Crowd1 Review – Ponzi Scheme Exposed?

crowd1 review

Welcome to my honest Crowd1 review. I say honest because I’m not one of the affiliates of the website who is going to do everything I can to convince you to sign up so I can make money off of you.

No, this is going to be an unbiased review. I will be telling you the good, the bad and the ugly of the program so you can make an informed decision.

You probably came across this website by somebody sharing a link somewhere; on Facebook or maybe even within an email. For me, it was somebody requesting that I review Crowd1 on my Youtube Channel.

I guess they found some red flags and wanted to know whether it was legitimate or not. Well, I’ve found out some things that you should consider before joining. It’s not really cheap either, right?

Crowd1 At A Glance


Owner: Stelios Piskopianos

Purpose: Make money through online network gaming

Price: €99 – 2499

Do I Recommend It?: No! It looks fishy and like a Ponzi scheme to me

What is Crowd1?

As soon as I was done looking through the home page for Crowd1, something did not sit right with me. And that’s the fact that I didn’t understand at all how you would make money with this system at all.

I didn’t even understand how the company made money to be able to pay anybody. So at first, I thought that it was straight out a pyramid scheme. But when I looked even closer, I started to understand.

Crowd1 is an online networking community, that focuses on making money from crowdfunding in the gaming industry. It’s true that the gaming industry is booming at the moment and it will probably grow more.

By joining with Crowd1, you will be given the privilege of making money each time somebody spends money.

What Crowd 1 is saying is that you need to purchase one of the packages that are available. You would then gain the rights to resell the same membership to others. Unless you buy a level, you can’t make any money.

Then, you would also have access to the different websites that Crowd1 is partnered with, namely and, where you’ll get access to the different gaming platforms. By investing with Crowd 1, it seems that you would be supporting those platform and buying into their shares.

The more popular the games become, the greater value your share would have.

When it comes to the different packages, depending on the one that you choose, you would get either more or less training and resources. Obviously, the more you pay, the more you get.

This way of making money online, leveraging such an industry is still new to the world. Whether it works or not still needs to be seen.

What Does It Cost To Join Crowd1?

There are 4 packages that you can choose from;

1) Bronze or Starter Kit – €99

2) Silver or Basic Learning – €299

3) Gold or Extended Courses – €799

4) Platinum or Professional Courses – €2 499

There seem to be a lot of differences in the prices of these membership options but how much difference is there really from membership to membership? This reminds me of programs that I had reviewed before;

1) Easy 1 Up

2) Desktop Commission System

3) The Fearless Momma

4) Too Damn Easy

The problem with all of these programs is that they were pyramid schemes and illegal; there were no products at all that were being sold to the public and the ONLY way to make money was to recruit.

They had different membership options, just like Crowd1 and they differed in pricing. There may have been some extra courses with each new membership you upgraded to, but the main reason they were so expensive, was to make your sponsor more money.

Is Crowd1 the same?

I’ve discussed some red flags in one of the below sections that might indicate how Crowd1 could be a pyramid or a ponzi scheme.

The Compensation Plan – Different Ways You Make Money

One thing that I was very impressed about was the fact that there are several ways through which you can earn with Crowd1.

Residual Commissions 

Crowd1 uses a binary compensation structure, meaning that you only need to recruit 2, who will also recruit 2. Each additional level will have twice as many members as the one before it.

So obviously, you need to recruit to make anything at all and in order to join, your downline will need to purchase one of the four available investment levels. Each investment level will add points to that particular leg.

Bronze – 90

Silver – 270

Gold – 720

Platinum – 2250

Crowd 1 then uses a 1/3 ratio between the weaker and the stronger and you get paid 10% on the weaker leg.

Matching Bonus

When you personally recruit others, those people become part of your first level. Those people recruit others and those new  recruits become part of YOUR recruits first level and YOUR second level.

And the process keeps repeating. There is no cap to the number of levels that you can have in your downline. However, you will only earn from the first 5 levels.

The following conditions need to be met in order to receive the matching bonus:

1) Invest at the Bronze level and recruit 4 others – Make 10% on level 1

2) Invest at the Silver level and recruit 8 others – Make 10% on both levels 1 and 2

3) Recruit 12 – Make 10% on levels 1 to 3

4) Invest at the Gold level and recruit 16 others – Make 10% on levels 1 to 4

5) Invest at the Platinum level and recruit 20 others – Make 10% on levels 1 to 5

Streamline Bonus

The Streamline bonus is a way for all members to increase owner right share returns. Everybody who joins after you forms part of your streamline.

The bonus you receive is counted in streamline “levels” and they each correspond to the investment level that a Crowd1 affiliate chose.

1) Bronze level affiliates will receive 3 levels

2) Silver level affiliates will receive 8 levels

3) Gold level affiliates will receive 12 levels

4) Platinum level affiliates will receive 15 levels

Fear of Loss Bonus

This is a cash bonus that each new Crowd1 member can earn within the first 14 days of joining.

1) €125 for every 4 Bronze sales

2) €375 for every 4 Silver sales

3) €1000 for every 4 Gold sales

4) €3000 for every 4 Platinum sales

Gambling Residual

When you sponsor somebody else who also invests, you increase the number of gambling shares. This means that you would receive shares (profits or loss) based on company-wide gambling revenues.

The gambling residual begins at the Team Leader level, once you accumulate at least 500 points in your weaker binary leg. You’ll receive 5%. It goes up to 10% when you hit the Director level once you’ve made at least 500,000 points in the weaker binary leg.

Subsequent levels will all be at 10%.

The Red Flags – Why It Could Be A Ponzi Scheme

Well, there are some red flags that indicate that Crowd1 could be operating as a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

The first is the fact that although AffilGo and Miggster are said to be PARTNERS to Crowd1, they are actually owned by the same person. They are only MADE to look like separate entities.

You see, the person who owns Crowd1, Stelios Piskopianos, is also the owner of AffilGo and Miggster. All three websites were also created under the same business name. All investments are really only into one pocket, as opposed to different companies.

Additionally, each of those websites are also very bizarre.

AffilGo is one that looks like it is partnered with a multitude of different gaming and gambling platforms. It’s great that being a member of Crowd1 gets you access to them, but did you notice that there isn’t anywhere for new gaming platforms to join AffilGo?

When you have a company that works both with other companies and members/customers, you need to have separate log-in venues, but that’s not present there. How the heck is AffilGo then being able to contract with new companies?

There’s really only a login page for Crowd1 members.

So what this shows is that there really isn’t any affiliation with gaming platforms on AffilGo. In my honest opinion, it looks like all made up information. That’s why I can safely assume that the only way to make any money is to sell Crowd1 memberships.

The other website, Miggster, is only a landing page at this point. There is only SOME information about the website and what it is going to be about, but there’s no way to log in for anybody. So how’s the money coming in?

Again, the only way there’s any income at this point, that I can see, is from the sale of Crowd1 memberships. You’re being told that you’re “investing” for bigger returns, when you’re only making the people above you richer.

These are the reasons that I believe Crowd1 to be a pyramid or Ponzi scheme. New members need to be added to the scheme in order to pay the older members. By the way, even if there are so many ways to earn, didn’t you notice that they all have to do with actually RECRUITING?

Is Crowd1 A Scam?

There might be a lot of controversy around this question, because a lot of members will say that it isn’t a scam. While there might be a way to make money and while you could really be profiting from Crowd1, it doesn’t make the program legit.

You don’t have to take what I say. You can try the program for yourself if you want to, but as of now, I do personally think that Crowd1 is a ponzi scheme. There just isn’t enough proof that you would really be investing into the two platforms, AffilGo and Miggster.

Additionally, the compensation is ALL on the sales of Crowd1 membership levels and shares. There isn’t any mention of making money from the actual people you refer who invest in the GAMES promoted by these partner websites.

If, for example, becoming a member of Crowd1 allowed you to become an affiliate of those games and share in their revenue when you refer people to play the games, it would have been a different story.

But at this point, the only way to make money is by recruiting people through Crowd1, and nothing else. There’s no sales of anything else, no tangible or digital product at all.

Until further notice or more development is done on AffilGo and Miggster, there is no other conclusion to come to other than Crowd1 is a scam and an illegal Ponzi scheme.

If you disagree, show me your proofs in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading my Crowd1 review. Like I said, there probably are a lot of affiliates or members who are going to disagree with my review, but I really don’t care. My only mission is to expose illegitimate programs and scams.

If you have anything to share, feel free to do so below in the comments section.

Lots of Love,



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