Desktop Commission System Scam – UGLY TRUTH REVEALED!

Desktop Commission system scam

Will Desktop Commission System scam you out of your hard-earned money like so many of the other scams you’ve fallen for before, or is it the real deal? Will you make money with it? How does it work?

You’re so wise to be asking yourself these questions and reading this review before jumping with both feet into the program because if there’s one thing that you’ve probably learned about these program is that things aren’t always as they seem, right?

So buckle up and read this review until the end to find the truth about this program to make an informed decision. I promise that you’ll be shocked to know what’s inside.

Let’s get started!

Desktop Commission System At A Glance


Creator: Charles MacAllister

Purpose: Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

Price: $47

Do I Recommend it?: NOPE!

What Is Desktop Commission System?

The website for Desktop Commission System seemed fishy to me from the very beginning. It’s a one-page website that is in the form of a review, although it doesn’t seem to be one at the same time.

It also seems to lead to a program that is so easy to set up and maintain that any newbie can make money from it. Additionally, you can even quit your job right now, it says.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. No need for any experience or any qualifications. You get to work from home really easily and be your own boss. That’s what everybody dreams about, right? Sounds okay so far, not too hyped up but what’s strange is that there isn’t a detailed review of what you’ll be learning.

Additionally, what I found strange was for the website to tell you that there aren’t a lot of reviews of the program yet because it’s new. Uhmmm… I’ve never seen a program tell you that outright before and I find it weird. They even warn you about reviews like mine, stating that this could possibly be a scam.

Look, whether or not this program is a scam, you should be doing your due diligence. If there isn’t a bad review on the program yet, it does not mean that the program is all good. And if there is a bad review on a program, it does not mean that it’s all bad.

You just have to know whether it is the right system for you or not. However, I wouldn’t believe everything that they say on the sales page because there is a lot that you should know about Desktop Commission System.

Desktop Commission System is Not A System At ALL!

You’ve heard – or should I say READ – that right! Desktop Commission System is not a real system at all. When you click through the “Get Started” button, it brings you to the all familiar sales pages and sales video that is promoting the program to you.

And do you know what it promotes? A program that I have already reviewed a few days ago called Point 2 Click Profits. And let me tell you that what I uncovered about the program were less than pleasing.

You see, the reason that these creators or affiliates would disguise the real system and program using a different name is due to the high number of negative reviews about the original program.

By slapping a new name to it but still directing you to the old program, the new name wouldn’t have any reviews on it, thus increasing the chances of you buying the program. That’s how many people liek you and I get conned into thinking that there isn’t a negative review so it should be fine, right?

Well, now you know! It’s only a farce and an attempt to disguise the real program being promoted.

Let’s Discuss Point 2 Click Profits

If you read my Point 2 Click Profits review, you’ll come to understand the reason as to why I don’t recommend the program. I will discuss it briefly here since it has a correlation with Desktop Commission System.

I found a lot of red flags with Point 2 Click Profits, such as the name of the creator not actually being his name. Another red flag is the fact that images within the sales video kept popping up as “Copy & Paste Profits” instead of Point 2 Click Profits.

This might just be another attempt at disguise. So you see, this disguising, manipulative and deceitful portrayal is not new with this program. Additionally, the Privacy Policy page seems to have three other company names associated with the system, which is even more of a red flag.

The program seems to be around becoming an Amazon affiliate, which is a great way to make money online. I’m an affiliate marketer myself so I know the potential there. However, the sales page lies to you about so many requirements and keeps others hidden in respect to this.

For example, you’re told that you don’t need a website to become an Amazon affiliate when you actually do! You need to be having quality content and existing visitors to your website in order to be eligible to apply, else you get rejected!

Another thing is that you have to apply to become an affiliate. Can you imagine the headache that Amazon would have to deal with, if they let just about anybody become an affiliate? The service would be horrible! They keep that information away from you.

And with the requirement of a website and traffic comes more investment because you need to have your own domain name, pay for hosting, pay for security and an SSL certificate and also pay for other tools and resources that you’ll need to make a successful website.

You’re never told about that! Instead, Charles wants to make you believe that all you have to pay is $47 and you’ll make money each time you open or click on the “little black box”. That’s unreal!

Is Desktop Commission System A Scam?

You already know what I think at this point and I absolutely think that Desktop Commission System a.k.a Point 2 Click Profits is a scam and that you should avoid it.

The main reasons are that the creator and the affiliates of the program are trying to hide the real program that they are leading you to by changing its name. You don’t even know what the real name of the program is at all.

I also hate the fact that they never tell you what you’ll be getting inside, how you’ll make money, what the process is like and they never disclose the full cost of running such a business to you. They actually even lie to your face and tell you that you won’t need a website to become an affiliate with Amazon, which is preposterous!

The amount of red flags here is numerous and indicative of a scam. In my opinion, you’ll just waste your time and money trying to buy and to try the system. Chances are that you’ll get generic guides anyways, like so many programs that I’ve reviewed before.

It just won’t be enough for you to make the kind of money claimed in the video. Charles makes it sound easier than it actually is. There is a lot of work to be successful online. A push button software does not exist and won’t make you money.

If there is someone who will make money from this, it’s the creator of the program and his affiliates. Nobody who actually uses the system will see any result.

So, the bottom line is that I do not recommend Desktop Commission System and that you should look below to see how I make money online, as I believe it to be a much better alternative.

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Thanks for reading this Desktop Commission System scam review. As always, don’t hesitate to leave me your thoughts and your comments, and of course questions, in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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