Discover The Plan Review – Earn An Easy $500K A Year?

This Discover The Plan Review is overdue; this program has been promoted to me a few times through email and it somehow got buried under the rubble, as promotion after promotion flooded my email inbox. Sorry about that guys!

But today, I finally got to looking into it and I will be revealing the truth. If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably seriously looking to invest into the program but wondering whether it IS as good as it SOUNDS. Because we both know, there are MORE scams than actual legit programs out there.

By the end of this review, you’ll understand exactly what this program is about and thus, will be able to make an informed decision that is right for YOU! I will also be sharing my experiences about making money online along the way and will make a few recommendations.

I want you to know that I DO NOT promote this program, so rest assured that I will not be bribing you or pushing you to buy ANYTHING!

Without further ado, let’s get to the review… (Oh! That rhymes!)

Discover The Plan At A Glance


Owner: “Ron Porter”

Purpose: Make money online doing dropshipping

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend it?: No

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What Is Discover The Plan?

Discover The Plan is explained by Ron as being a system that can help you cash in on the “legal mainline of cash just surging through the internet”. It’s a system that is easy to set up, so easy in fact, that an 8 year old was able to do it, making almost half a million dollars within a year.

Yeah right! If it was so easy to set up, then why isn’t everybody doing it? Why don’t you ever hear of any of your co-workers quitting their jobs because of an online business they are running entirely from home? That’s probably because there’s a catch. There always is one with something like this.

Apparently, you don’t need any special skills or knowledge because it will all be done-for-you. And once set up, you can sit back and relax because the system will run on its own. Does he mean that it will run on autopilot?

The thing is, through my 13 months of writing reviews on make-money-online programs, I have not come across ANY program that actually runs on complete autopilot. There is always work involved and sometimes, even big amounts of money to run the business.

What I can say is that Ron is preying on you; he wants to make you believe that making money on the internet is so easy and that he has the secret sauce to make that happen for you, when in reality, there is no shortcut to riches. He wants to tell you what you want to hear and shows you what you want to see.

He’s doing ANYTHING at this point, to get you to buy his system. And to make matters worse, there are some red flags that you should consider.

The Red Flags

I’m not saying that this program is a scam (yet) but there are a few red flags that you should know about. These red flags are incredibly similar to the ones that I have uncovered with other programs associated with scams that I have exposed. You should consider them before deciding whether investing into this is the right thing to do.

1) Who is Ron Porter?

If I asked you this question, I know what your answer would be. You would tell me that he is the creator of this program. However, is there any verifiable proof? The answer is NO!

Ron didn’t prove in any way that he is a real person at all. Anybody wanting to prove to you that their system works, will want to share what they look like in photos, they’ll maybe even share vacation photos as proof. I think Ron should have done that if he actually had 3 vacations this year alone.

But he does not do that and in my experience, that’s not a good sign. It means that Ron has something to hide. If he is hiding his identity, how can you not be sure he is hiding important facts from you, about the program as well? The problem with hiding his identity, is that he could lie to you about who he really is.

Therefore, this does not make me want to trust him and moreover, creates doubts in my mind about the program. How can you believe anything he says?

2) System runs “on its own”

Have you ever heard of a shop that “ran on it’s own”? Neither have I. Even as the owner, you need to think about tons of things, like marketing, advertising, expenses, improvements on services or products, research, hiring workers and so on. Sure, there are people taking care of the front-end but what about the back-end stuff?

It’s the same thing for an online business. Some front-end work could be automated, but the back-end work will rely on YOU, unless you’re dishing out thousands of dollars a month for somebody else to take care of your business for you. We both know that newbies starting out don’t have that kind of money.

So there’s a big question mark; is Ron insinuating here that all the work is going to be automated for you, translating to you having to PAY for these services? We’ll know soon enough. But my point here, is that a business can never truly run on autopilot, as much as I would have loved for it to work this way.

3) Make $500K a year with only $47 investment

Does it make sense to you that you will invest $47 to make $500K? I have never heard of something so ridiculous, I don’t know about the 8 year old making $500K (because that’s not verifiable information) but I know for a fact that even an 8 year old would be able to recognize that $47 will NOT turn into $500K within a year.

Think of it this way: if your business had so much potential as to earn anybody $500K within a 1 year period, then would you give it away for a mere $47? Of course not! It does NOT make any sense.

So what’s the catch here? Either you simply WON’T make anything even close to half of this income claim, or you would need to dish out THOUSANDS of dollars to make that amount of money. Simple.

4) Sales VS Profit

I’m sure you didn’t notice that the income proof in the testimonials were all SALES figures. Sales figures are not the same as profit figures. Sales is the GROSS amount of money coming in, but profit is what you’re bringing home.

Though an online business does not as much money to start and run as an offline one, or as many expenses, there are still expenses to consider and if you hire others to do the work for you, the more you have to pay.

The SALES figures depicted are DEFINITELY not what you’re gonna be bringing home so don’t be impressed and don’t be thinking that making that kind of money is going to be easy.

5) Resemblance to other programs I reviewed

Watching the sales video and the sales page, I noticed that they were similar to other programs that I had reviewed before, called Ecom Cash Code and Money Miracles, which were both advertised as independent programs.

But it turned out they were actually funnels promoting My Ecom Club, which is a program through which anybody can create their own e-commerce stores and make money through a process called dropshipping. And what’s strange, is that the name of the “owner” of those programs is Teo Vee.

And yet, given the similarity between the lay outs of the sales page, the style of the video and the voice of the actor, ALL three of them should have been by created by the same person, right? So what did I tell you about “Ron”? He may just be a fictitious character, right?

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Why The Funnels?

Due to the resemblance that the sales page had to other programs that I had reviewed in the past, and also because “My Ecom Club” was quickly mentioned at the bottom of the video at one point, I have to conclude that Discover The Plan is just another funnel to My Ecom Club.

My Ecom Club is actually a legit program created by Teo, so don’t ask me because I have NO idea why he would change his name to “Ron” within the sales video for Discover The Plan. And since My Ecom Club is a legit program, I have NO idea either as to why he would need FUNNELS to sign people up to the program.

Why not be upfront with you about what you’re actually signing up for, especially since it’s legit and actually works?

Based on the digging that I did for Ecom Cash Code and Money Miracles, I have come to some possible reasons why he may have wanted to dupe you. There are a few BAD reviews on My Ecom Club so by creating funnels with different names, he wanted more signups for My Ecom Club without wanting people to realize what they were signing up for.

These “programs” he created wouldn’t have ANY reviews starting out so that would have increased the chances of people actually buying through, thus making Teo more money. He had to create different funnels as time went on because negative reviews were being written about them.

Just like I had already written about the two other ones, and now, this one.

How My Ecom Club Works

Like I mentioned earlier, My Ecom Club is said to be designed around giving you the training and the tools that you’ll need in order to create and run a dropshipping business on Shopify. Dropshipping is a method of making money online where you don’t have to handle the storing and packing and shipping of goods to your customers.

You’ll go through a series of lessons that will help you create your store and run it from home which all sounds good, but through my research, I found out that the program actually falls short in the training after some time.

My Ecom Club is designed to get you started and making you SOME money but the ultimate goal is to have you upgrade to their MOST expensive package (a one-time fee of almost $2000 with a monthly maintenance fee of $97) in order to have the opportunity to make more money.

That being said, the maintenance fee is for the My Ecom Club to manage your store for you, which makes sense from the video when “Ron” talks about the business running on its own, but he never mentioned the pricetag that comes with that, did he?

The price to run such a business is not all bad considering how much you have to pay to run a brick and mortar store, but who actually has $2000 one-time and an ongoing fee of $97? And those aren’t the only fees to pay; seeing as you would be building your store on Shopify, you would need to pay Shopify a minimum of $30 every month.

Additionally, you also need to maintain contact with your existing customers through email marketing, which means you need an autoresponder and that’s another $20 per month. Moreover, you have transaction fees to pay to Shopify, which is another added business expense.

So as you can see, running a Shopify store is not as easy or as affordable as “Ron” makes it sound.

Do You Really Want To Get Into Dropshipping?

Having My Ecom Club take care of your online business and having the suppliers themselves take care of the the packing and shipping sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

But as the business owner, you still have to take care of the majority of the other stuff.

What about product research? Supplier research? Pricing research? Spying on your competitor? Designing promotions and sales? Taking care of customer service like inquiries, returns, exchanges, disputes?

Oh and I forgot to mention that your website and products will not easily be found on the search engines like Google. For example, if you have a store around pet supplies and somebody Googles “the best doggie winter jacket” for example, your store will never show up there.

Except if you invest in Google Ads or in Facebook Ads. Notice how I used the word ADS? That means you’ll have to invest EVEN MORE money to make any money. Investing in Ads does not even guarantee a good return either, so you’ll need to have several Ads running at the same time to determine which one is performing better.

Once you look at the performance of all, you’ll choose the best one and optimize it, meaning more money needs to be poured. That’s another fact that “Ron” hides from you.

Take it from me! I know what it is like to run an e-commerce store, as I ran one for 2 years. It’s not as easy at it seems.

Is Discover The Plan A Scam?

Based on the information that I gave you, it’s up to you now to decide whether Discover The Plan OR My Ecom Club is a scam or not.

Many people will say that it’s a scam because it is VERY misleading. Not only are we led to believe that this is a completely new program when it’s not, you’re also misled into thinking that you will only need to invest $47 into this to get everything. You’re also misled into fantasies about online business, which are very far from how it really works.

Others will say that it’s not a scam because there is a money-back guarantee, so you wouldn’t be losing any money if you decide to request a refund. They’ll also say that it’s a legit program behind Discover The Plan anyways, which makes it legit.

My opinion of this program though, is that I will not use it and neither will I recommend it. i just don’t feel like this guy deserves my money because he is a liar and he makes misleading claims. Even if there is a legit program behind this product, I wouldn’t want somebody like him to benefit from me.

This will only encourage the person behind this, to keep making up sales pages like this and to deceive others. I would rather support somebody who is genuinely helping others change their lives and who has nothing to hide.

Therefore, I do not recommend Discover The Plan / My Ecom Club.

Bottom Line – There’s A Better Alternative

Oh yes, there is! That’s the way that I am personally making a passive income online and it does not require as much investment or as much work as dropshipping. This method is called affiliate marketing.

All I do everyday, is sit at my computer, I type up an article and make sure to include my keywords and affiliate links and Google takes care of sending visitors to my website FOR FREE! Much like how you got here today. You probably performed a search and clicked on my article to get here.

Making money this way online has lots of benefits, because you don’t have to think about ANYTHING that an e-commerce shop owner needs to think about. Just write about your favorite products and recommend them. No need to SELL or coerce people into buying them. No need to recruit to make money either.

The best part is that I can get you started for FREE with the platform that taught me everything that I know about affiliate marketing. Yes, there is a little bit to learn but if you implement everything that is taught, you’ll be on your way to great success. I know it because I’ve been through it.


And I’ll get in touch with you on the other side. You’ve got nothing to lose because it is really free. It’s how I started too. if you’d like to go ALL IN, then you’ll be able to do so for as little as $0.98 per day to run your online business. Less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

I’m a TOP 50 Member so rest assured that I know my stuff and will help you out every step of the way. I really look forward to meeting and helping you. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to leave me any questions or comments below. I love hearing from my readers.

Your Friend,


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