Contenu Review – Are You 3 Clicks Away From Making Money Online?

You’re probably wanting to know if Contenu really works and thus, landed on my Contenu Review. Welcome!

There were quite a few claims made in the sales video and to be honest, anybody can make those claims, as we have seen with various other make-money-online programs. They all claim to be the “secret weapon” or the “holy grail” to making money online.

Yet, why do so many people still fail on the internet? That’s because most of these programs don’t work. Will Contenu be another sore program, or will it really change the way we create and maintain an online business? Does it work as advertised? Will you really make money, risk-free?

All these questions will be answered within this honest review and you’ll learn MUCH MORE by the end. So I recommend that if you’re seriously contemplating this program, that you should read until the end.

Contenu At A Glance


Owner: Mark Bishop

Purpose: Turn Keywords and Videos Into Written Content

Price: $27

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Contenu?

Mark says that this program is one that will generate passive income for any newbie. All you need is the “App”, 30 minutes a day and 3 clicks. There’s no selling required and there’s no traffic required. Is that right, Mark? Well, I find that hard to believe.

In my experience, this is just like every other sales page that you’re gonna find that want to just sell you their system. A sustainable business is not grown with only 30 minutes of work a day and 3 clicks are certainly not going to cut it.

What I’ve noticed with these “gurus” is that they will make the program SOUND so easy to use and the tasks so easy to execute, when in reality, there is much more work to be done. The “App” apparently will create unique content for you based on the keyword or the URL that you put in.

If building such a business was as easy as Mark claims, why is it that most people are still failing at it? Why are people still stuck in the rat race? Why are your co-workers still complaining about the tasks, the hours, the boss, the company? That’s because building and maintaining a business, be it online or offline, requires more work than that.

On the other hand, I’m pleased that Mark does not make exaggerated income claims, like so many of the others. He actually does disclose that you should not expect to make $1000 a day from Day 1 like him because it takes some time and effort to get to where he is at.

At least he is being transparent in SOME areas.

How Does Contenu Work?

I like how it is explained in the video; Mark says that all you need to do is look for either a keyword that you want to use in your content or the URL of a video that you want your content to be about. Once done, you hit “submit” and the app will generate the written content for you.

It really sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But there are a few things here that Mark fails to disclose and that’s the fact that you need to OWN a website in order to be able to use this “app” and to make it work for you.

Because guess what? This “app” is a WordPress Plugin. WordPress is a content management system, meaning the platform behind a website. It’s like “android” for the Samsung or iOS for the iPhone. And a “plugin” is comparable to an app on a phone.

Now tell me, if an app is supposed to work on iOS on an iPhone and you don’t even have a phone to begin with, will the app help you? Of course not! But that’s what Mark is trying to sell you here. He wants you to BUY this plugin while never disclosing that you would need a website before using it.

I mean, for an experienced online marketer, they’ll be able to pick up on it from the sales page, but the fact that this program is directed to newbies and Mark fails to disclose this VERY IMPORTANT fact, I think it’s pretty disgusting.

Are There Any Risks?

Mark shows us how it works; he used one of his own videos and used his plugin to turn it into text. Bravo!

But did he mention anything at all about copyrights? Yeah, you’re taking a video and turning it into text and sure, there probably won’t be duplicated content on the net, in written form.

But if you’re a newbie with NO online presence at all and using other people’s videos, what would that mean? It would mean that you’re STEALING somebody else’s work. What will happen should you be caught?

Well, you can be faced with charges for copyright infringement, depending on the video and might actually get sued. Is that risk you want to take? Think about your reputation and think about all the work and time that will go into the business, only to have all that wasted and in vain.

It’s really not worth it, is it?

If you’re turning your own video into text, then there’s no problem. You own the content and nobody will be able to come after you to sue you. But already having an online presence in business, be it on social media, or Youtube or having your own website, means that you won’t be categorized as a newbie, right?

Why would you even need this plugin then?

Is Contenu A Scam?

I don’t love Contenu but I don’t hate it either. It’s a big risk to use this plugin, as most experienced marketers know, and as you know now, but it’s not a scam either.

If you were to get this plugin and use it, it would be at your own risk. But say, you were to use it anyway, it would do the job. But in my honest opinion, I just don’t think that it’s going to be worth it. Something that you actually write with your own hands and from your own mind will be more likely to bring you further than any plugin will.

People love taking shortcuts and in some cases, it can be a good thing. But it’s not such a good thing in business. Taking shortcuts is just too full of risks and might hurt you and your business more than you know. If you’re caught with somebody else’s content, your business is over!

And starting over again will seem like such a chore and thus, it will take you even longer to see progress and to see the profits.

It’s a great concept, but I’m not digging it. I also don’t appreciate the fact that there are some things that aren’t disclosed, like you needing to have a website and to beware of copyright infringement and all.

Even though Contenu is not a scam, I don’t recommend it for either a newbie or an experienced marketer. You’re better off writing your own content.

Risk-free, BS-Free and Scam-Free Alternative – MUST READ!

I’ve reviewed almost 200 programs on the internet and most are scams, I’m going to be upfront with you. Some are legit but then, never actually give you training on every aspect of online business. They give you snippets and force you to buy their other programs, in order to make more money, in order for you to get the whole picture.

And rarely will you ever find a program that gives you absolutely everything that you need in order to build a business. Well what DO you need? You need Training, Support and Tools. If even ONE of these is missing, you’re not going to be successful.

Are you wondering what platform will be well-rounded enough to make you successful? It’s the program that I used. That’s why you’re on this website today; because it is a successful one. And what more can you ask than to TRY IT FOR FREE? It’s great because if you don’t like it, then you can just away without any loss.

Will a SCAM give you this opportunity? Will a money-hungry guru give you this opportunity? No, they won’t! So trust me! This is the platform that you’ve been looking for.


And I’ll be right there inside the program at your disposal should you have questions or need help with the training or anything related to making money at all. I make a passive income online using this exact training so what can be better than getting coached by somebody who has been through the training and found success?

Try it out now!

In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, the comments section is for you to share them there. I always answer! I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Friend,


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