Copy And Paste Ads Review – Easy $300 Per Day Posting Ads?

There are many scams on the internet and sometimes, it can be hard to tell them apart from the legitimate programs.

Copy And Paste Ads is the same; I received an email promoting the program and so, I wanted to look into it and to let you know whether this is a scam or not, as you might has received the same email too.

Within this Copy And Paste Ads Review, I’ll be discussing what this program is about, how it works and whether you’ll really be able to make as much money as they pretend. All the programs and the gurus say the same thing, don’t they? But they’re not all true.

By the end of this review, you’ll come to know everything that I have found out about this program and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not it will be worth it for you to invest into it.

Copy And Paste Ads At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online posting ads

Price: $149 One-time

Do I Recommend It?: No… Read on to find out WHY!

What Is Copy And Paste Ads?

Copy And Paste Ads sounds like a really good idea; you only need to post ads, have an autoresponder answer to the people responding to your ads and make instant $100 commissions straight to your Paypal account. No need to sell anything, bug anyone or explain anything to anybody.

The spokesperson, whose name we don’t know, tells you that could be making money in as little as an hour and that you could make your dreams come true. All I know is that if it was so easy to make money online, then everybody would have been working from home.

It is possible to make money very fast, but the chances of that happening are very slim. A system that will make you money within the hour of getting started does not exist, unless you already have some knowledge of how the program works and you invest into PAID ads and market very aggressively.

What I have learned to do, since I have fallen for quite a few scams, is not to trust a program where I can’t verify the creator, avoid programs that advertise easy money online and one that claims there has been a HUGE discount. All these are present here within the sales page.

Additionally, I have seen so many scams or low-quality programs advertise that there are limited spots remaining, or that the price will be going up as more people join the program.

All this couldn’t be more fake! These are all scarcity and pressure tactics used to push you into signing up into the program, without giving it a second thought. They have no intention of really making you a success. All they want is to put more money into their own pockets, regardless of who and how much they have to lie.

I have not even looked inside the program and I can already tell that this program is not going to be one that I would recommend.

What’s Inside After You Buy?

Once you pay the $149 ($100 of which being the reseller fee and $49 being the admin fee), you are brought to the member’s area. There, you’ll have several different tabs where you can access your contacts, your capture pages, your tools and other resources to help you in your online journey.

How this program works, is that it will show you over 100 different places online (free and paid) where you will be able to post your ads. Once you choose somewhere, you can copy and paste the pre-written ads and wait for people who see the ad, to start responding.

When they request more information, they will be asked their names and email addresses so they can become part of your list and you’ll be able to keep promoting to them. The system will send automatic emails to your contacts over time and for each sale that you make, you’ll receive $100.

This program seems pretty harmless on the surface but it’s only once you get inside the program that you actually find out what the ads will be promoting. That’s what I hate about programs like Copy And Paste Ads; you’re never given the full details before making an investment.

How the heck are you supposed to know if the program will be right for you or not, without making an informed decision?

How Does Copy And Paste Ads Really Work?

But anyways, I want to show you how Copy And Paste Ads really works. You see, when programs are so secretive about the type of WORK or they lack details about the program, I definitely consider them to be fishy. And this case, I was right to be skeptical.

This program gives you the resources, capture pages, the tools and the autoresponder to promote the program itself to others. This model is between a pyramid and affiliate marketing.

The reasons that I believe it resembles a pyramid, is simply the fact that you need to recruit and there is no other way to make money. There isn’t really a product that people will be able to enjoy without actually becoming a recruit. The training also focuses on recruiting and promoting the program itself.

Affiliate marketing is simply referring somebody else to purchasing an item, which can be anything, really. Then, you receive a commissions for the sale made. This is a legit method of making money online, one that even Amazon, Ebay and other online retail giants use to save on marketing costs and gives people like you and me, an opportunity to make money.

Even if this program incorporates a legitimate method of making money online, the fact that the program only focuses on promoting itself, is a HUGE red flag and is enough for me to stay away from it, as well as to recommend you to do the same.

Copy And Paste Ads Review – Conclusion

Is Copy And Paste Ads a scam? Well, it depends on how you personally define a scam. Some people might find it a scam, in that it is misleading and could also be considered a pyramid in disguise. Some others might not say that it’s a scam because you’re getting something in return for your money.

Whatever you think about this program, I still do not recommend it. Even if you don’t think that it’s a scam, the fact that the ONLY way to make money is to promote the program itself already says a lot!

I’m not denying that you could make money with this model. I actually know of a high-ticket program that worked similar to this one, that promised people thousands of dollars in commissions that turned out to be a pyramid in disguise. It was shut down by the FTC and everybody who was ever a member, ended up losing money.

This program is called MOBE and you can read more about it on Google. Chances are that this program could end up the same way as MOBE, and you’ll be the victim while the creator of the program, being anonymous, is able to bag the money that YOU made him by promoting his program.

There are so many more viable options online and so, I would ask that you stay away from Copy And Paste Ads. It’s up to you what you do, but this program is ABSOLUTELY NOT recommended.

Want To Know How I’m Making Passive Income Online?

I personally make money online doing affiliate marketing and like I said, this is a legitimate and lucrative way of creating a passive, full-time income online.

Believe me when I say that it’s the BEST place to start for newbies. I have tried several ways of making money online over the past three years, such as ecommerce and selling through social media, none of which really gave me the personal or financial freedom that I was looking for.

With the way that I do affiliate marketing, all you have to do is write articles, make sure to use proper keywords and to include your affiliate link and you’re done! You can also write about anything at all! You don’t have to recruit to make money and you don’t have to do any selling.

All your focus will be on educating people about a particular topic that you’re passionate about and I promise, the sales and the money will come.

I have good news for you, by the way! The training program that taught me everything that I know about affiliate marketing, has a FREE Trial! Why don’t you give it a try to see for yourself, how it can change your life? The thousands of success stories, my own included, cannot ALL be lies, can they?


And I promise to get in touch with you on the inside and to hold your hand. I’ll help you get to your personal and financial goals to the best ability and I will share my tips and tricks to success with you.

Go on and sign up and I’ll see you on the other side. 🙂

Your friend,


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