Easy Retired Millionaire Review – TRUTH REVEALED!!!

Are you wondering whether you’re going to make hundreds to thousands of dollars every week by joining Chris in his Easy Retired Millionaire system? So was I, but after I watched the video and found out what was on the inside, I was really surprised!

In this Easy Retired Millionaire Review, I will reveal everything that I have found out about the system and the training, and I’ll let you know whether this is a program that will work or whether it is a scam.

Before moving on, let me congratulate you on doing your research before investing into any make-money-online system. Most of them are scams and doing your research will really be able to save you from wasting your time and money.

Let’s dive right into this review!

At A Glance

Name: Easy Retired Millionaire

Website: EasyRetiredMillionaire.com

Owner: Chris and Kathy Graham

Purpose: Make Money On ClickBank

Price: $47 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely NOT! Stay AWAY!!!

What Is Easy Retired Millionaire?

Chris explains to you that he will show you how you can funnel commissions to your bank account over and over again, without extra work. He will set up a brand new account and show you how the system works and to show you the amount of money that you can make.

This account will become YOUR account, that he will be adding commissions to, for the duration of the video. Every step that is usually repeated in order to make money, has now become automated thanks to this awesome system, so says Chris. All you have to do is click and sit back.

The way that the system works, is that his team will bring you the commissions from prospects. That way, you don’t have to do as much work and still make exponential amounts of money. This system has nothing to do with websites, ads or marketing and sales.

He even shows you the testimonials of some people who claim they have been making tons of money with the program and some of them have even been able to quit their jobs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could also profit in the same ways as them?

It would, but wouldn’t it also break your heart to find out that this program is a complete scam, AFTER you’ve given them your money?

Yes, Easy Retired Millionaire is a complete scam and I will reveal why I think so within the next sections.

Red Flags

Unfortunately, this system did not pass the test for me. I analyzed each and every information that is given within the sales video and verified whether they are true or not, and in these cases, I have found that the claims are either too similar to scams that I have reviewed in the past, or, completely FAKE!

1) Click and sit back – Watch the Money roll in

If you’ve already fallen for at least one scam, or have been researching scams yourself, you would know that this is just what every SCAM says; that you can make thousands of dollars just by clicking or pushing a button. But every ethical and honest online marketer will tell you that the real secret ingredient to making money online, is to work and work HARD!

One-Click and Push-Button systems just do NOT exist. Scammers were the ones who invented this, to make people think that earning money online was an easy feat when it’s really hard! If it were as easy as pushing a button, then I bet that EVERY SINGLE PERSON on earth, would have quit their jobs right now.

Scammers invented this to lure people into buying their systems so they, the scammers, can make more money off the masses. They know that everybody wants money, but nobody wants to work for it. And people who don’t want to work for it, are the ones that are losing their money to these scammers.

2) YOUR money-generating account

This is so common with scams that I have been reviewing lately: they claim that they have just created your account and that it is ready on the other side. All you have to do to claim it, is to pay the $47 access fee. The account has already made $278 too, so it’s a no-brainer to pay $47 and get $278 in return right?


If you look at the video carefully, you’ll see that the date indicated for that payment was on May 12. He just zooms in so fast when he shows you the income proof, that you’re not able to catch the date.

I am very familiar with this account too because it is a ClickBank account. He would have needed ALL your information to be able to create this account for you, like your full name, address, email, payment details (for you to receive your commissions) and so on.

How could he have created this account for YOU, when he does not have all these details? All this proves that this account has NOT been created for you, and thus, you have NOT made $278.

3) Chris and Kathy Graham

Another problem: Chris and Kathy Graham are completely fake characters! Doing my research, I found out that this video is actually a “stock video” from Shutterstock. They’re not really Chris and Kathy at all.

This is a tactic that is used by many scammers and they usually use stock photos. This is the first time that I have seen a stock video being used. Very clever! But not more clever than me, Mr. Scammer! Lol…

CLICK HERE to see the stock video.

But anyways, scammers don’t want to be identified. It makes sense, right? Else they could be arrested and would even have to pay back the money that has been “robbed” from people who bought into their programs. The other reason they don’t want to be identified is because remaining anonymous will allow them to keep creating scams under different names, thus having the ability to con more people and make more money.

4) 15 spots left

Telling you that there are a limited number of spots left is a pushy sales tactic employed by MOST scammers on the internet. It has been proven to be effective to scare people into thinking that they’re going to miss out of the opportunity if they don’t sign up right away!

Don’t be pushed into ever signing up to ANYTHING when you see this, in any video, on any website! Remember, all these scammers want, is to get to your money. They would tell you ANYTHING just to make you hand over your hard-earned money.

5) Video Testimonials

This is the ultimate betrayal! This scammer uses actors in his testimonials, to act out a script. These actors were hired from fiverr and below you’ll find their profiles as proof. I also recognize some of them as appearing in testimonials for other scams that I have reviewed.

You’ll find the EXACT SAME PEOPLE in the sales video for One-Click Payday.

Inside the Program

If you are abstinent enough to still sign up for the program after reading this review, then you’ll be directed to the member’s area. I thought that I had seen this member’s area from another program before too! And as I racked my brains, I found out that it was from Instant Payday Tricks!

If you have not read my review on Instant Payday Tricks, then you’ll find out that the training is not even training at all! You don’t even get access to your “money-making account” either. All you get are a few Youtube videos that by the way, you can view for FREE, that introduce you to affiliate marketing.

The training is nothing… NOTHING! It’s impossible to build ANYTHING with the information that is given within. It’s impossible to make any money. You won’t make even a dollar. It’s terrible! This is NOT worth the $47 that you were ready to pay. The methods are so outdated and the training is scattered. There’s NO value whatsoever within this system.

Easy Retired Millionaire Review – A Scam?

Some people may say that it’s not a scam, and I can see their point of view; you have a 60 day money-back guarantee that you can use to get your money back, backed by Clickbank themselves, if ever you were not satisfied with this program. SO in the end, you’re not really losing anything.

But most others would call it a scam, including me, because the sales video is so damn misleading! You’re told you have an account that’s already making money that you’ll be able to claim, you just need to click and sit back while the money rolls into your bank account, the creator of this program lies about his identity.

I mean, you just don’t get what you’re promised! And whether there is a money-back guarantee or not, you’re still promised things that are just not there within the platform.

At least if the training were half-way better than what it is currently and if it could have been used in any way to really educate you about making money online and could even help you make your first dollar, then we could have been a little more lenient.

But at this time, everything points to a complete scam! Don’t get this system, forget this system and move on! Easy Retired Millionaire is not going to help you in ANY way at all, except to lighten the weight of your wallet.

A REAL And Scam-Free Way To Make Money Online

I know the struggle to find a scam-free program online is real, because I have been a victim of quite a few of them myself. The truth is that even if it did require some work to make money online, I was ready to work at it, if only I had found the system that would show me the ropes.

And I finally found it! Thanks to what I learned within this system, I am able to make $50 almost on a daily basis! Yeah, I’m not making much from it because I only started this method of making money online about 11 months ago, in December of 2017. But it’s just proof that this system works!

And YOU can get access to this system for 30 days and try it out for $19, which is WAY cheaper than what you were ready to give this scammer. I mean, it does have a FREE trial that you can sign up for using the button below and the trial gives you 7 days. It’s usually enough to make a decision after the trial, but if you need more time, that’s where the $19 comes in and you get an additional 30 days.


Sign up for free and I will get in touch with you on the other side. I’ll help you and guide you to start making your first dollars online (although you’re gonna be in good hands with the amazing training included) and will be there for when you have questions or are stuck. I’m a Top 50 member there and as such, you can rest assured that I’m a very active member.

Don’t fall for any more scams, please! Sign up for the FREE Account Now!

Your Friend,


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