Earn And Go Review – Rehashed Scammy Website?

Earn and go review

There are just too many scams online, so I’m sure you’ll agree that you need an honest Earn And Go review, because you don’t want to waste your time or your money with it, right?

Well, I can tell you that this review is going to be quite an eye-opener because I have found some red flags that you should know about and that, I think, might actually categorize Earn And Go as a scam.

So if you’re seriously considering trying to earn with this website, then I highly recommend that you read this review until the end so that you can make an informed decision.

Why should you believe me? I’ve been in the online arena for over 2 years now and since I’ve been making some good money online, you can trust me to really tell you what it takes to make a ton of money online and it’s not how Earn And Go wants to make you think it works.

Earn And Go At A Glance

Website: EarnAndGo.co

Creator: Toni?

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a mass data-harvesting scam that will use your data for money.

What is Earn And Go?

Earn And Go claims to be the #1 Earning network, where you are able to earn $50 upon signing up for free and creating an account with the website. And you’ll also get paid to refer people.

For each person that clicks on your affiliate link, you receive $2 and for each person that actually signs up using your affiliate link, you’ll receive $10.

All you have to do is sign up, share your link and wait for the people to click and sign up. Then, choose your withdrawal method.

It looks really simple but the truth is that similar websites that are legitimate, like Prize Rebel, Points Prizes and SwagBucks, actually don’t pay as much as Earn And Go. They only pay round $5 as a sign up bonus and at most, a few dollars for each referral.

So how can Earn And Go pay so much? We’ll have to take a look at how Earn And Go earns money as a business to see whether this is really true or just a lure to get you to sign up to the website for some other kind of gain.

But even then, the truth is that it’s not the first time that I’m seeing the layout of this website. The kind of work, the way that the website works and even the amount they promise to pay are all similar to scams I’ve reviewed before like:

1) Paid Leaf

2) Notion Cash

3) Tap 2 Earn

4) Cash 4 Clickz

So already as you can see, there is no level of trust that I can have towards Earn And Go. There are already reasons to believe that this website might not actually pay out, just like the others.

Additionally, it sounds way too good to be true, right?


How Earn And Go Works

When in doubt about whether to trust a website or not, take a look at their business model. Take a look at how they make their money to understand whether the business model is sustainable or not.

Because remember, a business not only needs to pay its workers or members, but it also needs to pay its employees and its owner and make profits. Is that possible with Earn And Go?

Well, the way that they say you’re going to make money here is by referring others and completing tasks. Fair enough, pay-per-lead and pay-per-task is a legitimate thing.

But how is Earn And Go actually earning their money?

I mean, it can’t be from ads because there are no ads to see or even to click on. That’s actually one of the ways that some of the other websites claimed to make money, but that’s obviously a lie. So the only other way is through task completion.

This is what you can see on the taskwall;

Wow! Getting paid over $200 for a FREE task? Have you ever seen such an offer or read such an advertisement?

In my honest opinion, there is NO COMPANY that will pay so much for a simple free sign up. There are other websites like SwagBucks that will pay you to download and stream stuff, but that pays only a few cents to a few dollars, right?

If those companies have SwagBucks as an alternative, why would they ever choose to advertise through Earn And Go?

If that company is paying you $200 to sign up, then how much is it paying Earn And Go? Who knows how much more the company will have to pay in order for Earn And Go to pay its owner, its employees and make a profit?

The truth is that this business model does NOT make any sense. There is no way that you’re gonna get paid so much for such an offer. It would make sense if you’re purchasing a membership or something but that’s not the case here.

What I think is that Earn And Go is a website that uses high pay as a way to lure in people to sign up for free. They won’t pay out in the end. Either they make 100% profits from those companies or they simply don’t have any contracts with anyone.

The Red Flags – Indications Of A Scam

Unfortunately, as many negative things that I’ve found on the website for Earn And Go, there are other red flags that I think are even more important. They are even easier to spot than trying to determine whether the website is a scam using the business model.

Some of those red flags are:

1) Location

When you scroll down on the main page of the website, you’ll find the following FAQ.

Did you notice that they said they are located out of the Netherlands? Well, it’s a different story when you go to the “ABOUT US” page. They say there that they are actually located out of South London.

A company that doesn’t even know where they’re located? That’s a sure-fire way to know that the website you’re on is a scam.

2) When was the website created?

Still on the “ABOUT US” page, they say that they’ve been in business since 2015 but how true is that? There is a way to really find out.

I went onto the whois website and typed in the URL. And that search gave me October 18, 2019 as a creation date.

So why lie? the truth is that they probably want you to believe that they’ve been in business for longer than they actually have to increase credibility and trust. But sorry, that won’t work on me!

How can you now trust a company that outright lies to your face? This is another lie that exposes Earn And Go as a scam.


3) Similar to other scams reviewed + BBB message

Like I already mentioned before, the layout of the Earn And Go website, the kind of work required, the About Us page and almost everything else match other scams I’ve reviewed before. Additionally, they all hide their creators.

So it is safe to assume that the same creator is behind all of those websites. Now that this was concluded, this poses another problem.

You see, websites like Paid Leaf, Notion Cash and Tap 2 Earn have a bad payment history; they are known to NOT pay anybody. Just take a look at some of the comments I received on my Youtube Channel about some of these websites.

As you can see, there are nothing but complaints. So what makes you think that the creator of these programs is going to start paying people here, when they never paid anybody before?

I do know that there are some so-called “payment proofs” but the truth is that they don’t have any dates on them. So how can you be sure that those aren’t made up? Some of them have even clearly been edited to remove the dates.

So what this says to me is that those are probably older proofs from other programs and they just edited the company name on the receipts to make it seem as if Earn And Go paid out, when that’s not the case.

Additionally, there’s also a message from the BBB website, that states these websites are after your information. So, they want you to sign up for free so that they can gather your personal data and maybe sell it to others.

Or they could even use that information themselves to scam you in other ways, like trying to hack into your bank accounts or your Paypal account. Be careful!

Is Earn And Go A Scam?

You probably already know or have an idea of what I think about Earn And Go but let me say it clearly. Earn And Go is a big scam that you need to avoid!

Yes, it is free to sign up but it could cost you even more if your accounts are hacked. That would give access to the hacker to take out any amount of money and it only takes one transaction to wipe your money clean out of your account.

I mean, why would you even consider trying it out, when there are such clear signs that it is a scam? We are even suspicious of sellers on Amazon, so why would you trust this shady website?

There are so many lies that they tell you, such as when the website has been created, how long they’ve been in business and even where they’re located. Those are the biggest red flags to take into consideration.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that the business model does not make any sense. I’m sure that there is no way anybody would want to do business with Earn And Go when there are clearly WAY cheaper options for companies.

And can you ignore the message that the BBB has put out about a similar company, whose owner might actually be the same person as the one who created Earn And Go?

Believe me and trust me when I say that there is nothing good that is gonna come our of signing up with this website. It is a complete scam and they will not pay out.

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Thanks for reading my Earn And Go review. As usual, don’t hesitate to share what your experiences were with this website. And most importantly, if you’ve been trying to cash out and haven’t been able to, share that here as well so others know what a scam this website is.

Lots of Love,


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