Direct Mail Pro Review – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Direct Mail Pro review

Welcome to my honest Direct Mail Pro review.

I say HONEST here because most of the other reviews that you will find about this program is going to be biased because of the fact that the authors of those reviews are affiliates of the program.

They want to push you to purchase a membership with Direct Mail Pro because they’re looking for a commission.

However, I’m not an affiliate of Direct Mail Pro and because of that, you can trust that I will give you a fair review of the program, and reveal to you all the details that you need to make an informed buying decision.

Congrats on doing your research thoroughly because you just never know what might be lurking behind these programs. Is Direct Mail Pro a scam that will suck your money or is it a legit program? Read on to find out!

Direct Mail Pro At A Glance


Creator: Peter Wolfing

Purpose: Refer others to make money

Price: $250 to $5000

Do I Recommend It?: The program does have some beneficial training, but at the end of the day, it is a pyramid scheme. I do not recommend Direct Mail Pro. You can get better value for your money with my #1 Recommendation.

What Is Direct Mail Pro?

The sales videos are conducted by Peter Wolfing himself. He is a well-known for being a program creator as well as a network and online marketer. Some other products that he created are Easy 1 Up, UEconomy Multiplex systems and Pay Me Forward.

He says that Direct Mail Pro is a system that will work for you, no matter what your experience level; whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a beginner, you will be able to make money with this system.

You’ll get what Peter called “A Big Business In A Box”. You don’t have to do much but follow the training to get leads and drive sales. You don’t have to create anything and you don’t have to make any sales yourself.

He will have a ready-made website for you that will have a call-back request and each lead gets a call-back from the sales team. They’ll close the sale for you, collect the money and send you your share.

Everything is done for you!

While all that sounds good, I have to remind you about some of the other products that Peter created; they all fell into the category of being either Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes. What if Direct Mail Pro is one too?

From Peter’s history, I do believe, before even looking into the program, that it will most probably be another Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. But let’s take a deeper look before making a final decision on this.

How Direct Mail Pro Works

What I really like is that Peter does not hide how the system works. He actually gives us explicit information on what the system is here for and why you want to promote it. Obviously one the reasons is to make money.

But basically, what you’ll need to do is purchase one of the 5 plans available. The money goes straight to the company, who will then give your sponsor his/her share for referring you to the program.

Depending on the plan or membership option that you choose, you’ll receive different things and of course, the cost will also vary.

You receive the digital products right away, while you wait for a few days to receive your physical products. All plans will come with the following:

1) Welcome letter

2) Certificate

3) Live event ticket

4) Blueprint

5) Upgrade flyer

6) Live event flyer

7) USB Drive having the content of whatever membership option you chose

8) Bottle

9) A book authored by Peter

10) Travel Certificate

11) SMD Magazine

12) Postcard samples

13) DMP Button

This is the absolute minimum. The highest priced membership will have a laptop, a planner, a laptop bag and another book. These are the products that you would be promoting.

However good these might sound, they don’t match the price tags put on them. You see, the big reason why anybody would want to buy a membership is for the opportunity to make money from home/online, not to get these products.

And so, we need to look at the way that money is made with this system and unfortunately, I find that recruiting is the only way to earn anything with Direct Mail Pro. The materials and the training are all geared towards helping you promote the program itself, which makes it a pyramid.

It is a vicious cycle: you join the opportunity by purchasing a membership, you receive the material and the training, you follow the training and use the sales material to get leads and each time a lead joins, you make money.

Then, that referral uses the same material and training to promote to others.

Again, the physical products are not the reason that people would want to purchase them. It’s the opportunity to make money and the bottom line is that recruiting is the only way to make money from this program, making it a pyramid.

Costs of Direct Mail Pro

Although I’m not a fan of the business model, there are a few good things to say about the program and that’s the fact that you can apply the training to other businesses. But is it worth the price tag?

Let’s take a look at the costs of running this kind of business and you can make up your mind.

I mentioned earlier that there a few membership options from which you can choose and they are:

1) Kickstarter – $250

2) Amateur – $500

3) Elite – $1000

4) Pro – $2500

5) VIP – $5000

You do get some extra stuff as you move up the levels but I believe that a big reason for increasing the pricing so dramatically is to be able to pay the affiliates of the program.

Although $250 does not seem like a lot of money to start off with, you will be in charge of getting leads to see this offer and thus, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for traffic. Free traffic won’t work as good because you can’t target specific people.

You’ll need hundreds to thousands of dollars every month in order to drive traffic to your offer.

You’ll either need to invest in post-cards, in Facebook or Google Ads, in Solo Ads or even try to create your own website and blog to use Google to drive traffic to the offer. It’s not going to be free.

You could use Youtube if you’re not camera shy, which is one of the best ways to get free traffic but even for that, you need some skills. Making money from Direct Mail Pro won’t happen overnight and especially not with free traffic.

Direct Mail Pro Compensation Plan

I don’t deny that there is potential to make money here, although I do not think that you’ll keep making money in the long-term. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a pyramid scheme and the people that joined earlier have the most advantage.

They’ll be able to recruit more people who haven’t heard about it. And because this system leans on recruiting to make money, the system will eventually crash, like many of Peter’s other system.

The reason is because there is a FINITE number of people on earth and at one point, the people at the bottom of the pyramid will not be able to recruit anymore because everybody who was interested already signed up.

However, what I like about this program is that you don’t have to upgrade to the higher levels to make commissions from them. Even if you’re at the Kickstarter level and your referral is ready to purchase the Elite, you’re still making money.

Peter says that Direct Mail Pro is an “affiliate” system but it doesn’t look like that to me because you can earn from two levels. Sure, that gives you more passive income but why lie? This is called an MLM, or worse, a pyramid because there aren’t really any REAL products outside the spectrum of recruiting.

Anyways, when you recruit your first generation of referrals, you make 40% off of their purchase to a maximum of $1000, and the remainder will roll up to the next person, if the membership purchased was higher than yours.

When your referrals get their own referrals who make a purchase, you earn 20% of those sales too.

Pros Of Direct Mail Pro

– The creator is a real person. A lot of other program creators hide their identities

– Sales videos not hyped up and no misleading or false information propagated

– Training can be useful to promote other businesses

– You received physical products and live training tickets no matter the membership you purchase

– There is potential to make money (though that won’t last long-term)

– You earn from your referrals purchasing products that you haven’t purchased yourself

– High ticket which means that you can earn thousands of dollars per sale

– Second generation compensation makes sure you are earning passive income

– All sales are closed for you

Cons Of Direct Mail Pro

– You are in charge of getting your own traffic and leads into the system, which can cost a lot of money should you choose to go the paid traffic route

– Although Peter is transparent about how much the packages cost, he does not reveal the actual costs of running the business

– Expensive membership options

– Works like a pyramid scheme because the only way to make money is to recruit

– People would purchase the products only to start and grow their Direct Mail Pro business. There is no other reason to purchase the products offered otherwise. It does not have a retail side to the business.

– You will eventually have to move on to other products to promote because sales will start dying down as more people get into the system. Remember, there isn’t an unlimited number of people that can be recruited and the system will crash.

Is Direct Mail Pro A Scam?

To answer this question, it is important to determine what YOUR own definition of a scam is. If a scam to you is a product where you get nothing in return, then Direct Mail Pro is not a scam since you do get SOMETHING for your money.

If a scam to you is one where you can’t make any money, then Direct Mail Pro is not a scam since there is a possibility that you will make money with the system, no matter what method you use to get traffic or how long it takes.

But if a scam to you is a program that operates illegally, which Direct Mail Pro very closely does, then the program might actually be a scam to you.

The truth is that there was a similar program called MOBE that got shut down by the FTC about 2 years ago. It operated exactly like Direct Mail Pro and it was also a high ticket program.

If the FTC shut it down, then there’s reason to believe that Direct Mail Pro shouldn’t be operative at all. And if it still is, then you shouldn’t be getting involed with this kind of program because eventually, it will get shut down.

Either that, or you’ll eventually need to move on to other programs to make money, which doesn’t make the Direct Mail Pro system good for you if you’re looking to make money 10 years down the road from it.

Anyhow, I do not recommend Direct Mail Pro and I do suggest that you avoid it.

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Thanks for reading my Direct Mail Pro review. If you have any questions or comments to make about my review or about the program, don’t hesitate to use the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,


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