Done 4 You Business Review – Will You Make Thousands Per Sale?

done 4 you business review

Welcome to my honest Done 4 You Business review.

What you’ll learn here is everything that many other reviews aren’t gonna tell you; the good, the bad AND the ugly of the program. A perfect program does not exist but there are some pretty bad ones.

Is Done 4 You Business a scam that will wipe you clean of your money or will you really make a ton of money when you join the program?

There are some things that you should know about this program and they are the reasons that I don’t recommend Done 4 You Business. Sure, people could be making money as per the testimonials, but will it work for YOU?

That’s the big question that you’ll be able to answer for yourself by the end of this review. You should know the truth!

Done 4 You Business At A Glance


Creator: Matt

Purpose: Recruit others to make money

Price: $3,000 to $21,847

Do I Recommend It?: NO! Sure, you can make a lot of money but this program will sooner or later crash. The only way to make money with this system is to recruit others.

What Is Done 4 You Business?

Matt is the presenter of this “automated” and “done for you” business. He explains that the strategy is to run ads and to wait for the checks to come in.

He says that he understands being able to make money as soon as possible and that in order to do that, all you need is invest in a business that already works and partner with people who are already making money online.

And that’s basically his Done 4 You Business; when you spend in ads, everything is set up, even the ads themselves, the webinar, the system, the funnels, the offers and the closing of the sales for you.

That actually makes me shudder because although Matt is right, the truth is that you’ll never have true control over your business. You’ll only be partnering with somebody who is the REAL boss and should he one day decide to end it all, your income vanishes with it.

But anyways, he says you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars per sale and that people are LOOKING for those products because they are educational. They’re for entrepreneurs to help them start and grow an online business.

In other words, it’s in the e-learning industry, that’s worth billions of dollars right now. And I had to laugh because to be honest, I started thinking that it’s worth that much because they’re charging thousands of dollars for it.

And it’s true! Even Matt is doing that. The starting price is at $3,000 and guess what? There is no excuse because even if you don’t have that money, you can apply for funding if you have a good credit score.

I don’t think that everything is gonna work out as well, actually. I appreciate that Matt said there are risks with every business, but I don’t agree that you have to be spending so much money to make real money online.

How Done 4 You Business Works

How nice of Matt to explain from A to Z how the business words. But I have to say that I understand exactly how it all works now; the ads, the system, the funnels, the webinars, the sales.

The truth is that Done 4 You Business does not exist. The true name of the program is Secrets Of The Wealthy, if you haven’t noticed that already. That’s the program being pitched to you.

And I’ve already reviewed this program before and it turned out to be a program that I didn’t recommend.

What you think you’re doing is putting up ads for the products that they have and earning commissions from those sales, but the truth is that you’re actually recruiting others into the scheme.

The ads that you will put up ALL promote the business opportunity. There isn’t anybody who would be interested in the different membership options ONLY because of the training or value provided.

People will only be interested in the money-making opportunity. No matter whether anybody wants to be a part of the business or not, they’re still affiliates and own the rights of the products they buy.

This is a never-ending cycle; you see an ad and click on it, you are brought to the video, you buy a membership, you receive the ads to promote and promote them.

Another person who sees your ad now clicks on it, and they’re brought to the same video you watched. They are then asked to choose a membership option and when they do, they receive the ads to promote the same program.

If you’re not aware, the FTC recently got a few similar programs shut down, including one that was quite popular, MOBE. Done 4 You Business or Secrets Of The Wealthy works exactly the same.

Why join a program that is threatened to be shut down any minute?

Moreover, a program that relies so heavily on recruiting is bound to crash at some point. The people that really benefit from it are those that joined early on.

But once the program gets known and it reaches its absolute maximum number of people, there won’t be any more people willing to join and no more money will be made. Those people that joined last would lose their investments.

The True Costs Of The Business

There are different membership levels and here is what you’ll need to pay to get each one:

1) Gold – $3,000 + $247 admin fee

2) Platinum – $7,000 + $447 admin fee

3) Diamond – $14,000 + $647 admin fee

4) Ultra Royal – $21,000 + $847 admin fee

Depending on the membership you choose, you’ll have the chance to make either 50% of the sale or 75%. Also note that if you want a member of their sales team to close the sale for you that you’ll make 50% of the sale as well.

Don’t expect to be receiving very many benefits as you move up the membership levels, because that’s not the reason why they’re priced so high. The only reason they’re priced as they are is to be able to pay affiliates more.

When you purchase a membership, sure you’re getting a business-in-a-box type of deal. But Matt mentioned something; ads! It means to spend money in advertising.

I’ve got nothing against ads myself. I believe that it is a great way to earn money online and it can definitely help you start earning earlier rather than later. Matt will even provide you with them, but remember when he said you need to invest in ads?

Well, that means you have to purchase those ads packs so that people are sent to your customized/affiliate website and for you to be able to get leads and sales.

The cost is NOT included in your membership and Matt does not tell us how much those Ad Packs are actually going to cost. So even if you’ve already purchased a membership at a couple thousands, you’ll still need an extra grand per month to run the business.

So to me, this is not really helping the little guys who want to TRULY get out of their financial struggles.

Financing? A BAD Idea!

I don’t remember Matt actually saying anything about financing in his videos, but one of the qualifying questions asked whether I had a credit score of 650 or above or below. It also said that funding was available.

Now, I would imagine that here, your score would need to be above 650 in order for you to get approved for any kind of funding but is that really a good idea?

To be honest with you, I really don’t think that taking a loan to fund this business is a good idea at all! Even if you were to get funding for $21K, you would need a few grands over that amount in order to be able to pay for traffic for a few months to start making sales.

Sure, it makes it sound like a really good idea when they tell you that you will be able to make that money back and pay the loan within a few weeks’ time, but what if the business actually does not work as promised?

You’ll end up having to pay back the loan that you took out for the business plus interest! That’s a ton of debt to take and in the long run, if you’re not able to pay it back or can’t make the payments on time, your credit score will get ruined!

Is Done 4 You Business A Scam?

What do you think? This question is really up to you to answer, seeing as I gave you as much information as I could about the program. And it also really depends on your definition of a scam.

Some people might not call this a scam because you’re getting SOMETHING in exchange for your money and some other might say it’s not a scam because you can actually make money here.

But the truth is that it could actually be a scam because of the way that money is made! It is a definite red flag in my book and would be in the FTC’s books to, if a similar program (MOBE) was shut down 2 years ago.

The only way to make money here is to recruit others into the system and the customer and the recruit is the one and the same person. You become part of the business whether you want it or not.

Additionally, I am convinced that nobody would buy the products without wanting to be part of the business opportunity. On the other hand, people want the business opportunity and that’s the reason they’re buying in.

You only make more if you have the money to invest more, which makes this a “pay-to-play” system. With such prices, I don’t see any low to medium income families being able to invest in it.

Sure, there’s funding, but I would never say that it’s a good idea to take out a loan for this kind of a business. It will eventually crash.

Due to all of those reasons, I do not recommend Done 4 You Business (Secrets Of The Wealthy).

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Lots of Love,


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