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Welcome to this Devant Travels Review!

Everybody either wants to travel and save as much as possible while doing so, or they want to go away and not have to worry about taking time off work and not getting paid. What if I told you that there is a company that offers steep discounts on hotels, flights and other bookings, AND can help you make money from home or anywhere in the world?

Come in Devant Travels!

If you’re asking yourself “Is Devant Travel a scam?” then you have to push this thought as far away from your mind as possible, because it is completely legit. I also thought that it was going to be a scam, but when I actually joined, I found out that the creator, the testimonials and the members are genuine!

Let’s dive right into this review, where I’ll show you all the benefits of joining this amazing company, whether you want to make some extra cash from home, or use the membership to travel the world!

At A Glance

Name: Devant Travels

Owner: Stephan Thomas

Purpose: Make money online and take advantage of steep travel discounts

Price: $47 (One-time fee)

Do I Recommend It?: YES!!! 😀

What Is Devant Travels?

Devant Travels is a discount travel company that provides its members with steep travel discounts all around the world, as well as gives them an opportunity to make money from home. Whether you want to benefit from the travel deals, or you want to make some extra cash from your couch, this opportunity is for you.

It was created by Stephen Thomas, who is a real person. He is the one who conducts all the training and is very much in touch with all his members. Devant Travels started about 8 months ago, but is on its way to becoming big! In the short time that it has been operating, there have been so many changes for the better.

This company is described as a direct sales membership site, where your $47 is an access fee that gets all of the best travel deals in front of you, as well as gives you the training you need to become successful with the company.

So you can rest well-assured that Stephan takes this business very seriously, and is NOT out to scam you.

What Are The Benefits of Devant Travels?

When you join Devant Travels with the one time fee of $47, you can either use the discounts for travel, make money from the comfort of home, or both!

There are no monthly fees! Once you join, you become a life-time member and can enjoy all the benefits offered.

What You Get As A Member

1) Proper step-by-step training that is easy to understand

2) Pre-written, powerful ads to share on social media, classified ads websites and promotional videos to use or share

3) You get over 3500 vacation getaway locations to choose from

4) $2000 VIP Savings card (no longer available)

5) 20 – 70% discount on Travel, Hotel, Dining and Entertainment

6) You get a Free Medical Discount card giving you upto 75% off prescriptions

7) Website promoting Devant Travels (for a small extra fee)

8) Access to the Facebook group, where you are supported by Stephen himself and the Devant Travel Community

And tons more!!!…

Who is The Devant Travels Opportunity For?

Seriously, I have tried so many ways of making money from home in the past and they included MLMs, like Avon and Primerica. I even tried online work, like e-commerce and that did not work out. I tried filling in surveys, solving captcha and completing microtasks and those paid next to nothing.

So for me, it was important that an opportunity was not an MLM, didn’t require keeping inventory, didn’t require a monthly fee and at the same time was legit and made me some good money.

And I found Devant Travels, which is perfect for:

1) Students looking to make extra money

2) Stay-at-home parents

3) People looking to supplement their income

4) replacing a full-time job if you want it to

5) retirees who want to supplement pension money

6) disabled people who cannot work at a conventional job

7) anybody looking to make a full-time income from home


What Do You Do To Earn With Devant Travels?

The way that you earn with Devant Travels, is to promote the benefits that it has to offer, as well as the opportunity for others to make extra income. Not only would you be helping others with getting to a better place in life financially, but you will also be able to help people on a budget still plan an unforgettable vacation at prices not available to the general public.

Again, you get all the training that is required to do so, when you join.

The fact that there are so many benefits available for only a one-time fee with NO MONTHLY FEES, makes this very attractive, as it did to me. It is a very low investment compared to other opportunities on the internet and offers more perks than most as well.

Once somebody accepts your invitation and joins, you’ll receive instant money into your Paypal account! No more waiting for days or weeks to get to your money.

In order to make this opportunity work for you, you need:

1) to follow the training exactly as it is shown

2) to work at least 1 – 2 hours per day

3) to realize that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and will need some work

Here’s proof that’s waiting for you if you take this seriously

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will I become a travel agent that sells vacation getaways?

No. You will not become a travel agent and you will not be selling the vacation getaways. You will simply be the intermediary that gets people connected to the amazing deals that Devant Travels has to offer.

2) What is the $47 one-time fee for?

The $47 that you pay is a membership or access fee that will get you to the deals.

For example, if you are somebody who likes to get to their destination fast, you would consider using a toll road. You need to pay fees to get access to this toll road that will get you to your destination faster, without any rush-hour traffic. In other words, the general public cannot access this road without the fee.

The $47 here is the same; this $47 one-time fee will get you access to deals that the general public does not get access to.

3) How is Devant Travels able to offer 20 – 70% off regular prices?

You see, most resorts, hotels, flights and entertainment parks are almost NEVER booked at full capacity at regular price, thus it makes sense that they would want to offer deals and discounts to fill in their spaces. Having people there at discounted rates are better than having nobody at regular rates.

That way, people are still able to enjoy vacation getaways at lower prices and these hotels, resorts and other places, can still make money.

4) Is the access fee refundable?

No, the access fee is 100% non-refundable. As soon as you pay this fee, it goes directly to your sponsor and you are given immediate access to the travel deals and the training. You are also immediately added to the Facebook group for instant and 24/7 support if you need help.

Everybody wants to travel and everybody wants to make money! If that’s you, then join me below!


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