Crazy Cash Club – Legit Or Pyramid Scheme?

Crazy Cash Club

Welcome my review of Crazy Cash Club.

You’re probably wondering whether all the claims are true or whether the program is a scam, right? You also probably have a lot of questions about how it works and why you should or shouldn’t be joining this opportunity.

Well, let me tell you that there are a few shocking things that I’ve found out about Crazy Cash Club that you should take into consideration before joining. Read until the end of this review to be able to make an informed decision.

You’ll really think TWICE about joining and promoting the program, I promise!

Crazy Cash Club At A Glance


Owner: Martin and Roger

Purpose: Referring others to make money

Price: $10+ annually

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! It’s pyramid-like!

What Is Crazy Cash Club?

Martin is the presenter. Along with Roger, he created the program. He says that with Crazy Cash Club, that you’ll be able to make money on your first day, even if you don’t want to.

When I first started watching the video though, there’s nothing mentioned about Crazy Cash Club. However, Martin keeps talking about another program called Make Money Even, a program that I’ve already exposed in the past.

That’s a big red flag because it’s not the video for Crazy Cash Club. It’s how Make Money Even works, but not necessarily how Crazy Cash Club. It might be that both programs work similarly and thus, Martin didn’t change the video.

That’s so cheap, if you ask me.

But anyways, Martin tells us about how great the Crazy Cash Club affiliate program is because he got rid of all the road blocks for you. These are road blocks that you’ll encounter with every affiliate program, except for this one.

Here are the road blocks he mentions:

1) expensive to get started

2) monthly fee

3) information overload

4) pre-launches that gets you over-excited

5) no testimonials

6) fear of talking to others about the program

However, with Crazy Cash Club, it’s not expensive to start, at $10 annually. You don’t have any monthly fees that add up at the end of the year. You’re not overloaded with information that you won’t be able to pass along.

There aren’t any free “lunches” that will get your leads all excited and crush them by asking them to pay for products. They know about the $10 fee. And you also make BACK your money when you sign up in your back office, in the form of a credit.

That way, you can tell people that you’re actually making money with the program.

The last road block is the fear of talking to people and you won’t have to with Crazy Cash Club. That’s because you can just copy and paste your affiliate link anywhere on the internet and you won’t have to talk to a soul to get leads.

Okay, all that sounds good, but does it really work as advertised? Let’s take a look inside.

How Crazy Cash Club Works

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to the back office, which I must say, was pretty boring. You don’t get the training that you need to really bring up your A game.

You’re not really told what to do, except for what was explained on the sales page. I would have actually liked some kind of video or a guide explaining what to do, especially for newbies who have never done anything like this before.

You need to share your link anywhere you possibly can, to get as many clicks and as many people signing up as possible. When they sign up paying the $10, they make back the $10 and you make $5 commissions off of them.

So basically, you’re gonna have to go around SPAMMING people, where you run the risk of getting banned. Do you want to get banned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Not me!

But don’t you find it strange that they’re really LOSING money here? They make $10, for which, they pay out $15 – $10 to your referral (giving them back the money they invested) as well as $5 to you.

How can any business run this way?

They say that they accept to lose in the front-end because they’re making the money in the back-end, with the 4 other products they sell;

1) Monster Cash Mini Webinar System – $157

2) CrazySplash Click-Thru Pages – $97

3) 20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors – $54

4) 5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors – $17

These are the products from which they will make money. Although I haven’t myself bought these programs, I have to say that they do not really look promising, especially the Laser Targeted Visitors packages.

Most of the time, these are overpriced and they don’t convert at all. You not knowing where they get these visitors from might be a red flag. They could be paying others a few cents to click on your links, essentially simulating visitors.

Obviously, this kind of traffic will not convert.

I do believe that the ulterior motive is to make you BUY these packages yourself, so although they’re losing $5 initially, they will profit hundreds from you at the end of the day.

Crazy Cash Club Compensation Plan

I’m not saying that Crazy Cash Club is operating a pyramid scheme, but it looks similar to one. This can’t even be called an affiliate program and it can’t be called an MLM.

Affiliate programs are free to join, like the Amazon Affiliate program, because you are supposed to get rewarded for your advertising efforts for a particular product. You’re NOT supposed to be paying to be a part of the program.

MLMs have two sides; recruiting and then making sales. They have a business side and a retail side. Crazy Cash Club does NOT have a retail side at all. In my opinion, the products created are not really designed to help you, but it’s there to make Martin and Roger money, since they’re losing on the front-end.

So at the end of the day, you’re just promoting the same thing that your sponsor promoted to you, and your referral will need to promote the same thing you’re promoting. They’re paying to join and you’re making money.

Typical pyramid, isn’t it? It reminds me of two other programs that I reviewed, called Easy 1 Up and Desktop Commissions.

Additionally, they even operate as one! For the first 10 referrals you bring in, 5 will be yours and the remaining 5 goes up to your sponsor. From then on, every 5th referral you bring in, will go up to your sponsor.

And it’s the same thing for you; you’ll receive 5 of the first 10 referrals your own referral brings in and you’ll get every 5th referral afterwards.

The only way to make any money is to recruit. You’re not asked to SELL any products created by the company here. You’re promoting what your sponsor promoted to you. You’re not making commissions selling ACTUAL, useful products.

Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam?

Everything is in your hands now. What do you think about Crazy Cash Club?

I don’t actually think that Crazy Cash Club is a scam, but it nearly operates like a pyramid scheme, which is enough for me to NOT recommend the program. You don’t want to be part of this, even if you can make some money.

For one, the front-end is really what most people will focus on. They’re focused on making money and not really focused on selling the back-end products. People’s focus will be on recruiting only.

Additionally, they encourage you to go spamming on social media, which may end up with your accounts getting blocked and not being eligible to sign up again, in some cases.

So at some point, I do believe that this is going to go down badly.

I also do think that the 4 products within the program are actually just designed to make Roger and Martin money. They’re not really designed to provide great information for you to improve in business.

Martin also talks about the business as if you’re not going to encounter road blocks, but the truth is that there are road blocks in every business, no matter what you do. It’s up to your willingness to learn how to get over them to be successful.

We always have road blocks, even in our day-to-day life. And how do we get over them? It’s the willingness in us. We don’t give up and we work hard to overcome them. That’s the way to approach business as well. No business is immune to road blocks.

The bottom line is that I do not recommend Crazy Cash Club. It’s borderline pyramid and just barely legal, in my opinion.

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I’m an affiliate marketer too, but I make money in a different way than what Crazy Cash Club is going to teach you. They teach you spamming your affiliate link everywhere on the internet, but I can teach you affiliate marketing the right way.

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And it works, because that way, you’re building a good reputation and you’re building your brand and what it stands for. People will actually look at you and TRUST you for the good solutions you bring them.

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Thanks for reading my review of Crazy Cash Club. What do you think of the program? Is it a scam to you? Do you think it’s a pyramid? Have you made money with the program? I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,



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