Earn2Flex Review – Is Earn2Flex.com Another Influencer Scam?

Earn2Flex.co review

Welcome to my honest Earn2Flex review. If you’ve been wondering whether this website is legit, a scam and whether or not it is gonna pay you for your hard work, then you’ve come to the right review.

I’ve actually been pitched this on social media and when I went to Youtube to see what others were saying about it, I could see only positive reviews of this website. But I have to say that I found some pretty alarming red flags when I looked deeper.

That’s why it’s always important to conduct your own research because you never know when a website could be out to scam you. You won’t know, especially if you’re a newbie. Your eye isn’t trained to see the red flags.

I want to congratulate you on finding my review and for wanting to know the truth, rather than blindly believing what they tell you. You’ll be surprised at what I was able to find out about Earn2Flex.

Earn2Flex At A Glance

Website: Earn2Flex.com

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn by installing apps, completing offers and referring others

Price: Free To Join

Do I Recommend it?: No, it’s very similar to some of the other scams that I revealed before. This website is a scam and it won’t pay you for your hard work.

What Is Earn2Flex?

Earn2Flex claims to be a website that will pay you for installing apps, completing other offers, as well as to refer others to the website. It sounds like some easy money, right?

Moreover, there are some payment proofs that show you people are not getting paid the small amounts that similar websites pay out. Earn2Flex seems to be ready to pay you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If you get excited at the thought of getting paid so much for completing these simple tasks, then let me tell you that I actually got suspicious. That’s because similar websites that are legit don’t pay out that much.

And even if that wasn’t a red flag, then there’s another one. Earn2Flex looks very similar to some of the other websites that I reviewed in the past that I exposed as scams;

1) InstantDollars

2) FameCash

3) CashCrates

4) Cash For Share

5) Cash Gem

Like I said, they didn’t pay out and I have a strong feeling that the person behind those programs is also behind Earn2Flex. And if they didn’t pay out then, why would they out now?

Think about it; if it was so easy to make that kind of money, then people wouldn’t be struggling right now. People wouldn’t be withering away and working the 9-5, at the job they hate.

Anyways, if you don’t believe me, give me chance to show you why I think that Earn2Flex is just another scam that will be a total waste of your time.


How Earn2Flex Works

When trying to figure out whether a website is a scam or not, it’s important to know what their business model is. If it makes sense and it is legit and don’t go against any laws, then it’s fine.

But unfortunately, Earn2Flex does not make any sense. And let me explain why.

Yes, the actual business model works. You complete an offer or a survey and get compensated for it. You even sign up and make some bonuses, that’s fine. You even refer others and get paid for that, which again, works.

But what does not make sense is how Earn2Flex makes and spends money.

You see, the only way that any money is coming in for Earn2Flex is through the offers put out by affiliated companies. When you complete the offers, that’s the only way that any money comes in.

That would be fine except that the amount that each offer pays is way higher than what other competitors would ask for them. Take Swagbucks for example. It probably charges about $1 for each survey and task.

Swagbucks then pays you your share, which is a few cents. At least, they can still afford it, right?

But how can Earn2Flex be able to afford paying you $5 for each task, $10 for each video or social media share, $5 per referral and $1 per click on your link, when the only way that any money is coming in is through tasks?

I mean, why would affiliated companies pay more than $5 for each task to get completed when there are better-known and cheaper competitors out there? And that’s not all! Earn2Flex also needs to pay their employees.

So that’s not only $5 they’re charging, right? They could be charging $20 – $40 for a single tasks to be able to afford to pay you for everything else. I just don’t think anybody would be prepared to pay that much.

And that’s why I don’t think that there are any companies affiliated with Earn2Flex. And where there’s no money coming in, there’s no money going out. And that means, no pay out!

The Alarming Red Flags – They Won’t Pay Out!

And if that’s not enough, let me tell you of the red flags that I found out that will actually open your eyes to how much Earn2Flex is conning the innocent.

1) Unknown Creator

I looked all through the website and I couldn’t figure out who the creator of Earn2Flex is and that’s a big red flag. That’s because in my experience, anonymous creators are the ones that tend to do the scamming.

The truth is that they know you’ll figure out you’re being scammed at some point and so, they don’t want to be recognized. If they did give out their name and a way to contact them, then you’d have them sued and fined, right?

Well, that’s why they don’t want you knowing who they are. That’s also because they want to be able to create new scams whenever they want, without getting in trouble for it.

And we’ve already seen it, right? All those other websites I mentioned probably have the same creator, who remains anonymous. Be warned!

2) Lies about the creation date

The other thing is that the creator of Earn2Flex claims that they were founded in 2016. My memory of the other websites was that they lied about that. And so, I did the test to figure out whether it was a lie for Earn2Flex as well.

And guess what? It is! Where the website says they were created in 2016, a simple WHOIS search says they were created in February 2020.

While you say that this isn’t too serious, you have to think about why they would lie to you in the first place. The truth is that the longer a website has been a round, the less likely it is a scam.

So, they want you to think that they’ve been around longer so that you would trust them. But doesn’t figuring out that they lied to you making things worse? If they lied about this, what else could they be lying about?

3) Fake payment proofs

Well, they are lying to you about the payment proofs. I found out that they were completely fake and made up. That’s why I believe that nobody’s gotten paid by Earn2Flex and that those proofs are there to try and make you trust them.

By the way, the proofs are the same for the other scammy websites I mentioned earlier as well. And those were fake too!

But if you don’t believe me, here’s the proof that they’re fake.

Some of them have dates on them. Take a closer look at them.

As you can see, those were paid out PRIOR to the existence of Earn2Flex, which should be impossible. How can anybody earn from a website that doesn’t exist, right?

4) Fake Address

The address provided was 20 Rollins Road, in Cotesfield. But when I perform a search on Google, this is not an office space, it is a house!

Moreover, InboxDollar.co, another similar website that I reviewed in the past, had the same address. If anything, this just proves that the same person is behind both the scams.

This is enough for me to think that if they didn’t pay anybody with InboxDollar.co, that they will not pay anybody through Earn2Flex.

5) No privacy policy

Any legitimate website or online business will have a privacy policy whether or not they are collecting any information from you. And with Earn2Flex, the Privacy Policy is missing!

And that’s a red flag because they are not disclosing how they will be using your personal data. In this case, giving them your personal information means that you are giving them the green light to do whatever they want with it.

I think that collecting personal information is the primary reason they have such websites up. They could use your personal information to send you scammy emails, or even sell your personal details to others who could scam you.

Moreover, they could even steal your identity, especially if you’re one of those who give up their personal data completing those offers, tasks or surveys.

That’s why I signed up using fake information in the first place. I didn’t want them getting a hold of my real information.


Is Earn2Flex A Scam?

I don’t think that there is any doubt concerning Earn2Flex. I do think that it is a total scam and a waste of time. You’re just never gonna get paid, especially since the other scammy websites have a crappy payment record.

There are just too many red flags and lies too. Why would you believe them if they’ve lied so much to you? Moreover, there aren’t any good things that I can say about Earn2Flex. I can only see the red flags.

I mean, sure, getting paid $5 for 5 – 10 minutes of work sounds pretty good, but not when the whole website is based on lies. That does not make Earn2Flex sound appealing because they could be lying about anything.

Moreover, they could even be gathering your personal information to scam you further. Or they could sell your information to whoever, as long as they make money and earn a profit doing it.

They won’t care to whom they sell your information since there isn’t even a Privacy Policy. That must mean that they are really doing something bad behind your back since they don’t want to disclose it.

And what about those lies about the creation date of the website and the fake payment proofs? To me, that’s enough to make me want to run away from Earn2Flex. Why would you waste your time knowing nobody really got paid before?

No, I think that knowing this much about Earn2Flex is enough to deem it a scam. I don’t recommend it and I suggest you avoid it.

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Thanks for reading my Earn2Flex review . I urge you to share your experiences with Earn2Flex if you’ve signed up for it. Have you gotten paid? Have you received weird emails? Were your accounts hacked? Let us know below. It will really help others looking for info.

Lots of Love,


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