Easy Cash Club Review – Make An Easy $379 Per Day With NO Work?

Welcome to this Easy Cash Club Review!

You probably know why I picked this program to review and if not, then let me tell you why. I love exposing scams and bringing legit opportunities in front of my readers and followers, because I have been scammed my fair share in the past. And this program, with it’s name, resembled the many “get-rich-quick” schemes.

So I decided to take a look.

If you’re wondering whether Easy Cash Club is a scam that is just going to disappear with your money, or whether it is going to change your life for the better, you’ve come to the right review. I will be revealing everything that I found out and will also lay all my opinions and experiences bare, so you can make an informed decision.

Just an FYI: I do NOT promote Easy Cash Club. So rest assured that this is going to be a completely unbiased and honest review coming from me. I won’t pitch this up to you.

Easy Cash Club At A Glance

Owner: “Steve”

Purpose: Making money on Youtube

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend It?: No!

What is Easy Cash Club?

I don’t want to judge a book by its cover, but I didn’t get any positive vibes from the sales video and the sales page. I was already skeptical because of the name of the program, that already suggested that this program could be a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

Steve pretends that he is a millionaire and tells you that he only spends 30 minutes a day working, while making thousands of dollars online. He created a software that allowed him to create Youtube videos, without needing to be on camera, or recording his own voice.

There’s no editing software needed as the program takes care of everything.

Sure, we hear about people making money by making videos on Youtube everyday but as you will soon see, it’s far from being as easy as Steve wants to make you think. All he wants to do here, is to show you what you want to see and tell you what you want to hear, in order to get to your money.

He advertises this program as being free, when you really have to pay $37 for it, and in my experience, might actually cost way more.

And telling you that you’ll make over $300 a day with NO work? Please don’t believe this rubbish. If people could make money without working, then why are we even at the office or at the warehouse? Why not get paid to click a few times for 30 minutes to fill out pockets everyday?

The truth is that there’s way more to making money with Youtube videos than Steve is willing to disclose and I’ll go over all that within this review.

Why The Alarm Bells Went Off In My Head

Oh yes, there were alarm bells and that’s not a good sign. With my experience in reviewing make-money-online programs, I have come across many scams and most scams have similar red flags and unfortunately, I recognize some of them within the sales video and the sales page of this program.

1) Is Steve’s name Fake?

How would you know? How can you verify it? How can you be sure? The answer is that you CANNOT!

Steve did not actually try to prove that he was a real person at all. He can tell you things about himself but words are all they are. If he’s a millionaire, why didn’t he show you pictures of him? Why didn’t he even give a last name? Why didn’t he include some vacations pictures or even how to get in touch with him before buying the program?

What is you have questions and want to make sure whether he is real or not?

That’s a big red flag to me, because the problem with this, is that this is what most scammers do. They want to remain anonymous because they don’t want to face the consequences of scamming others. They don’t want to get a lawsuit, or pursued.

That being said, if Steve really is a fictitious character, then how can you believe anything he tells you about his program? How can you believe he is a real millionaire? How can you believe Youtube is how he made his money? He didn’t even reveal his Youtube channel so you can verify it really works, right?

2) Self-made Millionaire with no work and $37?

Yeah, right! If you were in his shoes, would you sell this software for only $37? I know I wouldn’t. It does not make sense to only invest $37 and to turn that into $1M within a year, right?

Specially with NO work? How many lies is that guy telling you? Of course, there’s work involved in making any kind of money online. Even scammers like Steve need to work to come up with convincing lies. That’s still work.

To make money online, you either have to invest a lot of MONEY or a lot of TIME. If you invest nothing, you get nothing because making money is not free. If it was so easy, why are your co-workers still complaining about work or the boss? Why haven’t they left yet, to make money from Youtube?

Think about it! There’s no reason to believe anything Steve tells you because there’s just too much he is not telling you.

3) Fake scarcity

Unfortunately, another red flag is the fact that Steve is using fake scarcity to push you sign up. Fake scarcity is making the program seem like it’s closing soon, or telling you that there is limited space available, when that’s not the case.

You see, these kinds of programs are mostly available on affiliate networks, where they are promoted by affiliates of the program, meaning that if a sale is made through their link leading you to the sales page, they make money.

But what’s sad, is that there are many affiliates that don’t care about the quality of the stuff that they are pitching to people like you and me. They just want the money. By having affiliates do the work of promoting the program to others, the creator/s are making money without needing to do any work.

So who’s really benefiting from this model, by telling you time is limited? 🙂

4) Fake Testimonials too?

Is there anything real about Easy Cash Club at all? I guess not. That’s another red flag that I come across very regularly; fake testimonials.

How do I know the testimonials are fake? Well, I performed a reverse search on the photos of these people and I can see them being used for several websites. So either these pictures are available as stock photos or they are pictures that have been stolen by the owner of this program.

Paid testimonials are fine, as they could potentially be used to bring real testimonials to life but I do believe that the owner of the program needs to let you know of this, else that’s just plain lying to you, isn’t it? To make you think that these are REAL users with REAL results.

Like I mentioned earlier, don’t believe anything that Steve tells you!

How Easy Cash Club REALLY Works

Okay, so you’re getting this software, as per Steve. It’s gonna make a video for you, using script, a human-sounding voice and graphics. Sure, you won’t have to appear on camera and you won’t have to edit.

But how much of what he is telling you is actually true, even if the software works as advertised?

The fact is that he showed you some people who are making millions of dollars through their Youtube channel but Steve fails to point out one similarity between them all; that’s the fact that they make THEIR OWN videos, spend time editing, spend time with the scripts and so on, to make such an income.

Do you know why that is? It’s because their audience can relate to them. The owners of those channels appear in their own videos or use their voice to make the videos, thus appearing more trustworthy.

Let’s be honest here; would you rather listen to a person on Youtube who shows their face and talks to you, and who you can relate to? Or a robot voice, that only sounds human, that’s just reading a script on the screen of the video?

Aren’t you also curious as to why he would not even use his own software to make his sales video? He didn’t mention if he used it or not. If he had, then you would have gotten a taste of what the software could create. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that Steve came up with own script and hired a voice over actor to read it out.

And what about his Youtube Channel? Why does he not share that with us? If he had done that, we would have been able to see instantaneously of how big of a result this program could bring us, but NO! That’s all hidden. Why would Steve want to hide it?

That’s because all that he claims the program does is BS! It does not work!

Is Easy Cash Club A Scam?

Whatever you may think about Easy Cash Club, if it’s a scam or not, I don’t recommend you waste your time and money on it. There are just too many red flags for comfort and too many lies about making money online that I have uncovered.

He does not reveal who he is, does not show you his channel, does not even use his own software to create his sale video and he even lies to you on several counts. Why would you even believe this guy? For all we know, and based on my experience, he is doing this just to get to your money.

Steve does not care about helping you at all.

Why would he use fake scarcity and fake pictures of people, when he could have used REAL user photos and testimonials? That’s simply because in my opinion, there are NONE! Nobody has used the system and actually made money with it.

Some people will say it’s not a scam because you’re getting something for your money and the owner can price his product for as much as he wants to. Sure, but when claims are so misleading and results don’t match what you can expect to make, then there’s a big problem.

And I would not want such a person to get my money.

The bottom line, is that I believe Easy Cash Club to be a scam and you should avoid it!

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I promise to be leading you to something legit, because if I was into this to only make money, then I wouldn’t have been honest with you about Easy Cash Club and would just have promoted it to you. As long as I made money, right?

But after exposing it as a scam or low-quality program, why would I scam you with another program now? I don’t want to risk my reputation and the trust that my readers have in me. So rest assured, WHAT I RECOMMEND WORKS!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comment section below, as I love hearing from you guys. Tell me of your experiences, or even other programs you’d like me to take a look into.

Stay Safe. You Friend,


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