Dollaz.Club Review – Will You Make $500 Today? review

If you believed every website that said you could make hundreds to thousands of dollars today, and they really worked, you’d probably be a millionaire by now. But they don’t actually work, right?

That’s why I decided to write this honest review because I wanted to show you that is yet another one of those websites that promise you will make money but that don’t deliver.

And this website is even worse than some of the ones that I have seen so far.

There are too many red flags and too many lies for my taste, which is why I think you should know about them before you actually sign up. If you already signed up, then this review will give you reasons why you shouldn’t be wasting any more time.

Dollaz.Club At A Glance

Website: Dollaz.Club

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It is a scam because it will not pay out. It is a waste of time!

What is Dollaz.Club?

Dollaz Cluz seems to be a GPT – or get-paid-to – website that promises to pay you for small tasks as well as for referring others to the platform. This is a very legit way of earning money online.

Companies are always looking for new customers and they pay real money to know what your experiences are about their products and want to know what you think about them. They want to please you and want to know what on your mind.

However, there are some very big red flags that I can see right off the bat and one of them is the fact that they claim you can make $500 with their website today. That’s something that is unheard of in the GPT world.

The truth is that anybody can do surveys and complete small tasks and if everybody can do it, that drives the pay down very low. Just like about anybody can become a janitor or a cashier and get paid minimum wage but not many people can get a doctor’s salary.

So if it was that easy to make so much money online in a single day, everybody would have been completing surveys for a living. Who wants to work 8 hours and get paid $100 per day when they could be making 5 times that, right?

But anyways, that’s why although the pay sounds good, it’s important to really do your research and to most importantly, follow your gut and your instincts about a product or website. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Inside The Members Area – How Does It Work?

The only way to know whether something is legit or not is to actually sign in and to try and make sense of the business mode. If you try it, you might actually be wasting your time, especially since there are too many red flags anyways.

I never actually try anything and waste my time when there are clear indications that it is a scam.

But anyways, finding out how the money flow works within a business will tell us everything there is to know, especially since it is pretty simple when it comes to GPT sites.

As with any successful business, there needs to be a cohesion between the money coming into it and the money going out, but it does not seem to make sense with Dollaz.Club.

GPT sites usually make money by getting paid from their partners, affiliates or customers and they should be getting paid enough to cover all other expenses, such as for referral overrides, sign up bonuses and so on.

But the amount that customers are paying need to also make sense for the industry! For example, in the United States, you would never be expected to pay $50 for a burger at McDonalds.

That’s what’s happening with Dollaz.Club though. The industry standard per survey is a few dollars but if they are able to pay $30 per survey inside the members’ area, then it means that they are charging customers way more!

Let’s say they are charging $40 per survey, that’s $35+ over the industry average, which means that there is no way anybody would pay for this service from Dollaz.Club.

Moreover, they are charging even more because Dollaz.Club needs to also make enough to cover your $25 sign up bonus and to pay you for getting clicks on your referral link as well as paying you for the referrals signing up.

So as you can see, the business model makes no sense and there is no way anybody would want to do business with them. No customers means no money coming in and therefore, there can be NO WAY for anybody to get paid.

The Red Flags – Why You Should Stay Away!

1) Unknown creator

The truth is that I’ve seen a lot of websites like this that actually don’t tell you who is behind them and neither do they let you know about the team or who is there to support you.

The problem with that is that you can’t verify these people. The reason you want to verify them is because you want to know whether they will keep their promises or not, because this website just seems too good to be true, right?

Most of these websites will lure you in with high pay, then get what they need from you and leave you stranded without paying you. That was the case with some other similar websites that I’ve already reviewed before;



3) SpininCash

So I would say the same person is behind them all and if they never paid out before, then they’re not gonna pay out through Dollaz.Club now.

2) Lies about when they were launched

On their About page, says that they’ve been around since 2018 but in my experience, these websites are always lying about when they’ve launched and there is an easy way to verify that.

I went to the WHOIS website and I found out that they’ve been around only since June 2020. Take a look below.

So, why would they lie about that? It’s all to make you think that they’ve been around for longer than they have actually been in order to pass as a legit website. That’s because we tend to think that the longer a website has been around that it is less likely to be a scam.

That’s how they try to also con you to get your trust. Now that you know they’ve been lying and on top of that, we don’t know WHO is really behind the website, doesn’t that eliminate the trust completely? It does to me!

3) Fake payment proofs and testimonials

Now that we know when the website was actually launched, remember the date because let me tell you that because of that one finding, we’re able to uncover another scam sign and other lies.

And this time, it has to do with the payment proofs and the testimonials, the stuff you would rely on if all else fails. At least, that’s the case for me.

Because although there might be red flags, then what’s their weight compared to if you were actually getting paid by, right? If you were getting paid, then that’s all that matters.

But unfortunately, there are reasons to think that the payment proofs and the testimonials are fake and that’s because the payment proofs indicate a date PRIOR to the creation of

Additionally, one of the testimonials indicate that they’ve been using the website for over a year, but it’s only been a few months since this website was created.

Therefore, you can see that these are completely made up because there is no way that anybody would have been using a website that didn’t even exist in the first place.

4) No contact information

When you scroll all the way down, they seem to give you an email address but it is NOT complete. Moreover, the Contact page does not work at all.

So, there is no way to contact anybody at all to ask questions or to get any kind of confirmation from anybody that this is a real website and that it really pays.

Even after you create a new account and try to get into contact with anybody inside, via Skype or any other means, it won’t work. It will tell you that the contact does not exist.

If there is no contact information to anybody at all, then it means there is no support and if there isn’t any support, it means this website does NOT want to help you.

5) You need to be older than 99 years old to use

This one is hilarious, don’t you think? I went to their Terms and Conditions page and this is what it showed.

So basically, anybody under the age of 100 is not allowed to use this website. And I believe that they use this as a way to wriggle out from the obligation of paying you.

This is them covering themselves legally, where if you do decide to sue them, they can show proof that you accepted their Terms and Conditions and still used the website, despite this “exclusion”.

So yeah, I wouldn’t count on them to pay out at all.

Is Dollaz.Club A Scam? – The Purpose Of This Website

I think you’ve been getting the gist of where I’m trying to get at with this review and that’s the fact that yes, is a scam that should be avoided.

There have been red flags from the beginning; the pay is too high, the fact that we cannot confirm who is behind this website, the fact that they lie to us about when they were created, the fake payment proofs and the fake testimonials.

Moreover, there is nobody you can contact to confirm anything and even if there was one, you probably would get messages reassuring you of the legitimacy of the website and after you sign up, you get no response.

That’s because my hunch is that the people behind this website are looking for your personal data and that they’ll probably use that info to scam you in some way or to sell it to others to make money.

And they don’t even care in whose hands your personal data will land because all they care about is the money they can get by trafficking your info.

So, I really think that is a scam that you should avoid at all costs. Even if a website is free, it does not mean that the website is not able to harm you. A lot of websites are NOT looking to get money from you.

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Lots of Love,


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