Commission Trooper Review – 60 Sec To Making Profits?

Commission Trooper Review

You’re here because you are looking for an honest Commissions Trooper review. I understand that because I’ve been scammed before and you don’t want to get scammed again, right?

The truth is that while I was researching Commission Trooper, I found that there were a ton of different affiliates promoting it and I don’t trust them because if they sell it to me, then they make money.

Why would they be upfront with me and tell me the bad things about the program, right? They would completely skip over it and only tell me the good things, and even lie to me, just to sell the program to me.

So that’s why I decided to write a review of my own to convey this message to YOU; Commissions Trooper isn’t as great as they make it! It won’t work as advertised and let me tell you how here.

Commissions Trooper At A Glance


Creators: Art Flair, Pallab Ghosal and Ram Rawat

Purpose: Doing affiliate marketing using video marketing

Price: $10.55+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! This software will produce low-quality videos and could get you in trouble with copyrighted videos. Moreover, you could get yourself strikes on Youtube or might get your Youtube channel shut down.

What is Commission Trooper?

Art speaks to us through the video, claiming that Commissions Trooper is the software that will get you the traffic and the sales that you need to make a successful online business through Youtube. He’s been doing it for years, he says.

Just choose your niche and video, let Commission Trooper do the work and get all the highly targeted traffic that you’ll ever need to make hundred dollar- and even thousand dollar-sales.

He even shows you that his videos are ranked on the first page within minutes of uploading them. And ranking on the first page means big traffic and big sales, right?

But does it all really work as advertised? The truth is that if it was as easy as that, then everybody would have been doing it. People could use these programs now that with the pandemic going on, right?

However, Art is there to sell you the product, not to help you make money. He is helping himself make money. If this software really worked without doing any hard work, then why is he NOT using this software on his own channel?

He is actually filming the videos himself, showing his face and so on!

That’s not very reassuring, right? That’s what leads me to believe that Commission Trooper is actually not going to work as advertised. Why else would he NOT be using it if it was designed to bring in the kind fo money he claims?

Moreover, I know Art really well, as in, I have reviewed a lot of his other products. That’s how he primarily makes money; creating and selling low-quality products that don’t work. Take a look his previous products;

1) Flipped

2) Speedly

3) Blaze

All of them just didn’t work as advertised! So what makes you think that Commission Trooper is gonna be any different? Well, keep reading for proof that it won’t be any different.

What You Get Inside The Software

First of all, I’ve got to thank Art for actually telling you what’s inside the program. I mean, others like Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong are not gonna tell you. They’ll twist your mind and manipulate the truth to get you to buy.

But Art tells you that it is going to be a software that will use other people’s videos and add things to it to make it your own. Moreover, he does say that all you need is a Youtube Channel, which is completely true.

What more is there to it, though?

What I found out was that there was a few training videos about how to use the software as well as how to get ranked on Youtube. The rest is actually using the software to find videos, add your intros and other stuff to them and publishing them.

Art claims that you won’t get in trouble because you’ll be using Creative Commons videos, meaning that those are videos that don’t have any copyrights to them and can be used by the public. There’s a problem with this that I will reveal below.

Going forward, you also have an integration with affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus, where you can find products to promote.

The idea is to find videos that have already been created around those products and to promote the products you find on those platforms.

The videos will bring the traffic, the audience will watch the video and convert to buyers when they click on the links of those products you promote. That will translate to commissions.

This is how it should theoretically work, but the truth is that it won’t be as easy as that. This software works as intended, but the results won’t be the same as claimed by Art.

The Big Flaws In The Plan – You Won’t Make Money

Despite how good Art makes it seem or how well the software might work, the truth is that you won’t make money with it. But that’s the whole point of getting the software, right?

If it doesn’t work, then why even consider getting it?

What you’ll find is that, yes, there will be Creative Commons videos but a lot of other people breach that. You see, somebody might just download somebody else’s copyrighted video, and upload it as Creative Commons.

You would never know about it and upload it as your own and boom! If the creator of that original video finds out, you’re in trouble! They’ll try to get your video down and that will result as a strike on Youtube.

If you get three strikes, your channel is shut down.

Moreover, the original creators of those videos might even take it a step further and sue you for using their content. So you have to be very careful!

And even if you do manage to find a video that is really under Creative Commons and you use it, it most probably won’t have any relationship to the product you’re trying to promote!

Who is actually going to buy a product that is never mentioned within the video itself? The video wouldn’t go into the product description, review how it works or even demo it for you. That would be too specific.

The videos you find in Creative Commons won’t be as specific as you would otherwise be if you were creating your own videos. That’s why the traffic that you might get with those videos won’t convert at all.

That means, you won’t make money.

And that’s why Art himself does not use this software!


1) Real creator

2) You’re told exactly what you’ll get with the program

3) Software works as intended

4) Some worthwhile training to get ranked (but you can learn those for free)

5) Works for intermediate to advanced marketers, if you upload your own videos. The software could easily add intro, outros, free images and so on to your videos.

6) Integrated affiliate networks to find products to promote so you don’t have to navigate different websites

7) 30-day money-back guarantee


1) REAL Creative Commons videos won’t work with the products you’re trying to promote

2) Extremely low conversion rate means you won’t make much money

3) Others might bring copyrighted videos as Creative Commons and if you use them, you might get in trouble (get sued or your Youtube channel shut down)

4) Art does not show you how to get approved to promote products (from JVZoo and WarriorPlus). Without an approval, you won’t make commissions

5) Training videos are all basics that you can find for free on the internet

6) Not newbie-friendly

7) Even if there is a money-back guarantee, Art might not respond to give you a refund. I’ve had a similar experience in the past.

Is Commission Trooper A Scam?

There are some good things about Commission Trooper, I won’t deny Art that, but the truth is that if the outcome is not the same as promised, then why even use it?

I don’t think that this software is a scam but it does not mean that I will recommend it either. I definitely think that Commission Trooper is a waste of time and a waste of money.

Sure it might work in some aspects, but if you’re a newbie trying to make this software work to earn some money online, then it definitely won’t bring you the results you’re looking for.

Like I mentioned earlier, it sounds good in theory but it does not work pratically. It is true that video is one of the most powerful marketing tool/strategy to use online but if you’re looking to automate it the way this software does, it just won’t work.

You might get your videos out there and get people to view them, but the truth is that there won’t be anything in common with the specific products you’re trying to promote. Therefore, the conversion rate will be low or non-existent.

At the end of the day, it does not matter whether the software works as intended. The fact is that it won’t bring you the results, the money, that you’re looking for.

So the bottom line for me is that I do not recommend Commission Trooper.

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Yes, I am an affiliate marketer and the way that I do things is much different than Art claims to make money in Commission Trooper. He says he hates websites, and yet, he has one of his own!

He hates website, and yet, he is using a website to SELL Commission Trooper to you. So you see how hypocritical he is?

The truth is that you DO need a website in order to become successful online in this day and age. I use my website to make money online with affiliate marketing. My website drives the traffic I need and then converts them to buyers.

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I’ll even show you where I went to get my training with this method, where you can start for free as well. So you’ve got nothing to lose by signing up for my free guide now. On the contrary, you’ll get info that people like Art are hiding from you.

It’s time now to stop falling for gimmicks and to get started with the real thing, don’t you think so?

Thanks for reading my Commission Trooper review. If you bought the program, then please share your experience below. Did it work as advertised? Did you have problems with the software? What about traffic and sales?

Lots of Love,


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