Daily Digital Club Review – Another Cash-Gifting Scheme?

Daily Digital Club review

Welcome to my honest Daily Digital Club review. You were probably invited in an email or on social media to join this opportunity because they claim that you can make $25 and $100 commissions per sale recurring every month.

Well, that sounds pretty good! But to tell you the truth, I found out how the program really worked and though many people may be promoting it, it does not mean that it’s the best opportunity for the long term.

And that totally got me turned off.

Is Daily Digital Club a scam or legit? How does it work? Does it even work as advertised? What do you get with your monthly payments? You’ll be able to learn all about it, right here, right now, to make an informed decision.

Daily Digital Club At A Glance

Website: DailyDigitalClub

Creator: Peter Wolfing

Purpose: Make money online reselling memberships

Price: $25 / $100

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s a typical program that Peter Wolfing usually creates and he is at the very top of the pyramid, making the most money from all the recruiting.

What Is Daily Digital Club?

Daily Digital Club says that it can help you “live your best life now” when you join the opportunity. It’s really great that you’re able to earn 100% commissions because whatever the amount in dollars you sell, you keep.

Seeing as Peter and his team understand the importance of digital products and how big of an industry the e-learning industry has become, he wants to help you capitalize on it. That’s why Peter combined the opportunity with a list of different e-learning products.

They can be accessed either by paying $25 or $100 per month. Depending on your membership choice, you get a different e-learning bundle that will help you in different areas. Obviously, paying more will get you access to more.

Although this may sound good, the truth is that Peter created so many of those different opportunities before. I already reviewed some of his latest ones, like Easy 1 Up and Pay Me Forward.

They have been labelled as “cash-gifting schemes” unfortunately, with the way that the opportunity and the products were advertised and I have a feeling that Daily Digital Club will be the same.

If those programs worked for the long-term then Peter wouldn’t have to be creating new products over and over again right? He would just be focussing on the one that works because more products means more work!

But don’t think for a minute that making money with Peter Wolfing’s products are going to be as easy. Most people lose money in those programs and there’s a very good reason why. I will explain it all below.


How Daily Digital Club Works

Obviously, the first thing to do is to choose which membership option you want to go with, either the $25 or the $100 option. Most people will go with the $25 option because they want to test the waters.

Unfortunately, Peter does not break down what you’ll receive for each membership option. I hate that because it means that you don’t know what you’re actually getting for your money.

Sure, you could be given the right to enter the opportunity and make money promoting the program, but you don’t know what’s included in your e-learning bundle and whether it will be worth your while and your money.

But you will supposed have access to these e-learning courses, again, dependent on the option you choose;

List Building Basics
Facebook Marketing Basics
Facebook Ad Basics
Facebook ReMarketing Basics
Product Launch Basics
Product Creation Basics
Bonus Creation Basics
Mobile Marketing Basics
Email Marketing Basics
Banner Marketing Basics
Twitter Basics
Twitter Marketing Basics
Video Marketing Basics
Affiliate Marketing Basics
Facebook Relevance
Split Testing
Timeline Advertising
Web Design
Hiring and Outsourcing
Email Marketing
Banner Advertizing
Affiliate Recruiting
Native Ads

Real person I’m guessing that every title that has “basics” attached to the name of the course might be the ones included with the $25 membership, but don’t quote me on that! There’s nothing confirming this.

Unfortunately, as you can see, those are only basics, meaning that the courses won’t be deep enough for you to really be able to utilize them to make money with Daily Digital Club.

Not only are they shallow, but they are also scattered all over the place such that a beginner in online marketing will have trouble following a plan. Most of the time, using and perfecting a few generation strategies is the best, rather than wearing yourself thin with 25 of them.

Moreover, you are paying monthly to get access to all of these but what happens when you’ve gone through all the training? You STILL need to keep your membership active by paying the membership fee. This is the only thing that keeps you earning.

However, like I already mentioned, this is a cash-gifting scheme because the products cannot be sold on their own. You are OBLIGATED to join as a recruit, whether you want it or not.

Additionally, you won’t see the products being promoted. It’s ALWAYS the business opportunity, which is a red flag as those are usually shut down by the FTC. So in my opinion, if you’re thinking of joining, you’re joining at your own risk because you could be losing your investment.

Moreover, even if the FTC doesn’t shut it down, after some time, the business will crash and those that end up joining last will lose their investments. So as you can see, it works exactly like a pyramid, with Peter at the top, making the most money.

Daily Digital Club Compensation Plan

Even if Daily Digital is a pyramid, it does not mean that you don’t have the potential to earn with the system. On the contrary, if Peter wasn’t making money with it, he wouldn’t be creating dozens of these systems, right?

Daily Digital Club works using a “reverse 2 up” compensation plan and it is pretty simple but powerful.

What happens is that each second and fourth referrals get passed up to sponsors. Those are referred to as “qualifying sales”, meaning that after your fourth sale, you get to keep all the rest of the sales that you make.

For example, let’s say you recruit Ellen, John, Patty and Peggy. Ellen and Patty remain your referrals, but John and Peggy get passed up to your sponsor. Every recruit after Mo becomes yours and yours only.

Likewise, every second and fourth recruit of Ellen and Patty will become yours and their second and fourth sales are yours as well. So this creates a domino effect and could go on to infinity. That’s why the compensation plan is so powerful.

However, you need to know that you will ONLY be able to earn from the membership that you purchased. So if you only purchased the Basic at $25/month, then you won’t be able to earn anything when you sell the advanced membership at $100/month.

If you do sell the $100/month membership, then that sale rolls up to the sponsor that has purchased that membership. If you are considering Daily Digital Club, then you might be better off just getting the $100/month membership, where you’ll earn by selling both memberships.



– Real person behind the program – Peter does not hide behind a fake name like I’ve seen so many times

– Potential for recurring monthly income

– Lots of different training modules

– MLM structure so that referrals get passed up indefinitely

– Great for intermediate to advanced marketers to make extra money online


– Some of Peter’s similar programs have gone under

– This is a rehash of an older product back in 2011, but with the same name

– Recruiting is the BASE of this business and not the products

– Borderline cash-gifting scheme/pyramid and could be shut down by the FTC like many were before

– You can count to make some good money with such a program for about a year or so, then you’ll need to find something else as this program starts becoming saturated. That’s why Peter needs to constantly create new programs.

– You’re recruiting your own competitors

– Nobody is a customer. Everybody becomes part of the recruiting pyramid

– No refunds since the money you pay goes directly to your sponsor

– Shallow, scattered training that will not help a newbie really take off with this business

– Suitable only for intermediate to advanced marketers

Is Daily Digital Club A Scam?

It really depends on how you define a scam. A scam to you might be where you’re getting nothing in exchange for your money. In that respect, Daily Digital Club may not be a scam.

However, even if Daily Digital Club is not a scam, I still do not recommend it because of the business model used. Unfortunately, this is known as cash-gifting or even being a pyramid. Those are programs that get shut down by the FTC.

What a lot of the people promoting this opportunity don’t understand is that though there is are products within the program, the ONLY way to make any sales is to promote the opportunity itself. The way that the promotions are designed is around recruiting.

And that’s exactly what cash-gifting and pyramids revolve around; recruiting and collecting 100% of the money for yourself.

It might be a good opportunity for the short-term, say a few months but it will NOT be profitable for the long-term. If you get involved with Daily Digital Club, you’ll need to look for another opportunity to promote after it gets shut down or slows down.

The truth is that if those programs really worked for the long-term, then Peter wouldn’t be creating lots of those programs. He would have been putting all his energy into only ONE program seeing as one company is hard enough to keep up with and update.

What’s happening is that the previous products released by Peter are probably making him less and less money over time, which is why he is required to create those new programs now. He is at the top of the pyramid for every one of those programs he creates.

So those are my reasons for not recommending Daily Digital Club and my reasons for not promoting it. I only believe in long-term strategies where you don’t have to start over each time with a new program.

That’s not gonna happen with Daily Digital Club.

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Thanks for reading my Daily Digital Club review. If you’ve had any good or bad experience with Daily Digital Club, feel free to share below in the comments section so others can make an informed decision.

Lots of Love,


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