EarnBucks Review – Lies And Red Flags REVEALED!

EarnBucks review

Welcome to my honest EarnBucks review. I say this is honest here because I will not fill you with the information that other users of this website will tell you. I will not be here to try and convince you to sign up with this website at all.

That’s because I found that there are so many lies and red flags on the EarnBucks website that makes the whole thing too scammy to trust. If I’m not even willing to promote it, why would I put others through that?

The truth is that there are too many scams on the internet and from the time that I’ve started reviewing make-money-online programs a few years ago, I found that either they were scams, low-quality or just didn’t pay enough to be worth my while.

Which one is EarnBucks? Well, you’ll find out the truth in this review. Give me a chance to tell you the truth.

EarnBucks At A Glance

Website: EarnBucks.co

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Get referrals and complete offers to earn

Price: Free but will cost you!

Do I Recommend It?: NO! EarnBucks is another one of those scammy websites that promise a high payout but that won’t actually pay. There are too many red flags and lies for comfort. They will gather your personal data and scam you or sell it to other scammers.

What is EarnBucks?

To be honest with you, I’ve seen this kind of website and I’ve reviewed probably over 20 of them on this website. And do you know what happened? I found out that they were all scams.

Now, I will not judge a book by its cover. I will still write this EarnBucks review like I did with all the other similar websites, but just wanted to let you know that it wasn’t the first time I was seeing this.

That’s why I already have kind of like an uneasy feeling about this website.

EarnBucks claims to be the #1 Influencer Network, where you will be able to make $500 every single day. But I’ve never heard of anybody who made that kind of money completing offers and surveys, have you?

Typically, these websites are called get-paid-to or GPT websites, where you only get paid a few cents to $1 for completing a task. Yes, never do legitimate sites promise to pay you $15 per referral or $25 as a sign up bonus.

Like many of the similar websites that I’ve reviewed, I’m thinking that the high payout is only to lure you in to sign up and to gather your personal data, and to have you refer others so they can get other people’s personal data as well.

If you want to take a look at how similar EarnBucks is to those other websites I reviewed, you can take a look at the list below:

1) Referral Pay

2) Viral Work

3) Tap 2 Earn

4) Tap 2 Cash

5) MoreCash

6) Notion Cash

7) MVP Bucks

8) UltraCash

9) Kings Ransoms

10) ShoutNow

And I bet that just like those websites, that EarnBucks is not going to work as advertised.


How EarnBucks Works

With all of the other websites, I took a look at the business model. Because if the business model makes sense, then the website is probably not a scam.

By business model, I mean we need to take a look at how money comes in for the website and if the amount coming in makes sense for the amount of money that the website needs to pay out.

Because what we see as expenses here are the minimum; payment for you signing up, payment when you refer others, payment when you complete tasks or offers within the website and so on.

Other expenses to keep in mind are employees’ wages and even maintenance of the EarnBucks websites. These things aren’t free.

But unfortunately, I see the same thing happening here that is happening with the other websites. EarnBucks claims to make money by putting ads in front of people and through sponsorships through their affiliate partners.

Well, the argument is this; there aren’t any ads on the website at all! Neither on the home page or the members’ area. So that can’t be the way that they make money, right?

The other is through the affiliate partners sponsorships and that’s referring to nothing but the offers and tasks that need to be completed inside the members’ area. You complete a task, the partner pays EarnBucks who would then pay you your share.

But the truth is that THIS is the only way that EarnBucks is making money. So they have to make enough from those to cover all expenses, right? So how much are they charging those affiliate partners?

It would have to be at least $100 from my perspective. Think about it; $25 just to sign you up, $15 for a referral, $30 for a completed task and even $2 per click on your referral link. Additionally, they have to pay employees and maintenance fees.

Who would want to pay so much when legitimate websites like Swagbucks have been around for way longer and charge way less for a survey? I don’t think that EarnBucks has any real customers at all to be honest.

So if that’s the case, then there really isn’t any money coming in, which means, they won’t pay out!

Lies And Red Flags! BEWARE!

1) Creator of EarnBucks is unknown

That’s right. If you try to look for information on who is behind the creator of Earnbucks, then you won’t find any information and that’s a red flag.

The truth is that this is a common red flag with all of the websites that were similar to EarnBucks. And needless to say, many of the other websites and programs that I’ve reviewed on my website.

And most of them were scams, unfortunately!

That’s because these scammers know that you will catch on eventually and would want to either sue them or get them fined. They don’t want that and so, they remain anonymous so as to get away with it.

Unfortunately, the advantage that these scammers also have when remaining anonymous is being able to create more scams and still never get caught. That’s why it’s important to research every single creator of a program before signing up, even if the program is free.

You never know what they could be after.

2) Launch date of EarnBucks is a lie

When you go onto the About page for EarnBucks, they actually tell you that they have been in business, in other words, created, in March 2015. However, there’s a very easy way to determine whether that’s true or not.

I went onto a trusted website, called WHOIS, that gives you information on when a website was actually registered for the first time. And the information that I have for EarnBucks is that it was registered on December 9, 2019.

So no, it’s not the same date as EarnBucks claims, right? Why would they lie?

Well, we all know that a website that has been around for way longer is more likely to be legitimate and that would make you trust them more, right? Knowing that they lie to you, how do you feel?

I certainly feel cheated and unworthy to them. And the lie actually also puts the reputation way down low for me. I do not trust EarnBucks.


3) The payment proofs and testimonials are fake

When looking through the payment proofs, I found that some of them were dated. So I decided to look at the dates to see whether they were real or not. And I found out that they were not unfortunately.

Taking a look at the dates, you can see that they are clearly that they were PRIOR to the creation date of the EarnBucks websites. See the screenshot below.

Moreover, there’s this one testimonial on the main page who claims to have been working with EarnBucks for over a year. Well, that’s what they all say, even from the other similar websites.

But my question to you is, how could anybody have earned from a website that didn’t even exist yet? Even from a year ago.

The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that the payment proofs are all fake. Nobody has gotten paid from EarnBucks and nobody will get paid.

4) BBB warning message

I listed 10 of the various websites that are similar to EarnBucks above, right? Well, one of them, Notion Cash, was actually addressed by the BBB. They even created a profile and did some tests to see whether the company is legit or not.

And what they found out was that Notion Cash wasn’t legitimate. You can also find many complaints of people not getting paid.

Now, why do I think that Notion Cash is related to EarnBucks? That’s because the layout of the website is the same, the kind of work is the same, the creator is also unknown and it had many of the same red flags as EarnBucks.

So we can only conclude that the person behind Notion Cash is also behind EarnBucks. That’s why the message from the BBB that applies to Notion Cash will also apply to EarnBucks. This is what they had to say:

Snippet From The BBB.org Website

You can also read the whole thing HERE.

But basically, what they say is that websites like Notion Cash exist to gather your personal data, to either use it to scam, spam or hack your accounts, or to sell it to others who would so the same.

One more thing; they could even steal your identity and if you live in any of the Tier 1 countries, you know how much of headache that is.

So no, even if EarnBucks is free, I think that there is a big risk to signing up.

Is EarnBucks A Scam?

You betcha! EarnBucks is a scam, and it is a rehashed one at that! There are too many red flags and lies for my level of comfort. And many of those are pretty serious too.

I mean you have the fact that the business model makes no sense. There’s no way anybody would want to partner up with EarnBucks because they would get charged too much.

There are also so many lies, like the creation date of the website and even the income proofs and testimonials are all made-up and fake. Don’t forget about the creator of the website also choosing to remain anonymous.

As we have already uncovered, this is one of the many scams that this anonymous person is pulling and you don’t want to be a victim.

Oh and what about the BBB warning message? The BBB has been rating companies and uncovering their legitimacy for so many years. How can we NOT trust them, right? You don’t want your personal data stolen.

So I absolutely think that EarnBucks is a scam and that you should avoid it.

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Lots Of Love,


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