Easy Cash Code Review – Make $500 daily?

While doing some research for my website, I came across this post promoting Easy Cash Code and the name really picked my curiosity. For one, I know that making money online is not as “easy” as this program seems to suggest. So I dug into the problem and now I’m ready to share my findings with you.

Within this Easy Cash Code Review, I will take you through the sales page, the testimonials and the inside of the program. Don’t SPEND your money on this yet and read until the end of this review, because there is NO money-back guarantee on this product.

At A Glance

Name: Easy Cash Code

Website: EasyCashCode.com

Owner: Reginald Stinson

Price: $18+upsells (non-refundable)

Recommended?: Let’s see…

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What Is Easy Cash Code?

The sales page sure is lenient on giving you in-depth information. I always find this method is associated with either scams or low-quality products, and this is one of the reasons why I did not have a very good impression of the program.

You are shown video testimonials that seem to take most of the sales video, where Reginald is bent on showing you RESULTS more than explaining how the system works. I think he could have done a better job with it, especially because the $18 you pay is non-refundable, because it goes directly to your sponsor.

You are told over and over again that you will be able to make upto $500 – $1000 every single month, while within their testimonials, the members say that they are making hundreds of dollars a day, after only a few days using the system. Yes, money can be made over the internet but which one is it? $500 a month or $500 a day?

The spokesperson said they would give you a unique link, and I have every reason to believe it is an affiliate link. An affiliate link will be a link where if people click on it and sign up to the program, you’ll get paid a commission.

So by paying $18 into the program, you are buying rights to resell the program. I’m pretty sure that the inside of the training at this point will also be geared towards promoting the product itself, which I have never been a fan of.

What’s Inside Easy Cash Code

And I was right!

1) Squeeze Page – Inside, you will get training to create a squeeze page where you will be collecting emails to build your email list and to be able to promote Easy Cash Code to them, with your unique link. Each time somebody clicks through the link and purchases the right to also resell Easy Cash Code, you get 100% of the money. You receive $18 per referral.

Have you ever heard this saying, “The money is in the list?” That’s exactly what it means here. You are able to personally communicate with your subscriber and promote products to them and when they sign up or purchase, you make money. If you have a big number of subscribers, you make more money.

2) Getting Traffic – While all this sounds good, getting people to the squeeze page is not as easy as it sounds.

Let me explain; the best way to get traffic to any page on a website on the internet for FREE, is via Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. However, search engines only rank UNIQUE and QUALITY content, which a squeeze page won’t have. Therefore, you can wave bye bye to FREE traffic and will have to rely on PAID traffic to your squeeze page, via Ads for example.

And as though Reginald KNEW that, he included training on how to get PAID traffic only, nothing about FREE traffic. Don’t get me wrong; paid traffic is a good way to maximize your income, but NOT when you have not even MADE money yet. And it is not wise to invest into paid traffic when you are still a newbie and don’t understand how the online world works.

With paid ads, you have to experiment by getting a few ad campaigns going to see which ones work better and to be able to optimize them. This can cost a LOT of money, specially if you are new to making money online.

3) Upsells – Yes, there will be upsells. So now you know that not everything will be included with the $18 payment. You have to invest even more to get access to more training and more materials. Therefore, please don’t fall for this trap, because you won’t be making $500 daily with only an invest of $18.

While upsells are not too bad and are essential sometimes to the smooth running of a business (kind of like bundles that you can buy at a shop that will cost you way cheaper as opposed to getting all the products individually), what I don’t appreciate is the lack of transparency on the sales page, where they MAKE you believe that $18 is all you have to pay to start making those big numbers, when that’s in fact false!

4) There’s Even More Spending – Unfortunately, because of the lack of transparency yet again, I’m the one having to tell you that you will end up spending way more than you bargain for when you initially sign up with Easy Cash Code. Not all the tools are given to you and these tools are SEPARATE costs from the upsells.

To create a squeeze page. you need a hosting service that is not provided in the initialy cost, so that’s extra. To collect subscriber email addresses, you need a paid service known as an autoresponder, that will automatically add your your subscribers into an email list and automatically send them emails based on their actions.

Can You Make Money with Easy Cash Code?

I don’t doubt that you can make money with this system, but being someone who has been making money online for over 2 years, you can trust me when I say that making a few hundred dollars a day is not as easy as the testimonials in the video pretend.

More and more people get suspicious of these programs now than ever before because there is such limited information given. I think that the non-refundable $18 will also be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. If reginald wanted to make it non-refundable, in my opinion, it should either have come with a trial or the video should have given explicit information about the EXACT workings of the program.

I also don’t think this is going to work for newbies, because not being experienced in how making money online works, it can be a risk to start ads and be losing money instead of making money.

Pros of Easy Cash Code

1) The training is okay

Cons of Easy Cash Code

1) Full of hype – You will NOT make $500 daily with this system

2) Lack of transparency that does not inhibit trust

3) There are a lot of upsells

4) The only way to get visitors is to spend in ads, which can get costly.

5) You have to sell the same thing you bought (kind of like a pyramid)

6) No free trial and no money-back guarantee

Do I Recommend Easy Cash Code?

I don’t think I even have to voice it out, but just so we’re on the same page, no, I do not recommend Easy Cash Code. There is nothing easy about this program and from what I have seen, there is too much that is NOT divulged before you pay the initial $18 fee.

Except for some good training, there is really nothing that can be gained from it. Because of the lack of a trial or money-back guarantee, this is definitely going to affect the percentage of people who actually sign up for the program. I am also not a fan of having to recruit to make money.

To me, the upsells are just too numerous inside of the system, when you are initially led to believe that all you have to pay is $18. It is up to you, but I highly recommend that you stay away from this program as there are other, legit training online that will be more worth your time and your money.

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But in the meantime, if you have any questions for me about Easy Cash Code, my #1 Recommended Training or about making money online in general, please feel free to drop them in the comment section below and I will answer you. I always go… 🙂

Wish you a ton of success!

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