Copy My Email System Review ( – Easy $400 Days?

Welcome to this Copy My Email System Review!

This program is also known as, so if you were searching for a review on either programs, then let me tell you that these are just part of one program and you’ve landed on the right review.

There are some pretty bold claims made by Bobby and unfortunately, all the so-called online gurus make the same promises, right? So how do you know that they’re real?

It’s by doing your due diligence! Pat yourself on the back because you were wise to look for a review before investing into a program that promises you the moon. Is it really going to deliver, you ask? Is it a scam that will disappear with your money or is it the real deal?

Well, if you’re serious considering investing into this program, I’m going to reveal everything that you need to know so that you can make an informed decision.

Copy My Email System At A Glance

Website: /

Owner: Bobby

Purpose: Make money sending out simple emails

Price: Free Account + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! This is a scam!

What Is Copy My Email System?

The sales video is a reasonable length, and I must say that Bobby is very convincing with his explanation of Copy My Email System and how it works. But I scrolled all the way to the bottom to find out that it’s not really his real name, but a pen name, which spells bad news.

The reason is that most of the programs that I have reviewed that said the creator of the program was using a pen name, actually either turned out to be scams or low-quality programs, so low-quality that there was no way to make any money with it.

So no matter how good Bobby is at selling you the system, you have to beware of what he says because chances are that if he is hiding his real identity, that he could be hiding the truth about the program.

Anyway, he says that you’ll get complete FREE access to the program. Not a dime to PAY! All you have to do with this program is send out simple emails and make sure to send them everyday in order to get paid. You don’t have to worry about getting subscribers as he would add subscribers automatically to your account.

The more you send emails, the more subscribers will get added to your account and the more money you will make.

What I don’t understand is the reason behind NEEDING to pay people to set up email accounts and to send emails. As much experience as Bobby says he has, I’m sure he could have set up his own email accounts in order to keep ALL the money to himself. Even giving free access to the program does not make any sense.

Additionally, this is what I say over and over again about these kinds of program; if it was so easy to make that kind of money, then don’t you think that people would have quit their jobs right now, to settle down at home to send an email everyday and make the same kind of money (or more) that they make at their jobs, but with less effort?

How Does Copy My Email System Supposedly Work?

Once you accept to get your free account, you are asked to put in your information. I just put in some fake information, which I don’t usually do but in this case, I didn’t trust Bobby. I just wanted to get inside to write you this review.

Copy My Email System is not a complicated program. The expectation that you would have before signing in, would be that you’d have an email account ready with some subscribers in it. All you’d have to do is to copy and paste the pre-written emails, and you would make money whether or not anybody bought the products being sold.

You wouldn’t need an email autoresponder as an email tool would be included. The emails should be sent out manually, which makes sense, as the system needs to really capture how active you are. Remember, the more emails you sent, the more subscribers would be added to your account and the more money you would make.

The way that you would make money with this program, is for every click that you get on the links within the emails that you send, or by promoting Copy My Email System to others. This seemed fairly easy to understand.

But everything changed when I signed in…

Does It Work As Advertised? – Not A Chance!

I didn’t have any positive vibes from the program from the very beginning, right? So I was not surprised that the inside of the program was not as described by Bobby.

The first training video that I come across, wasn’t actually training. It was more an upsell pitch, asking me to UPGRADE my account to make any money, for $34. That’s how I came to know that the FREE sign up was a catch. There’s really NO money that you were going to make remaining a free member.

In my opinion, that’s just how Bobby makes his money and thus, you should not believe that you are actually getting ANYTHING for free with Copy My Email System.

And not only that, you also have to pay $29 to get access to your Email Sending Account, where you will be able to paste the pre-written emails where the account will be able to send your email to your subscribers.

Oh and coming to subscribers, they don’t actually get added automatically to your account. You have to PAY to get subscribers added to your account, which is proof of the lies that Bobby tells you within his sales video.

So far, nothing matches up to the promises made by Bobby and thus, I wouldn’t trust him with my money. I decided not to invest in the program at all because at this point, it’s clear to me that Bobby and his program aren’t what they turn out to be.

Copy My Email System Review – A Scam?

In my opinion, Copy My Email System is a scam. The red flag was definitely when I found out that Bobby was not even the creator’s real name. I have seen too many scams or low-quality programs use this method with the message that it’s to protect the privacy of the creator.

That’s BS!

And the fact that Bobby says that you will be able to make money for FREE because it’s also going to be in his best interest to do so, is a big LIE! He just wants to sell you the program and to get you into the system for FREE to build trust so that when he does ask you for money, you’re gonna give it to him.

Remember, that if it was so easy to make money online as Bobby claims, then NOBODY would be laid off. Nobody would be looking for jobs. Job agencies would be closed. Nobody would be begging on the streets. They could just walk into a library and start making money from the computers available there.

So, please, do not trust Bobby. I definitely thing that it’s a scam that should be avoided.

The BEST Place To Start Make Serious Money Online

You absolutely have to read EVERYTHING that I’m about to write from here on, because if you’re serious about making money online and to change your life around, you have to be open to advice from people who have found success online.

I now make a passive income online. It’s not hard, per se, but it requires some work. Everything worth having is worth fighting for! That’s why they’re called dreams. That’s because they’re out of reach, until we decide to make some REAL life-changing changes.

In order to become successful online, you need to learn about how the online world works. You need to understand some basics, you need to put a few things into action and you need to work on it on a consistent basis. Rinsing and repeating the steps is all that’s required.

What I do, is type on the computer for as long as I like. Some days I would only work a few hours and some other days, I could put in 8 hours if I want to. That’s the freedom that I now have. You’ll only need to write articles, make sure you use keywords and use your special link.

That’s it!

Of course, it’s easier said than done, because you need to learn it all first, and as with learning anything new, you’ll need support and you’ll need the tools required for your online business.

Well, the platform that taught me everything that I now know about making money online, has a FREE trial. Don’t worry, it’s NOTHING like Copy My Email System. This is a genuine program, else I wouldn’t be recommending it to you, just like I am not recommend CMES.


There’s no credit card at sign up and you get the try ALMOST the full program for free, for 7 days. You can even earn as you learn! I know some people that have started making over $6K every single month for 2 years of hard work. So you can trust that this is the real deal!

Additionally, I’m not like Bobby with a fake name. I am a real person who will get in touch with you inside the program and who will help you along your journey. I will share my tips and tricks with you so that you can kickstart your online journey.

Sign up now I’ll get in touch with you inside!

Until then, stay safe!

Your Friend,



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