Easy Cash Job Review – These Red Flags Tell Me It’s A Scam!

Easy Cash Job Review

Welcome to my honest Easy Cash Job review.

You’ve probably seen somebody sharing links around on social media, or even in an email, saying that you can make easy money every single day with the website. But how true is it?

I want to congratulate you on doing your research before jumping onto this opportunity because as you might have noticed by now, there are just too many scams online. Even if it is free to join, it doesn’t guarantee that it’s safe.

That’s why I will be exposing Easy Cash Job in this review. This is the kind of research that I would do for myself and assess from that point, whether the program is worth it or not. I can tell you right now, it’s not looking good for Easy Cash Job.

Easy Cash Job At A Glance

Website: EasyCashJob.com

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others

Price: Free

Do I Recommend it?: NOPE! It’s a scam!

What Is Easy Cash Job?

Easy Cash Job is a website that claims to be offering you the best and easiest way to make money online in your free time.

All you have to do is sign up, share your unique affiliate link with friends and cash out. It sounds really simple and really easy, but is that really how it all works? Will you really be able to make money so easily?

The fact of the matter is that so many people are struggling to make money online at all and most programs claim that it’s easy to make money with their system, but how many actually work the way they’re advertised?

I’ve been reviewing make-money-online programs for 2 years now and I can tell you that only a handful of programs actually will work as advertised. The way things are going with Easy Cash Job, I don’t see it happening this way.

I mean, for one, there are a lot of grammar mistakes. Sure, mistakes can happen, but how many mistakes have you found on a professional website? I’ve seen very little and Easy Cash Job seems to have A TON of grammatical mistakes.

That does not make you want to trust them at all, does it?

Then, you have the fact that we don’t even know who the creator of that website or the program is. If we were told the good history of the owner, then maybe it could have pushed me to try it out. But again, I can’t even trust what they’ll do with my information.

Legit make-money-online programs also have a location or an address but Easy Cash Job does not.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that there are no testimonials on the page or anywhere else on the internet. How can you really be sure that you’ll get paid for your efforts?


How Easy Cash Job Works

You see, the way that is advertised for you to make money with Easy Cash Job is by referring others to the platform, as well as to complete offers that are inside the members area. Just like SwagBucks and Survey Junkie.

Companies actually pay people for their opinions in order to understand what the trend is on a particular product and what people are leaning more towards in terms of preference.

In that regards, after gathering the responses, the companies will then make appropriate changes to their existing products in order to cater to the needs of the public, increasing sales and revenue for these companies.

Additionally, referring others to a program, if it actually works, and getting paid for it is absolutely legit and legal. This is called Pay-Per-Lead; getting paid for each person to refer to a program.

However, like I mentioned before, I’ve seen some other websites like that before and I’ve actually exposed them all as scams on this website. They didn’t pay people for their hard work.

You can take a look at my reviews of Paid Leaf and Referral Pay.

I looked for positive reviews of Easy Cash Jobs, just like I tried finding them for the others,  but couldn’t find even one. I couldn’t find a payment proof from anybody either.

So what that leads me to believe is that it is really similar to the others that I’ve exposed before. It could even be the same person behind those programs, seeing as they are all anonymous.

Now, if it’s free to sign up to this program, you might be asking, what do the people behind the program actually GAIN from creating this website? They’re not taking money from you, right?

There are a few possibilities.

Beware! THIS Is Actually What Easy Cash Job is after!

Well, the first thing that I personally thought was the reason for a website like Easy Cash Job, was to gather a lot of people to complete offers and surveys and other tasks, but to keep all the profit and not to share it with the members.

After all, big companies could be paying Easy Cash Job to find people to complete those surveys. For each survey that gets completed, Easy Cash Job gets paid, but is so greedy that it does not want to share the money and pay you.

The other reason to create such a website, and this is the opinion of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is that they want your personal information. They want your name, your email, your age, your address and so on.

Easy Cash Job might have been created by the same person as Referral Pay and Paid Leaf and another website that is also similar is Notion Cash. CLICK HERE to read what the BBB has to say about Notion Cash and similar websites.

Snippet From The BBB.org Website, For Notion Cash

But in short, the BBB says that this is a massive data harvesting scam that wants your personal information so they can sell it to others, or to use the information to try and scam you in any way they can.

The information could even be used to try and hack into your online accounts, such as Paypal or even your bank account. So beware of these websites! Not everything that is free is legitimate.


Is Easy Cash Job A Scam?

In my honest opinion, I do think that Easy Cash Job is a scam. There are just too many red flags that set the alarm bells off in my head and these are the same reasons that I would say make it a possible scam.

The fact that there are so many grammatical mistakes, that the creator remains anonymous, that there is no physical address on the website for the company, that there are no testimonials or actual proof of payments online, tell me to stay away from it.

The other problem is that the website is very similar to some of those that I have already exposed as scams before. They never paid people and the kind of work is exactly the same.

It could be that the same anonymous person behind those programs are also behind Easy Cash Job.

And if that’s the case, then you should take into consideration that the BBB has tried to contact somebody from Notion Cash, a website similar to Easy Cash Job and got no response back.

Seeing also as so many people also claimed not have received payment from Notion Cash, you should NOT expect to get paid by Easy Cash Job.

Additionally, the BBB is claiming that those websites could have been created to collect people’s personal data in order to sell it to other spammers or scammers, or to try and hack into people’s online accounts.

Due to all of these red flags and possible relationship to programs that have been established as scams, it is a big risk to sign up, even if it’s free, with Easy Cash Job. I do not recommend it and think from the bottom of my heart, that it is a scam.

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Thanks for reading my Easy Cash Job review. Have you had any similar experiences as I’ve described in this review, with Easy Cash Job or any other similar website? How do you choose to make money online? Share with me in the comments section below.

Lots of Love,



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