Easy Insta Profits Review – Is the $1300 Per Day Income Claim True?

Welcome to this Easy Insta Profits review. We all know that Instagram can be used as a HUGE money-maker, because it is just like Facebook and other social media networks; you can use it to reach more potential customers. But is it as good as Mike claims?

Will his training REALLY help you to rake in a whopping $1300 per day, and almost half a million dollars by the end of your first year?

In this article, I will be discussing whether what Mike says in his video, will really bring in the profits that you’ve been looking for. I will also show you the training that he provides and will let you know by the end of this article, whether it will be worth your while and your money, to purchase this program.

At A Glance

Name: Easy Insta Profits

Website: EasyInstaProfits.com

Owner: “Mike Richards”??

Purpose: Make money from Instagram, doing Affiliate Marketing

Price: $37 (downsells to $17)

Recommended?: No

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Video Claims

As with most make-money-online opportunities on ClickBank, there is a video supposedly giving you information on the program at hand. But most of the videos don’t really tell you what EXACTLY is inside.

Easy Insta Profits is no exception; the video shows things like the news media, about how people are making tons of cash on Instagram, then Mike talks about leveraging this secret loophole he has found, telling us how people with no experience and no technical know-how are able to make “tens of thousands” of dollars with the system, without spending hundreds of dollars or precious time.

He even signs into his affiliate accounts to show you the money that he allegedly made by working 15 – 20 minutes a day, by tapping his thumbs on his phone screen.

Mike talks about a live demonstration, that actually never makes it on screen. On the other hand, he shows you testimonials, with people claiming they are making over $50K every month with this system.

Are those claims true?

My “AHA!” Moments

This “AHA!” is more like a “Caught you lying!” type of “AHA!”

You see, I have been online for quite some time and I can tell you that the claims that Mike makes, although very attractive and believable, are just plain lies.

The news talking about people making money on Instagram are probably legit, but they NEVER mention Easy Insta Profits. Maybe Mike only wanted to show you people were actually making money from Instagram, but some people might think that the news is talking about the actual program, which it clearly is NOT! So don’t fall for that old trick.

Working 15 – 20 minutes a day to generate $1300 within that same day, sounds too good to be true! Yes, people are making money online, but it takes a lot of time and effort. You could potentially make $1300 a day DOWN THE ROAD, like WAY down the road, talking about 10 years down the road kind of thing, but NO online business is going to start making you $1300 a day right away, and definitely not by only working 15 – 20 minutes a day.

If it SOUNDS too good to be true, then it IS too good to be true. Trust your gut! Don’t give these scammers your hard-earned money! He makes use of your weaknesses and tells you what you want to hear; pay off your debt, buy your dream home, afford high-end fashion, but he hides the fact that it takes hard work to achieve the results that he insinuates.

He even goes to the length of HIRING and paying actors to LIE to you. The testimonials within the video? Well, they’re just fake! Fake customers, fake income numbers and fake claims! They have ALL been hired from Fiverr and here is my proof.

If they actually had the kind of income they claim within the testimonials, then would they not have ditched Fiverr by now?

And can you confirm the amount that Mike makes, is really true? You can’t even confirm whether he is a real person because there’s no picture of him and you can’t even contact HIM directly.

The only two Mike Richards that came up when I did a quick Google search, were the Canadian NHL hockey player (33 years old) and the broadcaster (62 years old). NONE of them is 41 years old, like THIS Mike Richards claims. If he was a legit person, there would be SOME information on the internet, about him training people to make money online.

The Lessons

Now, I am a very fair person and will give credit where credit is due; the training is not horrible-bad. But keep in mind that there is a lot of missing information that could easily confuse somebody who has NEVER made money on the Internet. The fact that Mike states that no technical know-how or experience is needed, is not true.

In order for you to be able to connect the dots, you DO need to have some experience and knowledge of how it all works online to make his system work for you. If not, then you will need to invest time in MORE research to fill in the gaps, and potentially even more money!

Easy Insta Profits is NOT an all-in-one system.

After you buy the prodcut, you get 13 video tutorials. What I have noticed, is that the videos are very general and are not the step-by-step training that you have been waiting for at all. General information is all that you’re going to get with such a cheap product.

Not to mention that the upsells are actually other low-quality / scammy products, geared towards making HIM money and not you! I have noticed that the member’s area looks exactly the same as two other products that I have reviewed before that turned out to be BAD products;

1) 60 Minute Profit Plan– supposedly to teach you how to make money doing email marketing

2) Tube Profit Sniper – supposedly to teach you how to make money on Youtube.

This is a tactic used to get you to spend MORE money on useless products, while Mike himself makes a commission for each sale and each upsell that you buy. While making money doing email marketing and posting videos on Youtube is very real, it will NOT make you $50K within your first month.

How Social Media Can Make You Money

Like I said before, it is VERY possible to make money online using social media like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, but keep in mind that you’re not going to start making money right away.

The first thing to remember, is that you will have ZERO followers when you first start. You’ll only probably get a few follows within your first week. How could you start making $8K a week?

It takes a lot of time to get followers and you only get followers if you provide HELPFUL information. If you have in your mind only to MAKE money and NOT helping people, then people are not going to be drawn to you and your offers.

Mike explains about affiliate marketing, which is legit and you can use it to make money through social media, but this model of making money is based on SOLVING A PROBLEM and providing a SOLUTION that people can invest in or buy. If you just provide a product without explaining the purpose of it, and expect people to just jump at it, then you’re living on the moon! It’s not gonna happen on Earth.

How many times have you blindly bought stuff from Amazon, without looking at the reviews of a product and what the features of it are? People are EXACTLY like that.

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Can You Make $1300/day with Easy Insta Profits?

It would be next to impossible to make that kind of money IN ONE MONTH with Easy Insta Profits, let alone to make that amount within one day.

The training is very weak and thus, although Mike tells you that you can make that kind of money online, it takes a ton of work, not to mention a learning curve and more investment to get your business off the ground.

It will take you A LONG TIME to start making $1300 per month, let alone $1300 per day! I have been online for more than 2 years and if there existed a fast way of making money online, believe me, I would have found it today.

These scammers tell you everything that you want to hear; that it’s very easy, no learning curve, no hard work, pay your debt, get the house of your dreams, pay off your car, save up for your children, travel to a new destination every week! But they NEVER tell you what you don’t want to hear; and it’s that it takes work and time to become successful online, just like an offline business.

If you are looking for a push-button system that will generate money for you on autopilot, sorry to pop your bubble, but it simply does not exist. People who still believe this nowadays, are the ones that are going to keep falling for these scams and keep on losing money, instead of making any money.

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The great thing about this program, is that you can start for FREE! No credit card NOR Paypal info is needed when you sign up. Only upgrade when YOU feel comfortable to do so. Nobody pushes upsells on you like Easy Insta Profits.

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I really hope that you will join me there, because I’m sure you know by now that I am a real person. I am active within the community and will help you whenever you need me. I won’t disappear overnight… 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon,



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