done-For-You System

Although there are many positive reasons to use a done-for-you system, the main one being to save time, there are various negatives as well.

With Commission Shortcut, you have 14 done-for-you campaigns that will limit you in terms of your income. That’s because you do not learn how to create sales pages but are just loading these campaigns up to make money. If you wanted to promote different products, you wouldn’t know how to create them.

Additionally, with time, the buzz around the products will die out and it will become harder and harder for you to sell them. The reason people will not be interested in them anymore is due to the fact that these program creators rarely update their tools and training materials.

The internet moves at a lightning-pace and having an outdated tool or program can do more harm than good. What’s the use of getting a program that will only work for the short-term? After this program stops working, you’ll need to invest in more current programs that run the risk of getting outdated later on too.

It will be a vicious cycle!

Another negative is that the niche has already been chosen for you; the make money online niche. Despite what they say on the sales page and in the sales video, you will NOT be able to choose your own niche by using Commission Shortcut. There isn’t even any training on how to choose a profitable niche.

You will be stuck in the make-money-online niche, which may not be what you are passionate about.

What’s more is that using THEIR tools, THEIR servers, THEIR sales pages, and THEIR bonuses makes THEM at the head of the business, not you. They OWN everything. You’re not purchasing the right to OWN the product here, you’re purchasing the right to only USE the product.

What’s a business WITHOUT owning anything? You’re putting your business at serious risk letting them take care of all these aspects of YOUR business, because should Glynn decide not to offer support to the product anymore, not to update their training, not to update their tools, then you’re the one losing everything.

You’ll lose the tool, you’ll lose the sales pages, you’ll lose the email swipes and the bonuses. You’ll lose your income stream. You don’t own ANYTHING.

The Upsells – Are They Worth It?

What I really hate about these programs is that they make it sound like all you’ll have to pay to get full access to all the information within the program would be the initial price of $19.95 for the lite version or $22.95 for the pro version. But in reality, those price points are only getting your feet through the door.

It would make sense to have one or two upsells for a program that claims to have everything that you need to succeed right with the front-end price, like what is claimed on the sales page for Commission Shortcut. But you will be shocked to know that Commission Shortcut has 6 of them!

Now you can really tell how shallow the training really is with the front-end purchase. The upsells can end up costing you upto $300 for ONE upsell only and in my experience, all the training that you get within the upsells can be purchased for better pricing elsewhere.

To me, the upsell business is very misleading and should be disclosed on the sales page. This is just a tactic to make more money for the creator and the affiliates of the program. Sure, you will learn a few things but it is over-priced here.

Is Commission Shortcut A Scam?

After considering everything that I have found and discussed, I conclude that I don’t think Commission Shortcut to be a scam. You do get a usable software and some training on how to use it. You also do have a money-back guarantee that you can exercise should you not be satisfied with the product and get your money back.

Keep in mind that the money back guarantee is only available for the front-end purchase and not for the upsells so be prepared to lose your money to the upsells in case they are NOT to your expectations.

However, Commission Shortcut not being a scam does not mean that I will recommend this program. On the contrary, I am not recommending it. The sales page is too hyped up for my liking and in my opinion, this software in itself, will not benefit the newbie or the experienced marketer.

There’s just too much training that’s missing for a newbie to really get the hang of affiliate marketing and I don’t like the fact that EVERYTHING belongs to the creator of the program despite it being YOUR business. There’s too much risk and you’d be giving too much power to Glynn.

Being a business person means being in charge of every single aspect of your business, which will not happen with Commission Shortcut. Sure, you could save yourself some time, but this is not going to be the answer to your problem for the long-term.

With the amount of information that is missing, you’ll have to move on and purchase other training to be able to make anything work. What’s the use of getting such a program if you’re looking for long-term success?

I also don’t see how this will benefit experienced marketers, because as an experienced marketer, you would already know the disadvantages of using such a program. You could use it for some quick money if you already know how to get a ton of traffic within a short period of time, but you would eventually need to move on to other programs.

All in all, I do NOT recommend Commission Shortcut.

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