Dual Squeeze Review – Are $600-Days Possible With This System?

Bryan Winters is a successful affiliate marketer and has a few products he created himself, namely 5 Figure Day, CashBlurbs and Dual Squeeze. Although they’re not scams, I was not too impressed with 5 Figure Day and CashBlurbs,, because of the hype and because of the number of flaws that I found within these systems.

Is Dual Squeeze going to be the same as Bryan’s other products or will this finally be a product that will change your life? In this Dual Squeeze review, I will be going over Bryan’s promises, how the system works, what I like and don’t like about it and whether, in my opinion, it would be worthwhile to sign up and implement what’s taught.

Keep reading to find out the truth about Dual Squeeze.

At A Glance

Name: Dual Squeeze

Website: DualSqueeze.com/xsitego.php

Owner: Bryan Winters

Purpose: Earn money doing email and affiliate marketing

Price: $1 Trial + $27 monthly

Do I Recommend?: See below

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What is Dual Squeeze?

According to Bryan, he is here to introduce you to his list and income building system, that is enabling him to make dozens and dozens of sales and to get hundreds of subscribers within a single day. And all this happens on autopilot for him. When I heard the word “autopilot” come out of his mouth, I felt a little skeptical, even if he assured me he is not misusing the word.

What makes Dual Squeeze different, as per Bryan, is that there’s a referral system built right into every single funnel that you create using Dual Squeeze, meaning that you’ll have your subscribers building your list for you.

He goes on to show you his account that has made him over $600, saying that he made it with 5 minutes of work. I also wonder why anybody would say no to working for 5 minutes that could yield commissions of $12, $45 and $100+ on autopilot, straight to their Paypal accounts. I mean, this system just sounds too good to be true, right?

Bryan goes on to explain how the system works; you can use the system to build unlimited sales funnels, which takes about 2 minutes. Each and every funnel that you create, will be integrated with the backend referral system and what that will do, is track every “Lite member” (free member) that you refer through the funnel.

When they use the funnel as a Lite member, they get to build their list for free, but will be building yours at the same time too. Not to mention that YOU will make all the commissions for all members that decide to upgrade because YOUR affiliate link will be within their created funnels.

Inside The System

Everything inside the system is pretty straightforward. What you’ll get is a section where you will be able to create your dual squeeze page, create a single squeeze page, and an area where you are able to input your affiliate link for Dual Squeeze itself, to earn commissions from everybody you refer to the system.

Anybody who makes money online knows very well that you need traffic to be able to get subscribers and make money, so what you get as well, are different email swipes and banners to use for traffic. You are also able to link your autoresponder account to Dual Squeeze to manage your susbcribers and automate your emails.

You can also create your very own squeeze page, with customized backgrounds and headlines, promoting an offer of your choice. That also means that you would be able to use any affiliate link. But keep in mind that this is only available with the Paid Version, not the Lite Version.

Who Is it For?

I don’t think that this is newbie-friendly at all. In my opinion, this is best for the intermediate to advanced affiliate marketer, somebody who already has some knowledge of how the online world works, especially with email and affiliate marketing.

The reason for this, is that there isn’t much training at all. All you are given are the tools but are not explained what to do with the tools. This, in my opinion, is not worth the $27 monthly fee.

What I Like

1) Real owner

Bryan Winters is a real person, unlike many other programs where the creator chooses to remain anonymous to scam people. Some examples are 60 Minute Profit Plan, 30 Day Success Club and Tube Crusher.

2) $1 Trial

Nothing beats free but $1 is affordable.

3) 30-Day money back guarantee

If the system is not working for you, you can always request a refund for your money back, within 30 days of purchasing the trial.

What I Don’t Like

1) Squeeze pages don’t rank 

If you know a little bit about SEO, you would know that squeeze pages don’t offer valuable, helpful or unique information. That’s the reason why Google and the other search engines, will not allow your squeeze page to appear in the search results, denying you the chance to get significant FREE traffic to your squeeze page.

That’s why I’m so disappointed that there is no training within Dual Squeeze, to show you how to effectively bring people to your squeeze page. Yes, the squeeze page itself may be high converting, but there won’t be any conversions if there’s no traffic to it.

2) Costs more than you think 

Yes, you do get in with the $1 Trial, but remember that if you choose to continue using the system that you would need to pay a recurring monthly fee of $27. However, also know that if you don’t have an autoresponder, like AWeber, to try the system out, then you would have wasted your money.

Aweber also comes with a trial, but like Dual Squeeze, also has a monthly fee of $19.99. So your minimum total monthly fee is $47.

Now, not only are you NOT showed free ways of getting traffic, but the tools that you would need to use are compatible only with Solo Ads and Banner Ads. As you may have guessed, these are not free.

Solo Ads need you to buy rights to send emails to another person’s / organization’s email list. The problem with this, is that the bigger and the better conversions that marketers get with the list, the more it will cost you.

Banner Ads need you to buy space on another website, with the same niche as your banners, hoping that a visitor will click on that banner, be brought to your squeeze page and to become a subscriber. However, banners have a very low click rate, which results in even lower conversion rates. Thus, it’s not very effective.

3) Subscribers from your subscriber = Low Conversion

Lite Members are only able to use ready-made squeeze pages, that will promote Dual Squeeze itself, as a way for them to build their list for free. This is attracting an audience that want to build their own lists. But remember that you are also getting these subscribers onto your list, because of the integrated referral system.

The problem with this, is that you may NOT be promoting anything with making money online or with list-building. You may be promoting offers for kids’ toys, for example. This shows that you will be building a list that will NOT convert for you, because the interests of this audience will be different than yours.

Therefore, the subscribers from your subscribers, will yield a low conversion rate and it shows that Dual Squeeze will not benefit anybody who is not promoting make-money-online offers.

4) Does not make you money on autopilot

Remember how I told you that I was skeptical when Bryan mentioned that this system would be making you money on autopilot? Well, now we know that this is not the case, even if you are promoting make-money-online offers. You still need to work to get traffic to your squeeze page, without which, you won’t make money.

Let me also add that you won’t make money on the same day either. Although it is possible, there are very slim chances of it happening. You have to consider a learning curve, the costs and also how to promote your squeeze page as well, especailly if you are a newbie.

Anything that sounds too good to be true, IS too good to be true.

5) Price is high, in my opinion

To be honest with you, it is not hard to build squeeze pages and to insert affiliate links within your offers to make money online. All you need, is a domain which will generally cost between $12 – $15 yearly and a host that costs between $2 – $10 per month.

Using WordPress, you are able to install and active free landing/squeeze page-builder plug-ins, that will assist you in building squeeze pages.

At $27 per month, with NO training and limited tools, I think that it is a rip-off.

Is Dual Squeeze A Scam?

I do not think that Dual Squeeze is a scam but I do not recommend it either, especially if you are newbie because it has no training. It’s different if you are an intermediate or advanced marketer, because you will know how to make use of the tools, with or without any training.

One thing to consider though, is that as an intermediate or advanced marketer, you would already have knowledge of how to build a website and landing pages and therefore, I see no need for Dual Squeeze. Although the idea behind the system is a good one, I just don’t think that it will work out like Bryan suggests, specially if your niche is not the make-money niche.

It is possible to make some money using the Dual Squeeze system, but it won’t make you $600 per day. There are just too many factors that are left to chance, and business does not work that way. You need to have a solid way of promoting your squeeze page, without having to pay too much, to maximize your profits, which isn’t taught here.

I do not recommend Dual Squeeze.

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