Copy The Millionaire Review – Scam or Will You Make $5K Per Month?

Copy The Millionaire review

I’ve been looking through my emails recently and found an email promoting this program promising to make me $5K per month. So I decided to look into it and to write this Copy The Millionaire review because I’ve been seeing a lot of people wanting to know more about it.

So if you’ve been asking yourself whether this is a scam or legit, whether it’s going to make you money or not, and how it works, then you’ll find all your answers here. Read until the end of this review and you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Let’s jump right into it!

Copy The Millionaire At A Glance


Owner: Jeff Lerner

Purpose: Learn 3 methods of making money online

Price: $39+

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not!

What Is Copy The Millionaire?

Right off the bat, you’re told that you will be able to choose between 3 methods that have been proven to bring an extra $5000 or more per month working from your laptop or mobile phone. Copy The Millionaire is newbie friendly because it includes a step-by-step video training course called 6 Steps To Freedom.

Within the training, you will learn how to make thousands of dollars a month like those people in the testimonials, and even millions of dollars per year, just like Jeff himself.

You don’t need to create products, much less having to worry about handling them, inventory, packing or shipping them out. That’s what makes this program really easy to get started with.

To help you along, you’ll also be assigned a personal 1-on-1 advisor that will answer all your questions and help you make money with the system. You’ll be making great progress even within your first 24 hours. And all you need to pay is the one-time fee of $39 to get access to the entire system.

The thing is though that I’ve heard these types of claims before and I’m afraid to say that I’m immune to them. I don’t believe a word that is being said and I think that you shouldn’t believe anything either, at least for now, until you’ve read this whole review.

I’ve been online for 18 months and reviewed a lot of programs and because I’ve been making money online and know how to do it, let me tell you that things are not going to play out as nicely as Jeff claims in his video. There is much more work involved in making money online.

And the fact that there isn’t a program that’s actually called Copy The Millionaire is a bad start already. We can tell already that this landing page is a funnel to 6 Steps To Freedom, which is the real program.

Why Use A Fake Name To Promote A Program?

Again, this is something that I’ve seen before too and the reason why these creators and their affiliates will want to promote the program using a different name is to prevent people from finding bad reviews about the underlying program.

I actually wrote a review on a program called The Profit Shortcut that actually promoted the The Super Affiliate Network. So as you can see, this is a very common practice.

For example, there may be a lot of negative reviews about 6 Steps To Freedom already and if people Google that or research the company using that name, they’ll find the negative reviews and won’t want to sign up. On the other hand, there may not be a lot of reviews on Copy The Millionaire yet.

So when people go to find reviews on Copy The Millionaire, they won’t find anything negative and end up joining, not knowing that what they’re actually paying for is access to 6 Steps To Freedom.

Apparently, there is also another program called The Freedom Shortcut that is promoting 6 Steps To Freedom. So as you can see, that’s not a very good sign about the program, right?

How Is 6 Steps To Freedom Expected To Work?

I’ve taken a look and I now understand why there would be a lot of negative reviews on the program and why Jeff and his affiliates want to cover up. Let me explain.

6 Steps To Freedom may have video trainings and many people may have been successful with it. You might actually make money by following the program. But the problem here is that the business model may not be a legal one.

You see, the only way to make money with this program is to recruit others into the same scheme as you, so that they can promote the same program as you. In other words, the training will teach you how to promote itself, which makes this a pyramid scheme.

According to the FTC, this is illegal and to enforce that, 2 other programs that worked similarly to 6 Steps to Freedom were shut down in 2018; MOBE and DA. So we don’t know when but 6 Steps To Freedom will eventually follow suit. Do you want to invest in this kind of business?

A business that you invest in and want to be a part of is one that has positive future prospects and that will be able to grow and become a legacy for takeover by your children one day. 6 Steps To Freedom is NOT that business.

Not only is it illegal, but the fact that you’re going to be promoting others so that they can become promoters too is really counter-productive, don’t you think? You would just be recruiting more and more competitors, which will make it tougher and tougher to promote in the long-term.

This just proves that the people that joined at the launch of the program will be able to make more money from the program than those that join later.

HIDDEN COSTS! Jeff Does NOT Tell You This, Does He?

When you watch the video, you’re told that you will only need to pay $39 to get access to the entire system, right?


Jeff is lying to your face because there is no way that he is going to give you a system that could potential earn you $5K every month, for only a one-time fee of $39. From a business perspective, does that make sense to you? Would you give up the same system for $39?

Of course not! You’ll charge thousands and thousands of dollars for it and so is Jeff.

The thing is that he says he will not charge you thousands of dollars for it and yet, that’s exactly what he does inside the program. The first $39 is just to get your foot through the door.

You see, the reason that this program is called 6 Steps To Freedom is that there are 6 membership levels and if you are able to upgrade to the 6th level, then you can make money on every level that is below it. The bad news is that it is incredibly expensive to get to the 6th level.

You will be required to pay a minimum of $10,000 to get to the 6th level and if you don’t have that kind of money, you’ll need to pay from the other levels on, which will add up eventually to more than the $10,000.

You may be asking why you’d be required to spend that kind of money when you could be making money from the $1000 level? Well, you’ll only get paid your commissions should your recruit also join at that level. If they do on to the next level, you won’t make any commissions, even though they’re your recruits.

It’s a pay-to-play system where you can only earn from the level that you bought into. You will need to invest thousands to make thousands, which is NOT something that Jeff tells you about, right?

Beware Of The 1-On-1 Advisors!

Is This What You Were Picturing?

When you hear of actually having mentors, coaches or advisors to help you, you think of being able to talk to somebody over the phone to talk business. You tell them what you’re doing and they correct you or tell you that you’re doing the right things. Sort of like encouragement or a way to better yourself.

Well, don’t count of the 6 Steps To Freedom advisors to be like that!

Their main purpose here is to push you to buy the next level of membership just so they can make more money. They’ll play with your mind and tell you things like:

“You owe it to yourself to invest in your education.”

“The more you invest, the more money you can make.”

“Do you really want to let this opportunity go? This would mean letting your future down.”

These are just a few among many others and were the same tactics used by MOBE and DA advisors. It’s true that if you want to make serious money that you should invest at least SOMETHING but this just stretches WAY past the line.

Some advisors were even reported to ask people to take out loans to pay for their memberships because with the earnings they’d be making back allegedly, they would be able to pay off the debt in no time.

Unfortunately, people fell for that and now have huge debts to repay!

So beware of those advisors because they are the wolves disguised as harmless lambs.

Is Copy The Millionaire A Scam?

Well, what do you think? Do you think that Copy The Millionaire, or 6 Steps to Freedom is a scam?

Whether you think it’s a scam or not, it is definitely NOT a program that I will recommend you sign up for. The sales page is misleading and when you have the owner of the program himself hiding stuff from you, then you know something is terribly wrong.

You have the promotion using a different name than the real program so they’re obviously trying to hide something! You have a program that sounds so easy and that will make you thousands of dollars online with little effort, similar to two programs that were shut down.

You have hidden costs that go upto $10K that you would never know about, unless you signed up (or read this review) and the program is not even explained properly in the sales video. All you’re told is that you’re going to learn of three methods and that you’ll make a ton of money, even become a millionaire.

Then you have those advisors that are hungry after your money, and even encourage YOU to get into debt. They will stop at NOTHING, even if it means pushing you down a dark pit, to make money from you.

Does this sound like a company you want to be a part of? The business model is illegal and you could also really get into trouble with the law, not to mention that you could potentially lose thousands of dollars without any hope of making anything back.

This is NOT a sustainable business and I definitely do NOT recommend that you sign up for 6 Steps to Freedom (Copy The Millionaire)!

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Thanks for reading my Copy The Millionaire review. I hope you’ve learned a thing or two and I wish you the best!

Your Friend,


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