Devant Travels Review – Truth Exposed!

Legit / Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Welcome to this Devant Travels Review!

Everybody either wants to travel and save as much as possible while doing so, or they want to go away and not have to worry about taking time off work and not getting paid. What if I told you that there is a company that offers steep discounts on hotels, flights and other bookings, AND can help you make money from home or anywhere in the world?

Come in Devant Travels!

If you’re asking yourself “Is Devant Travel a scam?” then you have to push this thought as far away from your mind as possible, because it is completely legit. I also thought that it was going to be a scam, but when I actually joined, I found out that the creator, the testimonials and the members are genuine!

Let’s dive right into this review, where I’ll show you all the benefits of joining this amazing company, whether you want to make some extra cash from home, or use the membership to travel the world!

At A Glance

Name: Devant Travels

Owner: Stephan Thomas

Purpose: Make money online and take advantage of steep travel discounts

Price: $47 (One-time fee)

Do I Recommend It?: YES!!! 😀

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What Is Devant Travels?

Devant Travels is a discount travel company that provides its members with steep travel discounts all around the world, as well as gives them an opportunity to make money from home. Whether you want to benefit from the travel deals, or you want to make some extra cash from your couch, this opportunity is for you.

It was created by Stephen Thomas, who is a real person. He is the one who conducts all the training and is very much in touch with all his members. Devant Travels started about 8 months ago, but is on its way to becoming big! In the short time that it has been operating, there have been so many changes for the better.

This company is described as a direct sales membership site, where your $47 is an access fee that gets all of the best travel deals in front of you, as well as gives you the training you need to become successful with the company.

So you can rest well-assured that Stephan takes this business very seriously, and is NOT out to scam you.

What Are The Benefits of Devant Travels?

When you join Devant Travels with the one time fee of $47, you can either use the discounts for travel, make money from the comfort of home, or both!

There are no monthly fees! Once you join, you become a life-time member and can enjoy all the benefits offered.

What You Get As A Member

1) Proper step-by-step training that is easy to understand

2) Pre-written, powerful ads to share on social media, classified ads websites and promotional videos to use or share

3) You get over 3500 vacation getaway locations to choose from

4) $2000 VIP Savings card

5) 20 – 70% discount on Travel, Hotel, Dining and Entertainment

6) You get a Free Medical Discount card giving you upto 75% off prescriptions

7) Website promoting Devant Travels (for a small extra fee)

8) Access to the Facebook group, where you are supported by Stephen himself and the Devant Travel Community

And tons more!!!…

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Who is The Devant Travels Opportunity For?

Seriously, I have tried so many ways of making money from home in the past and they included MLMs, like Avon and Primerica. I even tried online work, like e-commerce and that did not work out. I tried filling in surveys, solving captcha and completing microtasks and those paid next to nothing.

So for me, it was important that an opportunity was not an MLM, didn’t require keeping inventory, didn’t require a monthly fee and at the same time was legit and made me some good money.

And I found Devant Travels, which is perfect for:

1) Students looking to make extra money

2) Stay-at-home parents

3) People looking to supplement their income

4) replacing a full-time job if you want it to

5) retirees who want to supplement pension money

6) disabled people who cannot work at a conventional job

7) anybody looking to make a full-time income from home


What Do You Do To Earn With Devant Travels?

The way that you earn with Devant Travels, is to promote the benefits that it has to offer, as well as the opportunity for others to make extra income. Not only would you be helping others with getting to a better place in life financially, but you will also be able to help people on a budget still plan an unforgettable vacation at prices not available to the general public.

Again, you get all the training that is required to do so, when you join.

The fact that there are so many benefits available for only a one-time fee with NO MONTHLY FEES, makes this very attractive, as it did to me. It is a very low investment compared to other opportunities on the internet and offers more perks than most as well.

Once somebody accepts your invitation and joins, you’ll receive instant money into your Paypal account! No more waiting for days or weeks to get to your money.

In order to make this opportunity work for you, you need:

1) to follow the training exactly as it is shown

2) to work at least 1 – 2 hours per day

3) to realize that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and will need some work

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Here’s proof that’s waiting for you if you take this seriously

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will I become a travel agent that sells vacation getaways?

No. You will not become a travel agent and you will not be selling the vacation getaways. You will simply be the intermediary that gets people connected to the amazing deals that Devant Travels has to offer.

2) What is the $47 one-time fee for?

The $47 that you pay is a membership or access fee that will get you to the deals.

For example, if you are somebody who likes to get to their destination fast, you would consider using a toll road. You need to pay fees to get access to this toll road that will get you to your destination faster, without any rush-hour traffic. In other words, the general public cannot access this road without the fee.

The $47 here is the same; this $47 one-time fee will get you access to deals that the general public does not get access to.

3) How is Devant Travels able to offer 20 – 70% off regular prices?

You see, most resorts, hotels, flights and entertainment parks are almost NEVER booked at full capacity at regular price, thus it makes sense that they would want to offer deals and discounts to fill in their spaces. Having people there at discounted rates are better than having nobody at regular rates.

That way, people are still able to enjoy vacation getaways at lower prices and these hotels, resorts and other places, can still make money.

4) Is the access fee refundable?

No, the access fee is 100% non-refundable. As soon as you pay this fee, it goes directly to your sponsor and you are given immediate access to the travel deals and the training. You are also immediately added to the Facebook group for instant and 24/7 support if you need help.

Everybody wants to travel and everybody wants to make money! If that’s you, then join me below!

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56 Replies to “Devant Travels Review – Truth Exposed!”

  1. Hi!
    This sounds like a great opportunity, I like to travel and are focused on making a living from home. A business that you can run from a laptop sounds perfect.

    But I have a couple if questions;
    Is this a service suitable for people living in Europe?
    On your income proof it looks like the total members fee is payed back to the sponsor. If that is the case, then what pays for our benefit?

    1. Hey Stefan. Thanks for reading my review.

      To answer your first question, the opportunity to make money is open to all countries but the travel discounts can only be used by canadian or american residents at this time.

      Yes, the commission you get is 100%. The reason that Devant Travel is able to afford the benefits, is that it is affiliated with travel agencies that pay the company when a member books with these travel agencies. That’s how they make their money. 

      The $47 is the opportunity to “make-money-online” and also acts as the access fee to get the benefits that is not available to the general public.

      Stephan Thomas, the creator, knew that everybody wants to travel and everybody wants to make money, so why not create an opportunity that would help them do both…. 🙂 Brilliant idea, in my opinion.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. I will be more than happy to answer them.

  2. Sounds like a good opportunity to make monies while having fun and getting discounts on travel saving money is also great I believe that many who are seeking to make money will find this information that you are sharing to be very helpful.

    1. It sure is, Norman.

      The fact that it only requires a one time fee to get access to the opportunity to make money, as well as get such great travel deals, is just mind-blowing!

  3. Nice review of Devant Travels! It is almost like the program I’m a member of called, “Advertising Boost” which owns Book.VIP. Book.VIP uses Advertising Boost to fill up their otherwise empty rooms to help pay for overhead. I help by bringing in clients who get a free vacation at any of their luxurious resorts. I also am an affiliate for Advertising Boost, to show businesses who would like to use vacation incentives to increase sales and reduce ad spend. There is a monthly membership fee of $49 but I feel it’s worth it to be able to give out unlimited vacations to clients who purchase my products. I think I might look into Devant Travels to compliment this program. Thanks, Reyhana!

    1. Thanks, Jeff.

      Devant Travels used to be affiliated with Book VIP, but I heard that Book VIP had a lot of problems when it came to bookings and such, and thus, Stephan Thomas had to change travel agencies to provide better service to Devant Travels members.

      Has Book VIP improved on their service at all?

  4. Hi Reyhanna,
    That sounds like an awesome opportunity. Who doesn’t love to travel!
    With the fee, is that for annual membership or life?
    Also, does it offer the travel and discounts worldwide or is this more targeted to America?
    Thanks for your Review on this

    1. Hey Sharon. Thanks for reading!

      It’s really amazing! I was already able to redeem my $2000 VIP Savings card and got access to my discounts right away when I signed up.

      The fee is one-time and you get access to the discounts for life. The Travel discounts apply worldwide but at this time, only residents of Canada and The USA are able to use them. (meaning that Canadians and Americans are able to choose travel packages at destinations all over the world)

      However, the opportunity to make money is open worldwide, so anybody from any country is able to sign up.

  5. This sounds like a dream come true. I’d love to travel more and if I can make money from home and still reap the benefits of the discounts then it’s a win-win. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this before. I do have some questions. What countries are included in the discounted prices? Is South America included?

    1. It is a truly amazing opportunity, Victor. And that’s why it’s so easy to make money with this program, because it has the components that everybody wants; travelling and making money from home.

      You get over 3500 locations all around the world to choose from at any time of day or night, so yes, places in South America are also included.

  6. This seems like a great opportunity. 

    Do you just get discounts on travel, hotels, ect.. or is there a compensation plan that pays weekly or monthly?

    I’m curious as I think that many stay at home moms or folks looking to work from home could benefit from an opportunity that allows others to save on travel yet still make money.

    – Glen B

    1. It is an excellent opportunity, Glen… 🙂

      You get both! As a member, you get access to the benefits as well as the opportunity to make money promoting the benefits. So it’s really up to you what you do with your membership; you can use it either to make more money from home or you can use it solely for the benefits! Or both!

      The compensation plan is referral-based but don’t get scared by that! There are so many ways to get them; on social media, forums and even ads if you’re okay with investing a little bit.

      All training is step–by-step and very easy to understand and set up. You also get access to all your benefits as soon as you join. Not only do you get the help that you need 24/7 on their Facebook group, but if you join this opportunity through me, you also get me as a mentor and as the go-to person for any questions or difficulties you may have.

      It is win-win for everybody!

  7. Thanks for this detailed review! It sounds too good to be true, travelling and making money, what else do you want? But is there like a list of places where you can travel too? Are it like quality places where you get discount or what kind of places should i imagine?

    1. Hey Eelco. This really sounds like the perfect opportunity, doesn’t it? Everybody wants to travel and everybody wants to make money. So you can imagine how easy it would be to promote this opportunity/membership to anybody you come across.

      The places you get are 3500+ locations around the world, including well-known disney resorts and other resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Europe and anywhere else in the world! Not only can you use this membership for discounts on hotels, but also for dining, cruises, flights, entertainment such as concerts, circus, magic shows and so much more!

      So you definitely will get to go to quality places. 

      If you wanted to know more, please VISIT THIS PAGE HERE and scroll down to look at the terms and conditions, as well as the locations you could get discounts to.

  8. I am so happy I came across your post.  I absolutely love travelling and being able to save money through discounts as well as make money is a massive plus.  This sounds like a fantastic opportunity.  

    Is this possible to do living in the UK?

    I know you state it’s a one time fee of $47.  Are there any additional costs involved once a member?

    Thank you in advance

    1. David, glad that you came across my post too, as the benefits of joining Devant Travels really surpasses the small fee that you have to pay to become a member.

      Yes, you can make money through the program as a person living in the UK. The only (optional) additional fee would be if you wanted to have Stephan set up a generic landing page for you to promote Devant Travels. Apart from that, there aren’t any additional fees. 

      The only hurdle that I would see is if you want to use the benefits of travel discounts. Although the opportunity to earn with the company is open worldwide, at this time only Canadian and USA residents are able to use the travel discounts.

  9. Hi Reyhanna,

    I read through your review and this seems to be a great opportunity for anyone who likes to travel and get good deals while doing so and to top it off, make money at the same time, which sounds really great!  

    I do have a couple of questions before going any further with this.  First, how do we access the 20-70% discount on travel, hotel and dining?  Is it a website on it’s own that Devant Travels hosts?  I have googled “Devant Travels” and all I can find is a promotional facebook page and some reviews.  Is there a website where we can actually see what kind of deals we can get and what travel destinations are available before paying the $47?

    I am really interested as I do like to travel and would appreciate any kind of help you could provide on this.



    1. Hello Denis. There isn’t a lot of information about this program because each person is an independent representative of the company and thus, can choose to promote the system each in their own ways. Many choose to promote on social media because there aren’t additional costs, as would be with a website.

      Good questions!

      As soon as you pay the $47, you will be automatically directed to a website where you will be given all the instructions on how to redeem your discounts. Devant Travels has its own company code that you will be able to use to identify you as part of the Devant Travels program with its partners. You’ll have your own login information and will be able to access your discounts that way.

      You will also get to the training on how to promote the program, as well as 24/7 access to our private Facebook group, where Stephan himself posts updates and training.

      If you were looking for more information, you can find the terms and conditions ON THIS PAGE HERE, as well as details about the trips that would be available to you when you sign up and become a member. 

      I hope that this has answered your questions and if you do have any more, feel free to reply here. 🙂

  10. I kind of llike the low entry price of $47 as a one off payment, then your sorted for life…but I still can’t get my head around how exactly you are making money. Direct Sales sounds a little bit like a MLM setup to me – would I be correct in thinking so?

    You say you are promoting the benefits that Devant Travels has to offer – surely this is a simple referral system from network marketing? 

    I am slightly curious about the levels of discount you receive on the products as a member. Is it a small percentage or a larger portion?

    1. The fee is one-time and very low at $47, you’re definitely right about that. Direct sales here means the membership is given from sponsor to new member directly. This is not an MLM because there aren’t different levels of commissions.

      It definitely is a simple referral system; you can do network marketing, you can promote it through your email list, you can write a blog about it, you can invest in ads or post on social media… there are different ways to promote the program and they’re included within the training.

      There aren’t levels in the discount; when you pay the $47, you become both a representative and a member. So you can use this membership to get access to the training and promote the program, as well as use its benefits for travel. Like I mentioned, you are given 20 – 70% off depending on what vacation package you choose and when and where you choose to go. 

  11. I am looking for good online opportunities and this seems like a very good opportunity after reading your review.  The only problem is when clicking on your link it takes me directly to PayPal.  I would prefer to read a bit more about the company by visiting their website, but cannot find it on Google search. 

    I notice you mention they are fairly new (8 months old) and if I am happy with what they offer and they are truly legit, could be a great opportunity to get involved in the early stages.

    Is there a possibility to provide the website link?  I am a bit skeptical to fork out $47 for a product I know absolutely nothing about.

    1. Hello Rika. Thanks for dropping by.

      It really is a great opportunity! There really isn’t a company website because each person is an independent representative and can choose to promote the company in any way that they choose (provided that we do not break the rules of the training). This is a direct sales company and thus, does not work with affiliate links. 

      What I can do, is have you visit THIS PAGE HERE, for all terms and conditions, as well as additional information on the compensation and the perks/offerings of the company. I hope that it will be enough information for you to seriously consider joining, because the advantages really are great!

  12. Hello,
    I saw that your Devant website does not have videos with related videos at the end,
    whereas, most others do. When signing up, can you request that? How did you get them
    to create your site with videos that simply ended, or did you make your own site?

    One gets free vacations. However, does one have the ability to book their own travel, also.
    For instance, if you use one of the free trips, do you know if you can book additional rooms through their system if you have a large family and need more rooms?

    Thank you…

    1. Hey Lynn…

      I created my own website and added my own information, upon becoming a member of Devant Travels and after doing my own research. So you can rest assured that I’m speaking from the point of view of an insider. Other Devant Travels websites by other members do not actually give you as much information as I do within this review.

      Yes, you can request for a website to be made for you for an additional $20 (it is going to be different than mine because I made my website myself) or you can also make your own if you know how to. If you wish to know how to create a website like mine, then I recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate. Within this training, you will learn how to create an online business from the bottom up and also how to add videos to your website.

      When you sign up with Devant Travels, you are allowed a total of two 3 – 5 day getaways every single month and you can choose from over 3500+ locations. Therefore yes, you do have the ability to book your own vacations, choose your flight, your hotel, your entertainment, your restaurants, your concerts… everything!

      I wish to clarify one thing; you mention free trips but this membership does not give you free trips. You get massive discounts on the trips, between 20 – 70% depending on the location you want to go to and the season in which you are booking. You still need to pay a minimum of the taxes on these trips. The trips are not free.

      And to answer your last question, yes, you get to choose appropriate rooms for the number of people going on these trips, just like you would with any other travel agency… 🙂

      I hope I have answered all your questions, Lynn. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me again. Overall, I find that the earnings with Devant Travels is marvellous and the advantages to joining are endless!

    1. Hello Melissa. Welcome to Devant Travels! This is such an exciting start for you!

      I’m currently away and have intermittent access to the internet, and so, I apologize for not getting to you right away, but I have already emailed you a few days ago. Please check your email… 🙂

  13. Hello I signed up today and I haven’t received a welcome email from you and I can’t find your contact info. Please contact me I have many questions. Thank you

    1. Sorry about that, Melissa.

      I had just written this review before I left and as such, did not have the time to set up a responder. However, I was able to check my email a few days ago and saw that you had joined.


      As soon as I realized that you joined, I sent you a welcome email. Please check your email inbox for the next steps… 🙂

      Sorry for the delay!

  14. Thanks for your review and thorough responses.

    Have you gone on any of the trips that you’ve booked via Devant Travels? I understand that Devant Travels acts as a broker, but I’d like to know if the process of booking was easy and the affiliate travel agencies offer quality trips.

    1. Hello Itiah and thanks for reading.. 🙂

      Yes, the process of booking is very easy. You are given a company code that only members have access to. You will sign up for your account (with the agency they use) by using Devant Travels’ exclusive company code. This will identify what kind of discounts you are eligible for as a member and will connect you to the best deals.

      You’ll come across some pretty big names, such as Disney Resorts and Diner’s Savings Club. This alone gives great credibility to Devant Travels. You can rest assured that the trips will be of quality.

      If you were looking for more details about the the trips themselves, CLICK HERE to be directed to the full terms and conditions of using the benefits. Any additional questions, feel free to contact me again… 🙂

  15. So devant travel can offer these kind of service, though i have not heard then before but as you expalin the detail of their benefits which caught my attention , i have signup but subscription is not yet successful. Going through this post offer value to me because i will exploit the devant travel to help me secure hotel and at the same time still making money with them which is a very good idea. Thank you for offering this comprehensive post

    1. Hello Adebayo! 

      It is a very new company; only been in business for about 9 months now (8 at the time of writing this review), but the advantages are well-worth the small investment. 

      Yes, people love to save while they travel and they also love making money, which means that this opportunity is not going to be hard to promote. 

      Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble signing up. Please let me know what kind of trouble you are having.

  16. Wow, this sounds like a great site. I love traveling & saving money at the same time. Anytime I can get a good deal, I’m all over it. Thanks for sharing this article. I think I would only subscribe to it to get the discounts. You can do that, correct? I travel usually every other month & it can sometimes get expensive for the places that I go to. I would like to go to bigger places but traveling overseas is outrageous when you fly out of the United States. Thanks, Rachel

    1. Rachel, that’s what makes this opportunity so appealing. Because almost everybody loves to save on travelling and to make money. That’s why this opportunity is so easy to promote!

      Yes, if you’re not interested in using the membership to make money, but solely for the benefits offered, you can definitely join. And I agree; there are a lot of places where we really want to go but the price is what stops us. This is eliminated with the great deals offered by Devant Travels when you become a member. 

      Try it out! I have not had anybody complain about the benefits till now.. 🙂

  17. Hello Reyhana, 

    I really enjoyed the post on this amazing opportunity. I would like to know a little about the fee structure. 

    It is clear that one needs to pay the $47 initial startup fee to access the platform however how is the fee-structure thereafter? Surely the parent company needs revenue to maintain the service so do they take a percentage of the monthly revenue generated or how does that work? 

    The incredible discounts on travel makes it hard to believe that they are making money on any of the deals on offer. In terms of cost savings, how is this platform able to offer such incredible discounts without compromising on the quality of the experience, or are some of the luxuries removed to reduce the costs?


    1. Hello Richard. Thanks for dropping by and for reading about Devant Travels.

      Every member who joins, needs to pay the $47 one-time fee. The sponsor (referrer) gets 100% commission. There’s nothing more to the compensation structure. There are no monthly fees either.

      Devant Travels is the intermediary between you (the member) and the steep travel discounts. Devant Travels is not actually the one giving you the discounts. The parent company is simply affiliated with other travel agencies that get information on places all around the world, that have not been booked to full capacity.

      If the flights/hotels/concerts and so on, have not been booked to full capacity at regular price, if nobody else books them, then the agency as well as the flight/resort/concert company will lose out on money. As such, these agencies and places all around the world look to booking people simply to cover their running costs, which makes the deal very affordable to people like you and me.

      When Devant Travels is able to point people (aka, its members) to booking with these agencies, Devant Travels gets a cut each time somebody books their trips (there is a special booking code just for Devant Travel Members). 

      And no, because you have big names, such as Diner’s Savings Club, Disney Resorts and others that are associated with the travel agencies, paying a discounted price in no way means that you will be cutting down on the quality of the trip. These resorts know that bringing in people with a low price means that people will be more willing to spend in their restaurants, casinos and so on, making them more money.

      So as you see, you can either advertise the opportunity to make money or the great benefits that come with bring a member. I hope that I have answered all your questions, and if not, please let me know if you have any more. I have been a member for a few weeks now and the results really have been great… 🙂

  18. Hello Reyhana, I feel lucky to come across your review about Devant Travels. I have seen this program several times on ads and other post. But I wasn’t sure if it was a scam or not. 

    However, reading your post has really clear all the misconception I had about this program. It’s seems that if you invest in this program, you could earn a great deal of money and it is fairly cheap to sign up for it. Thanks for the review Reyhana, I really appreciate it. 

    1. Hello Kuu. I’m really happy that my review has cleared up your misconception.

      Yes, mostly people use Facebook and other social media to promote the program, and I know that with the way that it is advertised, it may come across as a scam.

      As you have already read at the beginning of my post, even I believed it to be a scam, but I joined anyways. My initial thought was to expose the scam. But my review turned out to be completely different. I found out that the opportunity was completely legit. 

      The owner is very much active within the FB groups and is always updating training on the training website. He is always in touch and even jumps in to answer questions that members ask within the group.

      All in all, it feels just like another community that I am apart of, Wealthy Affiliate. Specially in the support structure. Many people think that because the sponsor gets 100% of the sign up fee, that it becomes a pyramid. But this simply is not true. I don’t make any money off of the referral of my sign ups, so it can’t be compared to a pyramid.

      If anything, it can be considered to be a Pay-Per-Lead type of deal.

  19. This sounds like a good programme to me. Does it work for everyone all over the world and Africa in particular? And how often do I get paid, I mean will I be referring people all the time to get paid first.  I would like to know more please. So basically what will I be required to be doing on daily basis.

    1. Thanks for reading my Devant Travels Review, Emmy.

      It is truly a wonderful program to be a part of. The income potential is huge and the benefits are just amazing!

      And yes, the opportunity to make money is ANYWHERE in the world, as long as you have a Paypal account because that’s where you get paid. Each time you refer somebody, you get paid. 

      The training goes over the most effective ways to promote the system; you can either use the opportunity of making money to promote or you can choose to promote the benefits to travel-lovers.

      You will be posting on social media, doing Youtube videos if you’re not camera-shy and you will also be trained on how to post ads on Craigslist for people looking for an OPPORTUNITY and not a job. There’s ton to learn! And this training can not only be used to promote this opportunity, but also others you may be involved with.

      I hope that I have answered your questions and please don’t hesitate to ask me if you still have more! 🙂

  20. I must admit I would be incredibly suspicious of this type of website but it is amazing to hear that it could actually be legitimate. I suppose this is reflected in the one time price which is fairly high for someone who is struggling and desperate to make money.

    I suppose this website is a good example of you get what you put in, you can just take advantage of the discounts or with a lot of time and effort you can built it up to be a nice little business promoting the website/ oppourtunity.

    I like the clarification that it is not a MLM, they seem to have plagued this area of business which is why people become suspicious of this market.

    I like how the owner is involved with the community, and he should be very proud of what he has achieved in quite a short space of time.

    1. I was also very skeptical and thought it was a scam at first, Hannah. And I joined with the intention of learning what’s inside and I was revelling in the way that I was going to expose this scam. But it turned out to be completely different that I expected.

      You mentioned the two greatest aspect of this company and that they offer really great discounts not available to the general public, as well as the opportunity to make money, things that everybody wants to do.

      Exactly; it’s not an MLM and not a pyramid (I’ve had that before when I was promoting this system). If anything, it could be compared to a Pay-Per-Lead type of deal, where you get paid for “leading” somebody to the company and becoming a member. 

      That’s really all there is to it!

  21. This is very interesting! I’ve seeing people on facebook posting this– which kind of annoying, but now I do understand why.

    I thought it was just another scam, but, based on your review, it sounds legit. But I have few questions though :

    Is it available globally? I’m not a frequent traveler, will Devant Travel still work for me? I am aware that it takes time to see the result, but in your experience, how long did it take you to get your first payment? In case I join will my $47 worth it?

    Sorry, I bombarded you with questions. Like I said, this is interesting.

    Thanks for the review and wishing you success.

    1. Hello Mina. Don’t worry… 🙂 I’m happy that I seemed approachable to you and by you asking these questions publicly, it may help answer the same questions that others have about the program.

      Yes, Facebook is the primary platform that most members use to promote the program and it has been effective. Even I initially thought that it was going to be another scam, until I really joined and was introduced to what was inside the training and the Private FB Group. Everybody is very welcoming and helpful!

      The opportunity is available globally, as long as you are able to create a Paypal Account, because that’s where you get paid. It does take some work and some time to see results. I have seen many people make money within their first 24 hours. They worked very diligently and were able to learn about the company and the benefits very fast.

      However, I was not as good as them, didn’t promote as actively, and I was still able to get my first referral within 1 week. The part that’s really amazing here, is that you make your investment back with the first referral.

      I hope that I have answered your questions and if you have any more, please feel free to ask me. If not, then I would highly recommend that you join because this is really a wonderful company to be a part of.

  22. If I had more time to spend on my “work at home” plan, this sounds like a great deal! As I am currently working full time Mon.-Fri. and taking care of my website, my daughter and three dogs, that would jus overload my plate! My daughter says I do not spend near enough time with her as it is.

    Although, when I start making money and do not have to go to my full time job, I will be very interested in this deal for sure! I try not to overload so I can manage my time more efficiently. 

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. When I have more time on my hands I will be back to check this out even more. 

    Like you said, who doesn’t want to save money on traveling, and make money at the same time?  

    1. I know how hectic it can be, Stacie. Specially having a child to look after and a full-time job, while working a website… it’s a lot!

      But it’s good news that you have a website already! You could advertise the opportunity on your website and still get sign ups that way… 🙂 so in a way, it may not be so out of reach for you and you could still make money with it. 

      Not to mention, that you could get access to marvelous discounts for future trips with your daughter. 

      This is just a suggestion that I hope will help you, so I hope you don’t mind it. But the rest is up to you of course! 🙂

  23. Hi Reyhana, 

    Thanks for this great review article on Devant Travels and a great business opportunity awaits. Living a laptop lifestyle while traveling seems to be attainable with this Program. I can’t wait any longer to learn more about this program and start utilizing the trainings that it have and apply it right away to start earning income from this new business opportunity.

    1. I know right, Glenda?

      Everybody wants to live the laptop lifestyle, wake up, work for an hour or two and head out to the beach. And it is certainly possible with this program. 

      I’m so happy that you are pumped up to join! When I found out the gravity of this program, I was also overjoyed! Please do sign up and I will get in touch with you to help you and send you the training details.

      Welcome aboard!

  24. hi reyhana my name is lametrius. someone pitched this to me and told me that this company has an A rating with the bbb but i was unable to confirm that on their website can you provide me with proof that the bbb has an A rating for you? (perhaps i put in you guys info incorrectly on the bbb’s website?) also, a former agent said to me that in her group they were arguing about not getting paid and that led to her choosing to quit so whats that all about?

    1. Hi Lametrius. Thanks for visiting and reading my review of Devant Travels. 🙂

      The person who pitched this up to you is lying to you about having an A rating with the BBB. Devant Travels is not on the BBB website yet because there have been no complaints reported about the company. The BBB usually looks into a company that has A LOT of complaints and will try to resolve these complaints by looking into the structure of the business. That’s when the BBB will give the company a rating based on their findings.

      However, Devant Travels not being on the BBB website is NOT an indication that the company is fake or a scam. It just means that there have been no reviews (specially bad ones) reported on the company.

      About the agent who did not get paid; it’s impossible to NOT get paid because Devant Travels does not take any responsibility for getting the payments to you. You’re responsible for collecting your own payments. Devant Travels does not get a cut at all, so why would they get themselves involved in collecting the payments to then just give you the money?

      In this case, what I have to conclude is that the person who did not get paid, either did not follow the training or just did not do the work. As simple as that!

      I have gotten paid within the first week of working with Devant Travels. If you go through my website, you’ll see that I just HATE scams and I expose them. If Devant Travels was another scam, I would not have been promoting them and I would have exposed them. Rest assured that Devant Travels is a 100% legit company.

  25. hey, thank you for the informations
    There is a another woman who’s working with devant travel and when it comes pay to be part of the program you have to pay 50$ US or 100$ US. Do you think its a scam cause she offert the same informations as you

    1. You’re very welcome, Sacha.

      That’s a very good question and the short answer is yes, they can charge you what they want for it. Being a part of Devant Travels means that you’re getting your OWN business and $47 is what is RECOMMENDED, as evaluated by the CEO Stephan Thomas, but members can charge more or less.

      However, some people offer more training and more material than what is currently available, as well as more help and so on, and thus might want to charge more for it. But be warned that unfortunately, not everybody will charge more just because they are doing more work for you. They’re just taking advantage of that flexibility and charging more to make more money and those people could often leave you stranded. As much as I would want people within Devant Travels to be nice, there are all kinds of people here too.

      So my advice is to ask plenty of questions of what you will actually get by PAYING MORE that other members will not offer you by charging you regular price.

      Me as an example, I don’t charge anything extra. I do my job of sending you ALL the training and adding you to the groups and Live Chat on FB. But there is also access to a separate training website that I give my sign ups for free, as a thank you for choosing me. You also get DIRECT access to me on FB if you need help too, which many people won’t agree to do.

      I hope I was able to help you out with your question and whoever you join with, I want to tell you that you’re just going to LOVE the business and the benefits.

      Good luck!

    1. Hey Sacha.

      Thanks for reading and for posting your question. I have answered it in the previous comment you left. Please go over to it. I really hope that I have answered all your questions.

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